Eliminating Your Company’s Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint reduction is a big concern these days, for both individuals and companies.  But doing so isn’t always easy and it’s definitely costly. Carbon Lighthouse is a 2011 Echoing Green Semi-Finalist, and a company dedicated to helping other companies reduce their carbon footprint profitably.

Carbon Lighthouse combines the four essential services — efficiency, demand response, renewable energy and carbon allowances, into a single package, instead of having to piece it together with many companies and many commissions.

Each of the four engineering tasks is designed to start increasing their client’s profits immediately, not over long-term periods.  The first, energy efficiency, is all about upgrading facilities and equipment to be more efficient, not asking employees to eat lunch in the dark or unplug everything when they leave at night.

Next, demand response deals with the likelihood of a blackout. In the times that this likelihood is high, the company can commit to reducing their electric usage and the utility company offers a rebate.  Carbon Lighthouse enables companies to function through these reductions.

The third step is renewable energy.  This allows their clients to use solar, wind or geothermal power (depending on local options) to start generating their own power, instead of using the grid. This is often a costly step that does not generate revenue for many years, however Carbon Lighthouse will sells the energy at a discounted rate so savings begin immediately.

Last are the Carbon Allowances.  After reducing your carbon footprint from the previous three steps, companies can purchase a given number of allowances to completely reduce their carbon footprint through Carbon Lighthouse’s non-profit partner, The Carbon Lighthouse Association.

In a time when profits aren’t easy to come by, it’s nice that there is a footprint eliminating option that is profitable.


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Chavonne Harvey
Chavonne H5 years ago


Pradip C.
Pradip Chavda5 years ago

It has to be collective effort with govt. machinery to back it. Can you imagine countries between tropic of cancer and tropic of capricorn get strong sunlight atleast 9 months in a year and none of these countries have specific programs to implement alternative renewable energy setup, there is lot of talk but NO ACTION. Is the petrol producing cos. clout working in the background TO SCUTTLE EFFECTIVE IMPLEMENTATION OF SOLAR/WIND ENERGY?????

Dan B.
Dan Brook5 years ago

We can do this in our personal lives as well. The #1 way to personally cut emissions is to cut out meat.



Landy Kent-millar

I believe that we need to be proactive and try and reduce our carbon footprints where possible. I do that with my company www.landystracks.co.za - I sell overland safari in Africa and for every person on the trip I pay for the offset the carbon footprint that that seat on the vehicle makes. Every little bit helps, so lets all do a little each day to make this world a healthier place.

Make it a great day.


Antonio C.
.5 years ago

It is recommended that people do exercises at least three times a week. There are people who can only once or twice a week. So, they never do exercises! Likewise, if the companies can not eliminate their carbon footprint, they must eliminate what they can from their emissions of greenhouse gases!


Dave C.
David C5 years ago

This is a good idea.
1st, the problem isn't just that human activities are warming the world (we are despite the deniers like the comment below),but that the petroleum based energy also pollutes causing air/water/land pollution that we then inhale and ingest and causes health problems.

the 2nd problem is that climate change deniers are just that. Yes, the sun is the biggest source of heat for the world, but there is no evidence of any climate-gate or any lying/faking by climate scientists... and unlike the deniers who have personal financial stakes in continuing petroleum based energy solutions, the climate scientists (and most politicians or other honest brokers) do NOT have any personal financial interest.

Brian Drake
Brian Drake5 years ago

"Lighthouses are more valuable than churches," Ben Franklin.

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Danuta Watola5 years ago


William Kirkham
William K5 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Donald MacDonald
don MacDonald5 years ago

"• neil a. says
• Jan 25, 2011 6:52 AM
Donald MacDonald says a load of untrue rubbish, He should not make libellous untrue statements if he can not back them up, this sort of statement should be queried. "

I'm afraid you are going to have to be a little more specific than that...what you posted was just an aimless rant.

• Die Hard says
• Jan 25, 2011 5:14 AM
MacD is a troll and should be banned. He's also a liar, but that's just to be expected of repukelibaggers. "

Does the fact that I'm not dumb enough to fall for the left/right deception make the rest of your post look just as scatterbrained ?