Facebook Groups Continue to Poke Fun at Rape

I am no longer surprised by offensive Facebook groups.

Last month I came across a group calling for the murder of sex workers.

Then a few weeks later I came across another group that listed reasons for punching women in the face like being on your period, refusing a threesome, having an opinion, or even breathing.

Luckily both groups were taken down, but now in their place are two new equally offensive groups:

The “It’s not R.A.P.E. If you scream….SURPRISE” boosts that it gained 78 fans in just 2 days and currently there are a total of 148. There has not been much activity going on in the group but that doesn’t mean it isn’t offensive.

The “No…you were NOT raped by an NFL player” group suggests that too many women make false claims of being raped by famous people. They say “You can’t rape the willing” and that women “obviously put themselves in situations where the only outcome involves sexual relations.”

First of all, no woman is raped willingly; those two words do not go together. Secondly, a woman does not surrender her rights at the bedroom door. The only time that sex should be the “only outcome” is when both parties consent.

Women so often remain silent about being sexually assaulted because they are afraid people won’t believe them or they will be labeled a slut. Groups like this only make it more difficult for women to come forward and tell their stories. Without reporting crimes or bringing charges, rapists remain free to go on and assault other women.

I honestly don’t understand why people create groups like this. I really don’t and I find it even hard to understand why Facebook would allow groups like this to go up on their site.

If we are going to see groups like this pop up consistently, then Facebook needs to create a submissions  screening process to eliminate such groups from becoming public.

I go on Facebook to catch up with friends – not to be offended, disrespected, called a liar or slut, or made to feel worthless.

Please report these groups to Facebook ASAP.

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Loesje vB
Loesje Najoan3 years ago

Danika S. & Evie P. I am sorry to hear about all the suffering story you have gone through.
I hope you get strength and courage to find ways out of this turmoil. Facebook should be need to monitor and more responsible than to allow hatred of any kind on their website.

Elizabeth S.
Elizabeth S4 years ago

@EvieP--I suppose in every group there are clods, and that includes rape victims. Just because YOU find it 'ok' to joke about something which traumatizes 99% of its survivors, does NOT make it 'up to you to say it's perfectly okay' for OTHERS! IF that's your particular method of coping--or perhaps you really don't remember or have put a barrier around the actual events and/or haven't truly faced down what happened to you, but the vast majority of those who've been through a traumatic rape NEVER find it remotely humorous in ANY way, shape or form! To my mind no real rape victim could or would write what you did. This has nothing remotely to do with 'free speech' because so many situations can trigger PTSD in survivors. Unless and until those who make so-called 'jokes' about rape go through the full experience of what rape survivors have, they need to shut their big and extremely ugly mouths.

Tell me--would you find it equally INoffensive and 'a right to free speech' to tell murdered children jokes to an audience of parents who'd had their children abducted, sexually abused and murdered? If so, tell it to John Walsh and then let me know his reaction.

Your post reminded me of the old adage: you can't cure stupid.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

Viky XXV
Nik X5 years ago

I just cannot understand why on earth would a mentally sane, normal, intelligent person make fun of a victim of any crime. Such people must be of not sound mind, or having some serious psychological problems.

Dianne Robertson
Dianne Robertson5 years ago

PS. Ximina, NOBODY can make you feel worthless---or ANYTHING ELSE-- without YOUR agreement. YOU need to RECLAIM YOURSELF and decide what YOU WANT TO DO with YOUR LIFE! I do care and I'm praying for you.

Dianne Robertson
Dianne Robertson5 years ago

Dear XImina,I'm so sorry you've had to face all this.Although I just voted for facebook to screen submissions, The REAL way to get Facebook's attention is to quit it and tell EVERYBODY you know why YOU ARE NO LONGER ON FACEBOOK. CALL your friends.WRITE THEM. UNTIL OR UNLESS FACEBOOK COMPLYS WITH YOUR DEMAND that they screen out STUPIDITY AND MEAN ANTI-WOMEN GARBAGE CONTINUE TO BOYCOTT FACEBOOK. IF your friends care about you I believe they will join your boycott,If they don't, it tells you that they don't care as much about you as you thought they might. On the other hand YOU may disreguard my suggestion and instead grow a thicker skin and go ACTIVIST by posting YOUR OWN REMARKS on THEIR PAGES as well as your OWN.

Evie P.
Evie P.5 years ago

I have been raped. Also molested. When I was a young child. Several times...

So... I guess it's up to me to tell you that I think it's perfectly okay to joke about anything. In fact, joking about sexual assault with my friend Jen, who was also sexually abused, is one of the ways we can talk about it openly.

Point number DOS... It is freedom of speech. I don't care what it's about, or how much I disapprove, as long as they aren't raping a girl(or a guy), I will not asked for it to be banned. I may chose to ignore it, which is the most powerful thing we can all do if we dislike so much, but I will not ask for it to go away.

Finally, the groups are based on jokes from 4chan. If anyone takes 4chan seriously, they are an idiot. People post fake bomb threats on 4chan! Come on!