Facebook Fail: Group Calls For Murder of Hookers

Earlier today I came across a truly disturbing Facebook group called “Killing Your Hooker So You Don’t Have to Pay For Her.”

The group’s picture (click here to see the picture, scroll down) was that of a man aggressively chocking a woman lying face down. I was shocked, especially when I saw that the group had over 22,000 fans.

Who were these people? Better yet who created the group and why? Did these people think this group was funny because violence against sex workers isn’t funny? It’s actually a real problem that women around the world face every day.

In fact, this problem is so real that a national day of recognition – International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers – has been created to call attention to the heinous violence committed against sex workers across the globe. Each year on December 17th sex workers and their allies hold candlelight vigils to remember those murdered and raise awareness of the hate crimes committed against sex workers every day.

Women who enter the sex industry do not do so by choice. Poverty, inadequate education, gender inequality, a lack of other economically viable job options, and a host of other complex reasons often leave them with no other alternatives. Society, however, paints a different picture of sex workers – often calling their character or morals into question instead of recognizing the various reasons that put them in this dangerous position.

Sex workers represent one of the most marginalized and vulnerable groups in society. They are often treated as less than human and are abused by a system that rips them of their human rights. Without protection from the law, sex workers are pimped, enslaved, beaten, raped, and murdered – often with no consequences for the perpetrator.

Whether or not you believe sex work should be legalized the truth of the matter is that without legal rights sex workers are dying – being murdered in cold blood because they have no rights. A group created to poke fun at this violence is not funny at all.

In retaliation to the “Killing Your Hooker So You Don’t Have to Pay For Her another Facebook group, “Hookers for the ban of the group calling for their murder,” was created. As it turns out, Facebook has removed the offending group’s page, but I have to wonder how this group was ever allowed to exist in the first place? It is shameful that Facebook allowed this group’s page to go up, especially for as long as it did and that it was removed with no apology.

Sex workers are human beings, just like you and me, and they deserve protection from harassment and abuse, and access to comprehensive healthcare to avoid the spread of HIV / AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases. If you ask me they also deserve compassion and the tools to choose another alternative for their lives. At the very least they don’t deserve to be the butt of a joke or the target of a group that calls for their murder.

For more information about sex worker’s rights visit The Sex Workers Project  or Sex Work Awareness.

Photo by Megan Harris, flickr (titled "broken"); used with a Creative Commons license


Aaron G
Aaron Gallo3 years ago

Some women do choose to do this as a profession. Even if a majority don't like or want to do it some women enjoy it, and if it were legalized the women would have legal protection just as one would have at any legal job! So we should legalize it like it's legal in most of Nevada and most of Europe and the women who do it legally in these places ARE NOT SEX SLAVES! Come on people open your eyes!

Tierney G.
Tierney G.4 years ago

Women and men should think about this as distrubing as it may be women can make a good profit from prostitution without a nasty pimp. Or an escort service. Or a mens magazine.
This really does not make men look very good now or does it? The only way a woman can make a decent wage as fast as a contruction worker right out of prison is to strip or have sex (More or less on the wages)?? Shows how low men think of us or is it that it is the men's problem for not being able to control their urges??? You decide.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

Crystie R.
Christie R.4 years ago

As i argued to a friend they're still people. nobody deserved to be abused. and while 99% of sex workers didn't go in wanting to be sex workers, but felt they had no other choice, it's sad really to go in knowing there is a super high chance that at some point you will be abused or raped or maybe you could even get murdered.

And the only reason that it (the abuse, etc) is to be expected is that it has been normalised, because the police and courts and government won't listen to or help a "whore" and will side with her assaulter or rapist, just because of her career choice. And the way that sex worker murders are "just another dead hooker" and not taken lightly, as if he or she isn't a human, with family and friends who love and adore him or her.

Nobody, ever, should have to live in fear, or feel threatened, or be abused, or raped, or murdered, no matter what they do for a job. They're still human beings, and no living creature deserves what so many of them get.

Lin Moy
Lin M5 years ago

Weak, sick minded people on these places.

Paul Diamond
Paul Diamond5 years ago

I won't go into morality. I won't go into the reasons that some women go into prostitution. That is a discussion for another time and place.

I will just say that people in the sex trade provide a service. Sex workers are PEOPLE! All people are entitled to ply their trade in safety. All people are entitled to ply their trade with dignity. Even the bible said, "The workman is worthy of his hire."

Think about what it is like to have some fat, sweaty, guy with bad breath bouncing on your belly. These women earn every dime they get.
They deserve safety and dignity.

Is it because most sex workers are women? Is this another attack on women's rights, health, safety and dignity?

chris b.
chris b.5 years ago

More compelling reasons to legalize and regulate the sex trade. Far too many attempts to ban the trade by those who seem to think the only way to deal with anything is to ban it! Like so many things banning probably makes some things more desirable such as in the days of booze prohibition in the US!