Eleven-year-old Kid Rants About Failed Food System (Video)

Tired of politicians and agricultural organizations that insist the food system is too complicated for urban farmers and regular citizens to understand?

Watch as this 11 year-old kid exposes the lies and injustice perpetrated by Big Agriculture on our health and planet every day.

And then join him in taking a stand against greedy strategies designed to keep us sick by embracing the simple solutions that are hidden in every community.

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Image Credit: Flickr - woodleywonderworks

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Kaye S.
Kaye S.5 years ago


Nuke P.
Nuke P.5 years ago

great to see this kid getting involved, thanks for sharing :)

Josh Townsend
Josh Townsend5 years ago

Hahaha, give em' hell!

Danuta Glendenning

We must all take responsibility for our own health. This boy has obviously caring and educated parents, and he is willing to take an interest. Most others his own age and the rest of the population likes to eat mindlessly what's being sold. We can't trust corporations to do the right thing by us. They're after our money not our health!

shirley d.
shirley d.5 years ago

It is just amazing to know a kid of this age trying to make a difference!

Erin Rosenfeld
Erin Rosenfeld5 years ago

this kid is amazing!!

Wanda Russell
Wanda Russell5 years ago

very well said young man.

Gloria W.
Gloria Wiest5 years ago

I love this kid he knows!!!

Lynn C.
Lynn C.5 years ago

Oh yes, and we all should be educated about our food. What great hope this young boy gives me. His sincerity is so refreshing, Thank you for this!

Austin Kendall
Austin Kendall5 years ago

I'm 17 and in 12th grade right now, and I can say that the food system has failed! There isn't much healthy food being served in my school, Williamsville North, and it is only served in small portions. There needs to me more vegetarian options.