First “Feminist” Pixar Cartoon Has Released Its Trailer [VIDEO]

For those who have felt let down by the era of the Disney Princesses, “Brave,” a new Pixar animation movie, is already highly anticipated.  The story of a young princess in Scotland who wants to be an archer, not a queen, sounds like it could be taken straight out of the book “Feminist Fairy Tales,” and audiences are already anxiously counting the days until release.

Well, the opening day is still months away, but a sneak peak at the trailer is not.  Watch a preview of “Brave” below.


Terry Vanderbush
Terry V4 years ago

LOVE Pixar : )

Terry Vanderbush
Terry V4 years ago

LOVE Pixar : )

Nicola Thomasson
Nicola Thomasson4 years ago

I cannot wait for this film to come out! You'll find me at the cinema on the premiere date, with my niece and nephew in tow! :-)

colleen p.
colleen p5 years ago

Dwight P.

but did you travle back in time and went to year 700 or 1000? or go a culture where "women should be seen not heard"? or "must be allowed to talk"?

Dwight Pettegrove
Dep P5 years ago

I once knew a woman who didn't act mannish at all but, she could cut right through me with a look or just a change in her voice. I grew to respect her and love her very much. She very sadly left this life way to early.
This woman that I speak of was very feminine and also very strong minded and sharp. Balanced is the word. I would've voted for her for presidency in a heart beat.
I truly hope that femininity is not lost because it is very beautiful and very powerful.

colleen p.
colleen p5 years ago

Well, then what do you suggest for a plot? How can you have a non-acton chick lead, a strong woman/girl who is not boyish?

If it is fantasy or sci fi, she will talk the bad guy into changing? Have a sit down tea party and continc them to leave? Nag and guilt them to death?

Emily C.
Emily C5 years ago

Meh. I think we have had enough movies like this. Of course women are interested in what are traditionally considered masculine persuits and that should be encouraged however, feminism is not really about being one of the boys. I find the casting off of feminity in favor of manly endeavors a disturbing trend in these kids movies aimed at young girls. It only reaffirms the feminine aspect as being inadequate and unwanted and masculinity as the ideal. This is bad for everyone. The feminine must be celebrated and fully explored. It's not about being a princess and pretty clothes though there is nothing wrong with either. We must encourage both boys and girls to be open to many different experiences and interests. This girl power thing is getting to be very one-note.

Patricia Garcia Ces
Patricia Ces5 years ago

I can't wait to see it!! It's really refreshing to find out that anachronic patriarchal views are NOT ALWAYS reinforced -at least, on the big screen, anyway. :)

Jackie G.
Jackie G5 years ago

Can't wait to take my son to see this :)

Susmijalaja Ravur

its a good news for all keep rocking