Ecuador Votes on Bullfighting Ban

People in Ecuador hit the polls on May 7 to vote on a number of constitutional reforms proposed by President Rafael Correa, one of which was a proposed ban on bullfighting.

The alleged sport, where bulls are taunted before they are brutally killed by lance or barbed spear, is a 500-year-old tradition and considered by many to represent Ecuador’s cultural heritage.

Matadors and others opposed to the ban are arguing that it is an attack on the freedom of expression and culture that would put approximately 30,000 people out of work. The ban will still allow for bullfighting, as long as the bulls are not killed at the end, which has others worried that the sport will collapse entirely.

Killing of the bull was banned in 2004 in the city of Cuenca. Since then, bullfighting has almost vanished, according to the Irish Times.

Supporters of the ban, who seem to be winning, see bullfighting as a cruel and pointless form of entertainment performed for blood-thirsty crowds.

Bullfighting can still be found in Colombia, Perú, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Panamá and Bolivia. Legislative efforts are in the works in Mexico that would lead to a ban that is being supported by both legislators and citizens.

According to Ecuadorean law, the referendum needs half plus one of all valid votes for each question to pass. As of yesterday, the ban is winning. 


Please sign the petition to President Rafael Correa showing your support of the ban. 

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Rog B.
Roger B.3 years ago

If a bloodthirsty sadistic ritual was part of my cultural heritage I'd be so ashamed that I'd bury it as deeply, quickly and quietly as possible, not shout about it from the rooftops.
How can anyone in the 21st century think such reprehensible cruelty is something to be proud of ?

Marlene Dinkins
Marlene dinkins3 years ago

the one that vote not is an evil person!!!! ban it!!!! for ever!!!!!!

Regina P.
Regina P.5 years ago

A big Yes, to ban this. Very Cruel

Holly c.5 years ago

ban it!!!!!

Joy Dantine
Joy Dantine5 years ago


Cesar V.
Cesar Villanueva5 years ago

way to go Ecuador!!!

James T.
James Taylor5 years ago

This tradition has been going on 500 years too long! Doesn't 'freedom of expression' become rather meaningless if it involves forcing others (animals or humans) to be slaves? How can one celebrate freedom of expression while committing an act that goes against the very principles of freedom? What say does the prisoner have? Maybe he'd rather not be stabbed to death today?. The whole spectacle is contrived to make it seem that the bull is a willing contender, but in fact he has no choice. He is so enraged and confused by the movement of the matador and the crowd noise (not to mention probably drugged and physically abused beforehand) that he can only try to defend himself, or failing that he will run out into the stands to try and escape the torment.

It surely no longer befits a modern and enlightened nation whose ancestors were probably not infallible, and I think the people are turning their backs on this repulsive bloodsport and seeing it for what it really is; an ego trip for matadors who live for the adulation, knowing full well the outcome of the fight was largely in their favour. Having said that, I think the real reason they want to keep on doing it is for the jobs and income it creates, the 'tradition' argument is simply an attempt to tug at the emotions and persuade the voting Ecuadorians that this is something worth preserving.

Tracey E.
Tracey E.5 years ago

When I was in Mexico, I went to see these bull fights. I was totally disgusted and sad, I had to leave I was crying so hard for these poor animals. This is NOT bull fighting, it is bull torture and slaughtering, very, very disturbing. What these poor animals have to endure. THIS IS SICK AND NEEDS TO STOP! The matadors should do these cruel acts on themselves.

Marian G.
Marian G.5 years ago

A self respecting human don't wanna go to bullfighting

Jean D.
Jean D.5 years ago

Bufffighting should be banned around the world. This is one of the most awful examples of animal cruelty and man's inhumanity.
So happy to hear that another country has come to its senses.