Fox News Poll Has Romney and Obama Statistically Tied


The general election unofficially began this week, with Rick Santorum dropping out of the primary and leaving Mitt Romney without any serious opposition and able to turn his attention full time for campaigning against President Barack Obama.

And it’s possible that in just that short of time, and with all of the focus directed at the incumbent, the Romney campaign is making a difference.  According to a new Fox News poll, Romney and Obama are in a statistical tie, with Romney leading Obama 46 to 44 percent (well within the margin of error), and the President’s approval at its lowest point for 2012.

As Politico notes, this a fairly drastic swing from the ABC News/Washington Post poll from last week that showed Obama leading Romney 51 to 44.  “The differences in results suggest either a very volatile race or very different polling methodologies.”

One place likely to have created a difference?  The response of women and Independents.  According to Fox, women supported Obama over Romney by 8 points, and Independents broke for Romney 43 to 37.  In the WP/ABC poll, Obama leads Romney by 19 points, and Romney leads Obama with Independents by just two points.


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Robert K Pavlick
Robert Pavlick3 years ago

I agree with Anonymous X. When there is a Third Party candidate, you can never be certain who stole votes from whom; and you can't trust the talking heads. If we don't get some kind of Third Party movement going on in this country, we will be in this "Business As Usual" mire for eternity.

Anonymous X also said: "Vote for the candidate that best matches your stance on the issues that matter to you." REPLY: I see that a little differently. I think that we all need to make sacrifices and that we should put our own petty special interests on the back burner in favor of voting for the man that can solve the real issues like JOBS, A BALANCED BUDGET,and A DWINDLING DEFICIT. People's reproductive rights and gay marriage are all well and good, but if we are all out of work and Red China calls in our loans, none of that will matter much.

Frances C.
Frances C.3 years ago

The proofs in the pudding, as they say. I was there volunteering for that election. Ralph Nader never had a chance in hell of winning the election. He just helped, along with Jeb Bush, Katherine Harris, and the right wing Supreme court to give the election to W Bush. Michael Moore, and Jon Stewart got down on their knees and begged Nader to drop out. It's on tape. Nader was so arrogant and full of himself that went on ahead and did it. We have been living with the horrible results since W took office.

Anonymous XX
Anonymous XX3 years ago

Saying that voting for a third party candidate steals votes from another candidate is mistaken at best and at worst is brainwashing by the two party duopoly to steal your vote and further entrench their control of the system. It could just as easily be claimed that people who voted for Gore prevented Nader from winning the election.

What about the 13% of registered Democrats in Florida that voted for Bush? Also lets not forget what really happened when the Supreme Court stopped the recount in Florida and the shenanigans that were going on by by those in power there.

Here is an article that provides an excellent analysis of the myth:

Here is another opinion piece that talks about the interesting results of a mock debate at Berkely Carroll High School in Brooklyn prior to the 2008 election showing that purely voting by the issues resulted in Nader winning by a landslide:

So tell me, what type of voter is really wasting their vote?

Vote for the candidate that best matches your stance on the issues that matter to you.

Robert K Pavlick
Robert Pavlick3 years ago

For all of you rich right wingers out there, actually even for the poor like me, so you can follow the money, here's a very eye-opening article:"Five Reasons Why The Very Rich Have Not Earned Their Money"

Frances C.
Frances C.3 years ago

Obama + Biden 2012!

Frances C.
Frances C.3 years ago

Marg W. Just to let you know, I do enjoy reading your posts, so I hope you keep writing. I do get tired of having to wade through so much nonsense from the tea party R's.

As for third party candidates, it is a little soon for that to work. At this time a third party is a vote for Romney. Remember when Ralph Nader would not listen to anyone and insisted on being the third party candidate? He took just enough votes from Al Gore to make it a close race, and Bush W. was anointed President. All our ills started then. We can't let that happen again. Another right wing tea party Supreme Court judge and we are in big trouble.

Robert K Pavlick
Robert Pavlick3 years ago

Even the Republicans in Bridgeport vote Democrat. It's a sweethheart deal that they have had for years and in return for which they get patronage jobs. There are 7,000 registered Republicans and yet their candidate never gets more than 2,000 votes. Hell, I got 1200 votes when I ran for Mayor under the Reform Party ticket with a local membership of only 7.

Robert K Pavlick
Robert Pavlick3 years ago

Craig Z says: "I am not buying into the argument that a vote for a third party is a vote for a Republican. I hear that every election and it is just an argument for doing nothing."

REPLY: I'm with you, Craig. I don't buy it. I think it's simply Orwellian brainwashing by the two-party system, which in reality is a one-party system; they are simply terrified of a Third party that may be honest, in favor of term limits, and supportive of the US Constitution. I live in an impoverished US city that was once great. It is now predominantly poor, riddled with crime and most people are on public assistance so the Democratic Party wins every election, The only reason that I registered Democrat was so that I would have "some" say as to what goes on here in the Democratic Primary.

Marg Wood
Marg W.3 years ago

Pauline If you had something to say why did you not say it. Instead of correcting my spelling errors? How petty was that?

Craig Zimmerman
Craig false3 years ago

I am not buying into the argument that a vote for a third party is a vote for a Republican. I hear that every election and it is just an argument for doing nothing.