Flashmob Shuts Down BP Gas Station (Video)

We are fast approaching the one year anniversary of the tragic BP oill spill that crippled the Gulf Coast.

It didn’t take long for the horrific details of the oil spill to fade away from newspaper and website headlines, and the three companies responsible for the spill; BP, Transocean and Haliburton couldn’t be happier.

Unfortunately for the people and ecosystems of the Gulf, the tragedy is far from over.

On Sunday, hundreds of youth climate activists from all over the United States used flash mob tactics to shutdown a BP gas station with people power.

In an exclusive interview with ThinkProgress during the protest, Tulane University student Stephanie Stefanski explains why she drove 20 hours from Louisiana to the 2011 Power Shift conference to help to shut down BP and make them pay to restore the Gulf:

There’s still oil on our coast. I saw it two weeks ago, I touched it, I smelled it. It’s still causing massive die offs with dolphins, sea turtles, crustaceans and fish. It’s causing public health issues. I’m here to tell everyone this problem is still here one year later. The beaches are still oiled. They’re trying to “make it right” by paying off the community, but it’s still destroyed. The fisheries are damaged. There’s no money in, people still don’t trust the seafood. They’re not paying up for their damages.”

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Image Credit: Flickr - dsb nola


jane richmond
jane richmond5 years ago


janet w.
janet w5 years ago

BP equates to Beach Polluters.Unless we the People keep this in the news,bp will crawl back in a hole to be forgotten...they hope.Keep the pressure on.Recycle all plastic;it began as petroleum;use less.MAKE BP pay for the ecosystem death along the Gulf. One day,maybe our grandchildren will see it as we once did...clean and prestine!

Pat M.
Patricia Marino5 years ago

proud of you!

Charles Y.
Charles Yheaulon5 years ago

noted thanks.

john hall
john hall5 years ago

Kathleen D.
by the way have you ever worked in a platform they are safe when you drill safely. BP worked this platform to hard and if you ask any of the survivors they will tell you the same . 1 accident in how many years and it's people likwe you who bitch and grip about crude oil or fossil fuels but you and the other hypocrits abuse the hell out of it.

john hall
john hall5 years ago

Kathleen D.
you just made my point he recieved money from BP and dont kid yourself that it was just employees that did it. he's tied to it he acted slowly on the cleanup effort now he is letting them turn there backs on the clean up . you will defend this man knowing he is just as guilty as bush was .

Kathleen D.
Kathleen D5 years ago

John Hall; Obama did not receive campaign money from BP but rather from BP's employees which amounted to less than .01 (77,151) of the 800 million he received from all campaign contributions. I remember full well, ignorant Palin trying to tie Obama to BP after she stated that offshore drilling was completely safe. Get your facts straight John H. Think...think John. BP tied to Haliburton, Haliburton tied to Dick Cheney, Dick Cheney tied to Republican party, corruption, lies, distortion, unwarranted war in Iraq which was tied to oil back to Dick Cheney and Haliburton. Now John, Haliburton and Dick Cheney are just not going to contribute to Obama's campaign which makes the point you were trying to make tying Obama to BP wholly refutable. That wasn't a good calculation in trying to score tea bag or conservative points!

Lynn C.
Lybb C5 years ago

Good for these people!
It's past time to stand up to these corporations and our government for siding with them on every issue, instead of the people who elected them as representatives.

john hall
john hall5 years ago

Kathleen O. you get BP to pay up and make them keep cleaning until its gone. but since BP gave obama millions in campaign money he wont push this issue. he is going to make the tax payer finance the clean up .also this is a fact because of obamas slow reaction to this spill it created a bigger mess then what it should have.

Carl W.
Carl Coleman5 years ago

Everyone get on this, for sure! "Oil Power" knows few bounds - Gulf issue, & raising prices under Republicans, A-G-A-I-N !!!

We can't afford the pump prices, from all oil, & we can't let British Petroleum hide from their responsibility in the Gulf. Starting Easter, of Jesus & humanity, avoid BP stations as much as possible 'til REAL reparations are made. Thank you!