Forget The Oscars: It’s International Polar Bear Day!

During tonight’s Oscars, it’s unlikely that anyone will be talking about the carbon footprint of all the glitz and glamor. It’s even less likely that they’ll spend time thinking about “celebrities” of the animal kingdom that have been left to deal with the consequences: Polar bears.

February 27th is International Polar Bear Day; a time when people and organizations all over the world work to raise awareness of the plight of the polar bear and what humans can do to help.

According to Polar Bear International (PBI), “scientists have concluded that the threat to polar bears is ecological change in the Arctic from global warming. Polar bears depend on sea ice for hunting, breeding, and in some cases, denning. Summer ice loss in the Arctic now equals an area the size of Alaska, Texas, and the state of Washington combined.”

Unless we can figure out how to stop human-accelerated climate change, more mother polar bears will be forced to swin hundreds of miles in search of a safe place to raise their young.

The good news is, we don’t have to wait for politicians or oil companies to decide they’ll do what’s right when it comes to climate change. There are small but significant changes that all of us can take to ensure the future of this majestic species.

PBI’s 4 Ways You Can Help The Polar Bears Today:

  • Make this the day you start unplugging computers, televisions, and small appliances when not in use
  • Begin a No Idle habit: turn off your car engine when waiting in line—or park and walk inside
  • Bundle up and turn down the heat by five degrees
  • Spring for a water heater blanket (and start wrapping up the savings)

You can also help by spreading the word about International Polar Bear Day to your friends and networks! Share your thoughts and plans by tweeting them with the hashtag #pbday or posting them on the PBI Facebook page. You can also post photos on PBI’s My Actions for Polar Bears Flickr page.

Polar Bear International is doing great work on behalf of the world’s polar bears. If you’re passionate about protecting this endangered species, please consider Adopting a Polar Bear for a small donation.

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Image Credit: Polar Bears International


federico bortoletto

Grazie per l'articolo. W gli orsi polari.

Deanna Murphy
Cindy Murphy6 years ago


Deanna Murphy
Cindy Murphy6 years ago

thanks for the article

Shin Takahashi
Shin Takahashi6 years ago

Yeah, Polar Bear is more important than Oscar.cheers

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I loveee Polar Bears!!!

Tricia Hamilton
Tricia Hamilton6 years ago

Save these guys for our children and our childrens children. Have mercy!!