Fifth Day of Protests in Egypt: Chaos, Curfews Ignored, Looting [VIDEO]

62 people have been killed in the protests in Egypt, according to  the Associated Press; other reports via Al-Jazeera say that almost 100 have been killed (see The Times of London and the Frankfurter Allgemeine). The unrest continues for a fifth day with some 50,000 gathering in Cairo. Protesters are ignoring a curfew issued by President Hosni Mubarak, the BBC reports. Residents in Cairo are boarding up their homes and setting up neighborhood watches as ‘”looting has engulfed the capital,”‘ with reports of gangs breaking into stores and shopping malls and into affluent areas in the suburbs.  NileTV is reporting that the headquarters of Egypt’s ruling NDP party in Cairo has been burned and ransacked by demonstrators (see video below).

Mubarak has so far refused to step down. Today he announced that his chief intelligence officer, 74-year-old Omar Suleiman, will be his new vice-president. Suleiman will be Mubarak’s first-ever vice president and his appointment is seen as a sign that Mubarak is preparing to hand over power.

Vodafone reports that mobile service started to resume across Cairo today after it was shut down yesterday. 1,500 to 2,000 people—half tourists and half Egyptians—are crowding Cairo International Airport, according to the Associated Press, but Western carriers are canceling, delaying, or suspending service. One British airline turned around a Cairo-bound plane in mid-flight. Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon and Jordan have arranged flights to take their nationals and families of diplomats out of Egypt.  The United States has issued warnings to US citizens, ‘urging them to cancel nonessential travel to Cairo and to remain indoors and away from flashpoint areas if they were already in the country,’

Egyptian state reports that looters broke into the Egyptian Museum during Friday night’s protests and destroyed two ancient mummies, says the Guardian. The museum is located in central Cairo and has the world’s largest collection of Pharaonic antiquities; it is adjacent to the headquarters of Mubarak’s ruling party, which protesters set on fire on Friday.

The Atlantic has obtained copies of the Egyptian activists’ action plan from two separate sources. These have been translated by someone over Twitter. Noting that ‘nothing in these pages …. goes beyond standard advice and broad political statements,’ nine pages of the 26-page pamphlet can be viewed here. The excerpts contain instructions about how one can equip myself for a civil disobedience protests against riot police. Comments the The Atlantic in an update:

Update 9:32am: A refinement of the document’s translation has been made. Meanwhile, the Internet remains shut off in Egypt as protesters across the country clash with security forces wielding large amounts of tear gas and powerful water cannons. While the Internet remains shut off, @Jan25Voices is tweeting updates from phone calls with Egyptians. Al Jazeera English is providing excellent coverage from the ground.

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Rose N.
Past Member 5 years ago

Thank you for posting.

Dan B.
Dan Brook5 years ago

Another Jew against another Pharaoh and all other dictators from Cairo to the corporate boardrooms, from the Middle East to the Midwest, and from Wall Street to every Main Street.

Mubarak and his thuggish cronies must go!

Tim Cheung
Tim C.5 years ago


Tim Cheung
Tim C.5 years ago


Sakib H.
Sakib H.5 years ago

@Rob and Deborah: You need to read and understand the Quran. There is not a single quotation that calls to hatred and intolerance except of the oppression amongst men. Muhammad's companions were known to liberate the people under Persian and Roman misery and were so just that when Khalid bin Waleed killed someone for what he thought was a treasonous statement, he was ordered to pay blood money amongst other sanctions.
Tariq bin Zeyad's invasion was justified by the fact Roderic would torture and pillage villages completely unjustly, rob people of their wealth and hence the Governor of Cueta felt for his brothers in Christianity. Similarly the Jews were oppressed and hence fled to Muslim lands. See Maimondes and his life for the coexistence. There were definite injustices as you can read in History of Islamic Spain by Syed Aziz ar-rahman.

As regards to the Muslim Brotherhood, I can't speak for them. I hardly know who they are and like I said I am here to defend Islam not Muslims as the latter are subject to error.

