Female Immigration Detainees Sexually Abused By Staff

Private prison contractor Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) is facing new allegations as one of its employees was charged with sexually abusing numerous female immigration detainees at the T. Don Hutto immigration detention facility in Taylor, TX.  Donald Charles Dunn, a resident supervisor at the facility, is accused of abusing detainees as he transported them to the airport after they had been released on bond. 

According to the allegations, Dunn told the women that he was going to “frisk” them while in transport.  Dunn would then touch their breasts and genitals for his own sexual gratification.  Sheriff’s officials in Williamson County, TX have charged Dunn with official oppression and unlawful restraint.

The prison-conractor relationship is governed by an Intergovernmental Services Agreement (ISGA) between Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), CCA and Williamson County.  According to the agreement female immigration detainees are specifically prohibited from being in isolated situations with male staff members.  CCA clearly disregarded this requirement.

This is not the first time the facility has been in trouble.  Just last year the facility suspended the detention of families after allegations surfaced that the facility was imprisoning children in inhumane conditions while their parents awaited immigration decisions.

Nor are CCA’s troubles confined to Texas.  The group has close ties to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer where they operate no less than six prisons, three of which house detainees for ICE. It was a CCA facility that allowed the escape of two felons who, until just recently, led authorities on a multi-state manhunt

Recent reports suggests that the contractor makes as much as $11 million a month simply for housing ICE detainees.  It’s also become known that many of the Governor’s closest advisors have lobbying ties to CCA and that the group has donated directly to her campaign.  Given that under SB 1070 the number of detainees is sure to increase, it is no wonder the Governor has pushed so hard for the legislation.  It’s good for her campaign coffers and good for her friends.

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LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin6 years ago

Winston C.: Just because rapes and murders occure in prisons it doesn't mean that we should deny privacy rights to so called "illegals"! I take it your suggestion is that as long as prisoners are unprotected so should also ICE detainees be treated? It's not a question of "special rights". It's a question of human rights not to be sexually assaulted in whatever situation you are. I wonder what your perception of women are? Maybe you think they are just there to satisfy any sexual demands a man may have? I hope that's not what you think about women, but if it is, I see you as a very miniscule minority of men.

Verity P.
6 years ago

This is dreadful. As if these women weren't vulnerable enough already.

Winston C.
Winston C.6 years ago

How many years/decades have our own, legal American citizens, been being abused, sexually and otherwise, in our prison system? They can't even keep other inmates from killing other inmates in the prisons! What, illegal aliens are now demanding special privileges? I THINK NOT!

Micaela Munoz
Micaela Munoz6 years ago

A "small" man, unobserved, will ALWAYS abuse his power. Women beaters, child molesters, prison guards, ministers, teachers, coaches, it matters not the level of education or social standing. The urge to do the unthinkable when the opportunity arises is just too irresistabe for the weak of spirit. He did it because he felt sure no one would believe an illegal immigrant, and besides, they're hardly human, who cares what happens to them? Who knows how many rapes and other attrocities are visited upon these people, and their unprotected children, that go unreported. This entire system is rotten and frought with bribes, payola and what...not corporate profits AGAIN! When will the American people stop being duped by so called "noble" causes only to find that they cover up some of the nastiest realities. So why did Bush REALLY decare war? So why did Chaney REALLY get all the business for Haliburton (couldn't be because he holds stock there). So why did the governor of Arizona want to be able to detain MORE people in her friends "private" jails? OH, please! American politicians are KILLING me with their noble thoughts and phrases. Makes me want to run out a buy a flag and stuff it down their lying mouths! TRAITORS! That is ALL they are. How much more of this double speak will it take before TRUE Americans stand up and say, "ENOUGH!!!"

Aditi Acharya
.6 years ago

he should be punished severely.

Frank S.
6 years ago

It seems that this guy Dunn, may have had his way with quite a few defenseless women, according to the ongoing investigation. "Dunn transported 72 people from the facility - where they were being bonded out -- to airports or bus stations." - kxan

Eight victims ID'd in Hutto guard case
Tensions mounting between facility, county

Updated: Friday, 20 Aug 2010, 5:22 PM CDT
Published : Friday, 20 Aug 2010, 9:21 AM CDT
* Jackie Vega


tony l.
tony lane6 years ago

it is not easy to get justice in the UK or the USA these days especially in the immigration section this is not the first case of abusethat i hear about,there have been cases of racsism and intimidation and not always on record, police have often been brought to hide or get rid of the evidencethe time has now come when we should be thinking about organising your own volunteer made up people are interested in justice,the police of today have become the enemy,they are paid to serve the public but they dont because they are freemasons so they serve a masonic agenda which is a very evil society and getting worse,this is happening worldwide,so unless we take our heads out of our books switch off your soaps,sitcoms,and sports it will be too late to do anything.

Stephan B.
Stephan B6 years ago

if they shut down CCA, and who is going to do it, Gov. jan, they would have to fire the total present AZ adminstration and any peresedential wanna be-s.

And shame on Aooma/l.com for using this forum to sell tee shirts. What a bunch of desperate losers.