Employee Claims Target Fired Her For Union Push


Earlier this summer employees at a Long Island Target held a vote on whether or not to unionize. The vote ultimately failed and likely cost one of the organizers her job.

According to a compliant filed with the national Labor Relations Board, a 21-year-old woman lost her job after she was spotted being dropped off at the store by a union representative. The employee claims that, on the day before she was fired, her supervisor told her not to report to work the next day because she was under investigation over claims that she spread a rumor that all staff members from Jamaica were going to be fired.

The next day Target fired her.

Target disputes the charges, claiming that the employee had acted in an “overtly hostile, disruptive manner that is inconsistent with Target’s policies.”

The union matter is far from settled. Pro-union supporters challenged the vote outcome and hope to re-vote after allegations that employees were bribed and intimidated into voting against the union. Target has filed its own complaints against union reps over allegations they threatened and assaulted employees.

This is just the latest incident to tarnish Target’s reputation as a forward-thinking retailer and employer.

The NLRB is investigating both the woman’s claims and those filed by Target.

Photo from kevindooley via flickr.


Gabriel Reichler
Gabriel R4 years ago


Kathie Z.
Kathie Zirngibl6 years ago

I'm not saying whether or not Target should have a union, but it was WRONG for them to fire a worker for associating with a union representative. Corporations these days have way to many punitive policies for their employees. This may well be why employees want union representation.

Patrick F.
Patrick f6 years ago

Haha, try reading Steve R's profile, you will get a good laugh, especially "what bugs me" section. Number 4 hypocrisy, then look at what follows, LMAO!!!

K s Goh
KS Goh6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Tamara C.
Tamara C.6 years ago

Picture this: Got a job as a PART-TIME CASHIER held this job for 5 years ON MY OWN, no union, got raises every year ON MY OWN, no union, then low and behold here comes the union: WE CAN GET YOU THIS AND WE CAN GET YOU THAT! The idiots that believed that needless to say voted them in so then this SAME JOB that I got ON MY OWN I now had the privalage of paying SOMEBODY THAT WASN'T THERE just under $25(and this was MORE THAN MY FULL TIME IRON WORKING HUSBAND WAS PAYING) to KEEP MY JOB THAT I GOT ON MY OWN! Didn't get any more money, no more vacation time, NOTHING..........EXCEPT TO FIND ANOTHER JOB ALMOST EXACTLY 1 YEAR FROM THE DAY THE UNION WAS VOTED IN BECAUSE THE COMPANY SHUT IT'S DOORS.

Patrick F.
Patrick f6 years ago

Steve R. But FORCING people to sign an agreement NOT to join a union IS Democracy? They are NOT forced to join a union, they VOTE on whether or not to join a union, THAT is true Democracy and freedom. Wow, Steve, is it fun to advertise your own ignorance?

Steve R.
Steve R6 years ago

The simple solution for Target and all companies opposed to unionism - fire all the pro-union employees and hire right to work employees. Make them sign an agreement that they will not join a union or try to form one.

I for one, do not want to be FORCED to contribute part of my income to a union that spends it on political campaigns and does nothing for me!

I do not want to be FORCED to join a union, failing which I don't get the job.

I do not want to be FORCED to strike because some union boss says so, and intimidated and harrassed if I don't.

Unions are not my idea of Democracy, freedom or justice!

Charlene Rush
Charlene Rush6 years ago

Is anyone truly, surprised at this?
Here, my friends, is one of the main objectives of the Tea Party Republicans.
Don't you just love it, when Governor Rick Perry of Texas, tells everyone how many jobs he has created. The funny thing, he doesn't tell you, is how many of those, are minimum wage jobs.
For all of the Tea Partiers, out there, I hope they realize that if unions are obliterated, the domino effect, takes hold. EVERYONES wages go down, eventually, one by one. If you don't believe this, open a history book on the subject.

Every time I pass Target, I remember why I don't shop there. It is put in the same category as Walmart.

Patrick F.
Patrick f6 years ago

Been there! I was fired for "cause" because the company I worked for asked another employee if I was involved with the union. I wasn't but had only went to a meeting. She WAS one of 2 people organizing the union but got scared she would be fired and threw me to the dogs as well as her best friend in the company. Both her "friend" and myself got fired and she got a raise and promotion.

Sound Mind
Ronald E6 years ago

Heidi, in your ear.