France Becomes First Nation To Ban Fracking


France became the first nation to ban the use of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking in drilling for natural gas and oil on June 30 when French senators voted to ban the practice. Oil and gas companies operating in France with fracking permits will have them revoked according to the legislation passed by a 176 to 151 vote. The bill passed the National Assembly on June 21.

“We are at the end of a legislative marathon that stirred emotion from lawmakers and the public,” French Environment Minister Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet said late yesterday before the vote. Hydraulic fracturing will be illegal and parliament would have to vote for a new law to allow research using the technique, she said.

France’s fracking ban comes at the same time that the New Jersey State Senate voted to ban the practice, which contaminates drinking water. For a bit of more good news, North Carolina’s Governor Bev Perdue vetoed a state senate bill that would have allowed fracking in the state.

Jane Preyer, North Carolina’s director of the Environmental Defense Fund praised the veto in North Carolina. “The veto sends a clear signal to legislators that rolling back regulations that protect the state’s environment is not a viable business plan for economic recovery or the well being of North Carolina’s families,” she said.  “The veto sends the strong message that North Carolina puts out the welcome map to industries that both create good jobs and respect our natural resources. Hats off to Governor Perdue for the veto.”

Unfortunately, it looks like New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo is poised to lift the ban on fracking, the International Business Times (IBT) reports. The state issued new guidelines for fracking that will prohibit fracking in state parks and in the New York City and Syracuse watersheds.

New York State Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton, an opponent of fracking, said, “If hydrofracking is not safe in the New York City watershed it’s not safe in any watershed,” Lifton said. “There’s a tacit admission on the part of the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) that it is not safe and yet it is being allowed.”

Photo from Progress Ohio via flickr


DORIS L3 years ago

Smart French!

Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson3 years ago

Yeah those French are really on the cutting edge here. What losers, except in Nuclear area. Fracking will overcome the lies of the leftists.

Dale Overall

Good to see that France is taking action and trail blazing for the rest of us.

Ruth R.
Ruth R4 years ago

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Ruth R.
Ruth R4 years ago

France set a good example in banning fracking. Please read the real science about the true cost of fracking and see Gas Lands.

Ruth R.
Ruth R4 years ago

Good decision. What about banning nuclear energy? What about funding wind and solar on already developed lands and on buildings.

Ruth R.
Ruth R4 years ago

Good decision to ban fracking of natural gas. What about banning nuclear energy?
What about backing more solar panels on already developed land, and on buildings.

Ruth R.
Ruth R4 years ago

Good decision. What about nuclear energy?

Dawn Londo
Dawn Londo4 years ago

I'm convinced there will be a massive transformation in the minds of those who are responsible for destroying our world. There will be nothing but wasteland, then what will the mega rich spend their money on?

Margaret K.
Margaret K4 years ago

Good for France! Unfortunately I heard today that fracking is being permitted in parts of Fermanagh in Northern Ireland. I am very unhappy about this.