Sakib H.
Sakib H.5 years ago

Cont. Conveniently leaving out Ibn Abbas statement where he describes the Prophet describing the "beating" as symbolic as it's only two taps of the toothbrush on the wrist.As usual you fail to understand the Quran has to be read in conjunction with hadeeth and statements of companions to get a fuller picture.
As regards to women having half of the inherited share, if men have more economic responsibilities than women (they have to provide for their families unlike women who only have to pay Zakah tax) then they need more money as they'll be spending more. As regards to the explanation of the "half a man's witness" that was to do with business transactions where men were at the forefront of business hence knew more than the women. In an Islamic court, the testimony of only one woman is needed to prove if she is the mother of two children who were separated at birth.
I looked at the English translation of 2:222 and I can't find the "illness" of menstruation. However it does mention they need to be purified and are exempt from performing the obligatory prayers. The verse does mention for men not to have intercourse when she is menstruating.

As regards to calling for Shariah, that's not what many Muslims call to but if offered I say yes because it's relatively just, gives people relative freedom and the only system where fighting oppression is a communal obligation. You ask me to read the Quran yet I am memorising it. You need to read it AND understand it.

Sakib H.
Sakib H.5 years ago

@You're right: no one has a right to enforce any view on any body. I am just a merely giving a message here. However the belief about homosexuality being genetic is scientifically weak.

Now back on the topic, I am NEVER going to defend Muslims if they have done something wrong. However I will defend Islam. Our religion tells us in Quran 18:57 that whoever is guided is guided and who is misguided is misguided. There is NOTHING we can do about it because we can't change your mind.
Also, how have you rubbished my argument about Cueta? The fact is the Christians invited Ben Ziyad and Musa bin Noseir to help defeat the oppressive regime of Roderic.No Muslim society except at the time of Muhammad has been perfect. As regards to your arguments about no churches dating in Andalucia to that period, go visit the region. You'll see synagogues too.
Also I think the Hadeeth you tried to quote but failed, "Paradise is at the feet of the mother."

Also you completely misunderstood Quran 37:22-23-Those verses mention "...of that which they used to worship." It has no mention of husbands or wives so don't make stuff up.

With regards to your mention of Quran 4:34- you conveniently leave out the verses where women have excel over men such as a quicker divorce process etc. and forget to mention the places where women have rights over men as well as men have rights over women. Also the obedience is to do with obedience to Allah NOT the husband as well as you conveniently leaving out

Rob and Jay B.
Jay S.5 years ago

What comes after this could be far more awful so be careful what you wish for:

From the highly respected 'Spectator':

The Muslim Brotherhood who have been trying to take over Muslim countries & are the largest membership group in the world have stated their goals & they are a threat to everyone who believes in tolerance, freedom, democracy & justice:

Here are some quotes from them:

"Islam will invade Europe and America"

"Our Mission: World Domination."

"the improvement and change that the [Muslim] nation seeks can only be attained through jihad and sacrifice and by raising a jihadi generation that pursues death, just as the enemies pursue life."

"Constantinople was conquered in 1453 by a 23-year-old Ottoman named Muhammad ibn Murad, whom we call Muhammad the Conqueror. Now what remains is to conquer Rome. That is what we wish for, and that is what we believe in. After having been expelled twice, Islam will be victorious and reconquer Europe.."

Rob and Jay B.
Jay S.5 years ago

For all of you Islam appologists out there who have defended the so-called Ground Zero Mosque (funded by taxpayers!) here is something new you should read:

The new Imam has been caught on tape giving the real desire for this mosque - to conquer the world for Islam & to establish Sharia's brutal, barbaric law. Try to defend this now.

& Sakib, your parroting of Islamic propaganda is tiring. Even Islamic historians show how ungodly & cruel Mohammed was. This modern effort to make him Christlike & PC won't work.

As for your denial of women's abuse in Islam here are some good ones:
'A woman's paradise is under her husband's foot'(Mohammed)
Muslims wives follow their husbands to Hell (doesn't matter how good they are- 37:22-23)
'Your women are a tilth(field) for you (to cultivate) so go to your tilth as ye will'(2:223) - no mention of the woman's desires.
Men are in charge of women 'because Allah has made the one to excel the other' & if a man even suspects 'disobedience' in his women he is to 'scourge'(beat) them, no mention of a little swat on the wrist. You need to read this book.
Men are to inherit twice what a woman gets(4:11)& it says that a woman is worth only half a man as a witness.
This is a good one: "Menstruation is an illness that women must be cleansed of after"(2:222) Shouldn't a god know more than this old superstition? There's

Deborah W.
deborah w.5 years ago

Oh, these comments are overwhelming. Islam is a religion of hate and there is the proof in the Koran as these kind people have given quotes from.