Female Candidate Attacked For Being “Unmarried”

Ladies, think you’re qualified to run for office?  Well, you’d better be married, since apparently now, being single is worthy of campaign attack ads.  Or so Rosa Ferlita, a Republican candidate in Florida is learning.

Via Think Progress:

The mailer suggests that because Ferlita is not married, she is incapable of valuing family or holding public office. “Rose Ferlita has put her political ambition first and foremost, while her opponent is a dedicated family man with two children — Ferlita is an unmarried woman with a suspect commitment to family values,” it reads. Moreover, as Florida blog Saint Petersblog notes, “unmarried” is a “codeword” — “if you read between the lines is a subtle way of casting doubt on Ferlita’s sexual orientation.” Other mailers sent by Less Government Now going after men have focused on the candidates’ record or policy positions, not their personal lives, marital status, or sexual orientation.

The group behind that ad appears to be an Democratic operative who, according to Think Progress “has been used to bolster tea party candidates in an attempt to split the GOP vote.”

So, if you want to split the Republican party in half, tell them that their candidate is unelectable because she’s a successful career women and isn’t married and home with children.  Because apparently there are enough people who find those qualities impossible to vote for to swing an election.

photo from wikimedia commons


Angie Z.
Angie Zietsman6 years ago

LOL and I thought South Africa's politics was crazy... apparently it seems to be world wide

Eric Yong
Eric Yong6 years ago

i agree, what does it matter if women who want to run for office is married or not. It should be based on their stand on various issues, their plans to solve them and how to better the community.

Jo W.
Jo Witt6 years ago

Perhaps family values is being married and having extra marital
affairs, as we have seen far and wide; or being a male married candidate and chasing after male or female interns and other
available, or married, associates. Talk about ridiculous!
Why not question where a candidate stands on important issues, not whether they can bake a cherry pie!

Gail Lopez
Gail Lopez6 years ago