Foreign Couples Will Adopt African American Children If We Won’t

For the thousands of foreign-born children that Americans adopt annually, you might assume that would mean that there aren’t any U.S. kids on the adoption market. On the contrary, foreign couples adopt hundreds of American children each year. With the majority of these kids being black or half black, racism may be a leading reason that U.S.-born kids are finding homes abroad rather than domestically.

As CNN reports, the number of foreign families adopting from the United States is consistently increasing. “Most American families were, and still are, interested in adopting a white infant,” concedes Steven Kirsh, an Indiana adoption attorney. He notes that, meanwhile, other countries with fewer prejudices are interested in adopting young children regardless of their skin color. As a result, adoption agencies move African American children abroad because it is easier to place them.

To be fair, racism is only part of the equation for this trend in adoption. In many cases, birth mothers are choosing to send their kids abroad instead. Recent laws have given birth parents the leeway to select the adoptive parents. For some, having their child further away just seems simpler, while others find the idea of their child living an exotic European lifestyle more appealing.

In the case of a Susan, a 30-year-old Floridian woman CNN profiles, she intentionally chose a foreign family to avoid facing discrimination altogether. As a white woman pregnant with a black man’s child, Susan already faced racism and hate language from her own family members. “There’s too much prejudice over here… I did not want that for my kid.”

On the flip side, a lack of American prejudice also contributes to these foreign adoptions: specifically, a less hostile attitude toward homosexuality than most of the world. Gay adoption is forbidden in many countries, but – despite obstacles in certain states – the United States will permit its children to be adopted by homosexual couples, even abroad. In some cases, gay couples disallowed from taking in kids from their own nations can form a family with American kids instead.

Overall, international adoption has taken a dive due to shady practices of abducted, non-orphan children and faked medical records in some poorer nations. However, foreign couples are attracted to American children in particular since the process is more transparent and authorities maintain accurate records. Most prospective adoptive parents abroad do not even realize American children are an option, though.

“I thought it was so strange,” said Bart van Meurs, the adoptive father of an African American child. “I’m here in Holland and they’re telling me I can get a[n American] baby… This can’t be true.”

The skepticism was probably warranted, but, indeed, it was true. In fact, the Netherlands is second only to Canada in adopting U.S. children. Nearly 70 such families gather for an annual Fathers’ Day picnic in Amsterdam, with others celebrating Thanksgiving together in order to honor their kids’ American heritage.

As more foreign countries either ban or put severe restrictions on Americans adopting their children, it will be interesting to see whether there will be a flux of more children being adopted out of America rather than into it.


Margaret Goodman
Margaret Goodman3 years ago

Lindsey wrote
"...From what I've read, black parents are significantly less likely to choose to adopt than white parents. Perhaps if those numbers increased we'd see fewer black children being adopted internationally."

My guess is that because of the racism in the United States, black parents often are not in a financial position to adopt children.

GGma Sheila D.
GGmaSheila D.3 years ago

Agree that Love is Love, a Hug is a Hug. Why leave children to linger with the impression nobody wants them, when there are people who would give them a Forever home, with love...

Franck Rio
Frank R.3 years ago

Thank you

pam w.
pam w.3 years ago

It certainly makes money for lawyers! And it makes money for many pregnant women who are willing to take payment for the ''right'' to adopt their babies.

B J.
BJ J.3 years ago

As stated by others, all kids deserve parents who will love & want them. But am I alone in thinking that adoption is a money-making business for many?

Duane B.
.3 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Susan T.
Susan T.3 years ago

and american couples will not adopt and I believe it is because of the TON of GOV'N RED TAPE....they would adopt but agencies and government make it too difficult....but they allow creeps to foster who end up being not nice, so what is the solution my dear?

Susan T.
Susan T.3 years ago

@ Stanley R. the only people encouraging your belief in this is the liberal MSM (main stream media)

Susan T.
Susan T.3 years ago

Good. Great! why would this be a bad thing? Give kids who need a home a home. Does it matter where there home is? a hug is a hug love is love ... why the race baiting on this site? Gosh I can hug a kid no matter what tint their skin is.

Deborah W.
Deborah W.3 years ago

Problems abound for all parents and children involved in adoptions. If each "set" matched up as meant to, without all the unnecessary manipulative roadblocks created, life could be dealt with normally and progress as it should. Seems only a dream scenario ....