Do You Have Five Seconds for a Cause?

I wonder how many times we click on the computer every day. Hundreds? Thousands? How many of those clicks really mean something?

Every week tens of thousands of people take just a few seconds out of their day to click for a cause on Care2. And those clicks are not symbolic — each click generates a real cash donation from sponsorships, and Care2 pools all of these donations to give to our nonprofit partners.

When you click to sponsor children in need, your click helps more than you can imagine. Because of all of the people who click every day, Care2 has been able to sponsor 14 children since 2004 through Children International and we have just sponsored two more, Fridah in Zambia and Santanu in India. Sixteen children in countries around the world now receive medical care, school supplies, clothing, sturdy shoes, tuition for education and so much more because you click.

Care2 just launched a new look for the click to donate site, and the changes are not just cosmetic. The back end of the site has been completely reengineered to make it faster for users, and easier for Care2 to maintain and keep up to date.

With this redesign Care2 has kept all of the existing causes you can click for and added a “Click to Protect Threatened Wolves.” This new click for wolves comes none too soon, as the first-ever state regulated hunt of gray wolves in the continental United States began this week in Idaho. Hundreds of wolves could be killed, but our partner Defenders of Wildlife has joined with 12 other conservation groups to challenge this hunt in court. Defenders of Wildlife has been a leader in wolf conservation since wolves first appeared on the federal endangered species list, and played a crucial role in the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park and central Idaho in 1995. Every day you click for wolves you generate a real cash donation to help Defenders of Wildlife protect Idaho’s wolves, end aerial hunting in Alaska, and continue efforts to expand wolf recovery in the Northern Rockies.

I estimate someone could click through to Care2′s click to donate site and click one of the buttons in five seconds. Anyone who is online can spare four seconds. And now that the site is considerably faster, you can easily click on all of the causes in under a minute.

So … can you spare a few seconds today? Visit and make a real difference for a cause!



Ben Oscarsito
Ben O6 years ago

This is great! But hey!...-EVERY day...that's the point...
So far we've together supported 655 months of Child sponsorship!

Ronald D.
Ronald D6 years ago

Say , just looked at the Quick Poll . Who could be ornery
enough to vote NO ? Would they take the time ?

Ronald D.
Ronald D6 years ago

I bookmarked this . Quick an easy , each day .

Ronald D.
Ronald D6 years ago

Thank you for your time Rebecca . I've got time .

Cookiepuss noname
shana jansen6 years ago

We no longer have a clue as to how many children we're helping out here. Yes, I agree with Sue's comment about other sites being much more forthcoming about how much / how many are being helped.

Sue Leis
Sue L7 years ago

I click everyday here and at several other click to donate sites (or at least try to every day). I am looking for specific information on just how much money Care2 has donated to each cause. Anyone with information please contact me. The Hunger site and its affiliated charities at thegreatergoodnetwork are much more forthcoming with statistics on how much fund raising is actually accomplished. I believe I am doing a small good deed each day by clicking but am looking for quantitative proof and evidence. Thank you for any help you can give me.

Maria Cristina Acay

yes, i will surely click to show my support to all the wonderful missions of this program and may GOD will see this program through..may our purpose magnify for the souls in need..

Nancy L.
Nancy L7 years ago

I do about 36 click-to-donates per day, plus the Daily Actions Monday to Friday... all of which usually takes me less than 10 minutes. That's all the Care2 races and several other sites that were once a daily action here.

I feel terrible when my modem's down due to a power outage or something and I miss my clicks.

Sa R.
Sa R7 years ago

Clicking to donate is my daily "prayer"! If I miss it during the day, I click at latenight. Plus I click for same causes on other sites as well-sometimes from several computers not always logged in); try to do so when on vacation or travelling abroad.

LOVE the new format - especially the changing pics. Would suggest that the important stories be on the first screen of each cause-not after clicking (just a suggestion). TY for your wonderful work.
May we all be rewarded with growing best results.

Patricia C.
Patricia C7 years ago

I love this system!