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Every Argument Against an Out Gay Football Player Debunked in Two Minutes

Every Argument Against an Out Gay Football Player Debunked in Two Minutes

Since Michael Sam came out earlier this week, there has been no shortage of commentary about whether the NFL is ready for an openly gay player, but one local news anchor has had enough.

In his show this week, ABC anchor Dale Hansen embarked on a two minute monologue saying that, though he occasionally finds himself lost with how to deal with someone coming out to him, there is absolutely no reason why Michael Sam or any other gay player should ever be excluded from sports teams on the basis of their sexuality. What’s more, Hansen highlighted the hypocrisy in players and NFL coaches saying they have concerns over whether the other players will be “comfortable” with a gay teammate when the NFL has allowed men with (sometimes violent) criminal histories into team locker rooms.

Watch the video below:

In a follow-up interview with Dot 429 magazine, Hansen said that he’s been surprised by the positive reactions he’s received since the monologue was broadcast, saying:

What has really shocked me, especially in Texas, is the overwhelming positive response Iíve gotten. Iíve gotten responses from 50 and 60 year old men identifying as white and conservative and yet they believe in equality for gays. That they support Michael Samís right to play in the NFL based on athletic abilities rather than sexual orientation.

The interview also sees Hansen further explore why he chose to pursue the monologue and why he felt so strongly about this issue.

Unfortunately, not all reactions to Michael Sam’s coming out have been so positive. Sam’s own father is quoted in the press as saying that on hearing the news, “I couldnít eat no more, so I went to Applebeeís to have drinks. I donít want my grandkids raised in that kind of environment…Iím old-school. Iím a man and a woman type of guy.”

Sports Illustrated has also come under fire for its having followed up Sam’s coming out by interviewing several unnamed sources from behind the scenes in the NFL who were all too willing to speculate on how Sam’s prospects in the NFL had now plummeted:

“I don’t think football is ready for [an openly gay player] just yet,” said an NFL player personnel assistant. “In the coming decade or two, it’s going to be acceptable, but at this point in time it’s still a man’s-man game. To call somebody a [gay slur] is still so commonplace. It’d chemically imbalance an NFL locker room and meeting room.”

All the NFL personnel members interviewed believed that Sam’s announcement will cause him to drop in the draft. He was projected between the third and seventh rounds prior to the announcement. The question is: How far will he fall?

“I just know with this going on this is going to drop him down,” said a veteran NFL scout. “There’s no question about it. It’s human nature. Do you want to be the team to quote-unquote ‘break that barrier?’”

This couldn’t be in starker contrast to the majority of reactions that Sam has received.

The New Civil Rights Movement has captured some Twitter highlights, including one from senator Jeff Merkely who tweeted “Michael Sam shouldn’t face discrimination in employment because of who he is, nor should anyone else.†.” Others have speculated the legal ramifications if the NFL does pass on Sam.

The NFL does have a nondiscrimination policy and it is sexual orientation inclusive, as is the Collective Bargaining Agreement struck between the league and players. One clause reads:

“There will be no discrimination in any form against any player by the NFL, the Management Council, any Club or by the NFLPA because of race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or activity or lack of activity on behalf of the NFLPA.”

Come September the NFL really might have its first openly gay player but, whatever the outcome of this current draft pick, Sam’s deft move of coming out before he enters the ranks of active players has forced the NFL to finally confront the latent homophobia within its ranks, setting the stage for more closeted gay players to finally come out.

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10:45AM PST on Feb 21, 2014

I hope someday, in the not to distant future, his will not be an issue or news worthy and we will accept people based on their abilities and not on their sexual orientation or the color of their skin. I think the younger generations growing up now will make a big and positive difference. And, lets not forget the older generations who have thought about it and come to realize this; there is nothing wrong with being gay, never has been, never will be.

6:25PM PST on Feb 18, 2014

Thank you.

4:54PM PST on Feb 17, 2014

@Tim W. I read Evan W.s ranting and I certainly agree with David. Evan is a troll with some serious issues. It's kind of ironic how the religious extremists have it completely upside down and yet are so delusional they don't even question their beliefs out of pure fear that they just may be wrong.

4:45PM PST on Feb 17, 2014

Tim W. Thank you. I thought he was talking to me and It didn't make sense. Thanks.

4:34PM PST on Feb 17, 2014

Roger B.
I believe David B. was speaking to Evan W.. It is always a good idea to identify who we are commenting to.

12:03PM PST on Feb 17, 2014

@David B. Are you talking to me? You must have the wrong person or I don't know where you are coming from because number one, I am gay. Number 2, I don't know where you got that "Ameerica" thing from. Number 3, I am not rich. Number 4, I'm an atheist. Number 5, I am not narrow minded, bigoted and of questionable inteligence.. Number 6, I'm not a hypcrite and Lastly I don't have a clue what you are referring to.

11:44AM PST on Feb 17, 2014

oh you did realize this was a response to you evan ?? thought I'd better check.

11:42AM PST on Feb 17, 2014

well I always thought America was spelled like that not (ameeica) and you sir are what only be classed as a JERK . and you must be rich because no intelligent female would be with you , well unless she was a religious freak as you obviously are . which also makes you narrow minded ,bigoted and of questionable intelligence .I get so tired being told what I should or shouldn't do because of what a so called god that not one has ever seen or heard , except in a dusty old book written in bits and pieces by some bearded old men thousands of years ago .Christians and muslims are so alike.our god is so wonderful and if you don't believe in him and what he says were gonna kill ya. I still wonder about some of these so call macho sports icons , I think some times they spend too much time in the shower after a game MMMMM . and for a parent to make comments like he did , I don't think he's much of a parent.and yet I'm sure he gloried in his son's prowess before he knew , hypocrite .

10:53AM PST on Feb 17, 2014

Mike G. When did you get your degree in the know it all category. You do realize trolls are actually categorized as mentally ill right? You may want to get that problem checked out. And as for your statements they are absolutely ridiculous and uneducated. Do some research before you spout off making a fool of yourself. Please do everyone else a favor and remember that what other people do is absolutely NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. I hear your skeletons rattling to get out of your closet so please do so and get on with your own life instead of trying to live everybody else's. That way you can work on that log in your own eye before you have a right to start throwing stones.

7:06AM PST on Feb 17, 2014

John B.
I disagree with you, but I suppose only time will tell. Yes his stock will go down, and he may have hurt himself professionally, but personally he has helped himself and other greatly. Many pro players have stepped up and congratulated him on his decision, and are showing their support for him. As far as you having not heard of him before goes.. I am not a big football fan and admittedly never heard of him before either. I have however spoken with many friends who are religiously foot ball fans, who are very familiar with him. I think that what he has done now, is going to have an impact on professional sports for a longtime. Young people are already speaking out in his favor. This is a good thing. :-)

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