Electric Eel Powers Aquarium Christmas Tree

Editor’s note: This post is a Care2 favorite, brought back by holiday demand. It was originally published on December 14, 2010. Enjoy!

All kinds of businesses set up Christmas trees to celebrate the holiday season, but none of them are powered as creatively as one tree in Kamakura, Japan.

Kamakura’s Enoshima Aquarium decided to skip the electrical outlet and went right to the natural source to power their holiday tree — a tank with a swimming electric eel.

“Each time the eel moves, two aluminium panels gather enough electricity to light up the 2-metre (6 ft 6 in) tall tree, decked out in white, in glowing intermittent flashes,” reports Reuters.

The aquarium, which is just south of Tokyo, has featured the electric eel for five years in an effort to encourage ecological sensitivity.

See the eel-powered tree in action!

Image Credit: Flickr - doug letterman


Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)


Always taking advantage and torturing the animals, cause for the eel is a torture to be in that smal box .

Leanne B.
Leanne B.2 years ago


Kenneth Davies
Kenneth Davies2 years ago


Michela R.
Michela R.2 years ago

This is not a suitable environment for this eel. It is just a bare tank, horrible. Somebody save this poor eel.

Virginia Abreu de Paula

Beth, could you please tell us if the eel lives in this small box? Maybe it was taken to this place only for Christmas. And then it would be back to a large place. I do hope so. Otherwise this is not acceptable at all.

Rosemary Underhay

How to exploit the natural power without exploiting the eel?

Loretta P.
Loretta P.2 years ago

The tank this eel is in is totally unacceptable. Japan should not be so quick to display this creation at the eel's expense. Give the eel a proper habitat and then promote this. Otherwise shame on you, Japan.

Bruno Moreira
Bruno Moreira2 years ago

noted thanks

Jennifer Blachly
Jennifer B.2 years ago

Well, at least it wasn't nuclear power...Still, I hope this doesn't start a disturbing trend of harvesting the power from eels, if that is even possible,