Gasland: A Shale Drilling Exposť (video)

Offshore oil drilling isn’t our only problem right now. 

The search for clean natural gas has led to a lot of drilling in areas where gas is locked in shale. Unfortunately, the method that is used to break up the shale — called hydraulic fracturing — also causes severe pollution and poisoning of drinking water in these areas.  

This is the trailer for Gasland, Josh Fox’s HBO documentary that shows precisely how damaging shale drilling is. The film won Special Jury Prize at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival.

photo credit: Indigoprime


Ruth R.
Ruth R.4 years ago

Posted to google and twitter. Signed up on facebook, and shared the 2 petitions.

Ruth R.
Ruth R.4 years ago

A Must See 2+ Minute Trailer.

Heidi B.
Past Member 5 years ago

I think the Earth is going to burp and civilization as we know it will be decimated to a few thousand. It has happened before in the history of this planet. I can't get a fix on a number or day, but it is obvious we are tilting the balance. Maybe future gens will have their survival genetics tuned toward using their creative brains instead of their greed, and become true stewards of our world. John Lennon said it " Imagine"

Antonio Chiarenza

I wanted to respond to David D.'s point. they do have a safe[er] technique available: conventional gas wells, which have been in moderate use here for a long while. this controversy isn't about the. so far as I know, no one is trying to ban the older proven technology, only the hydrolic fracturing, who's short history seems to nothing but pollution and contamination, and maybe the horizontal drilling, which extends the reach of one well for miles. but the oil companies don't want to bother with regular wells now that they have learned they could get more gas faster with fracing. it strikes me as classic goose and golden egg.

Beng Kiat Low
low beng kiat6 years ago


Moertl M.
Martha M.6 years ago

Not only can we not trust oil companies. What is even more damaging, we cannot trust politicians. Their decisions are often shortsighted and precaution is blown in the wind.

Kelly Hurlbut
Kelly H.6 years ago

We need to stop letting the companies make the decisions because all they care about is the money not the environment or the people. Corporations control our government not the people and that needs to stop.

Joshua I.
Joshua I.6 years ago

Here is something even scarier, this drill FRACKING fluid causes the dredded MAD COW disease. So you see, we are already poisoned by it, the disease is already inside us, we are already eating beef and pork and poultry and fish that is tainted with the coctail of 500 chemicals used to extract Natural Gas. No wonder Dick Cheney has been recently admitted to the hospital, his secret corruption scheme is being unveiled, his treason against We-The-People is being realized, and his billion dollar liability is on the horizon. Remember, I was the first to make this discovery, and if someone else doesn't follow-up, then by your own coffin, and dig your own grave, cause when people start to go MAD, the police will be GLAD to kill you as one of their statistics. Don't say you were not warned-!

mariah f.
mariah f.6 years ago

I have fear to more and more natural gas search, petrol, mineral, oil drilling...I don't know if it is good ...Oh men's ganancy...I don't know...I don't know about our future...

charmaine c.
Charmaine C.6 years ago

What will it take to steer us away from fossil fuels and the collateral damage the industry causes every day? The writing's been on the wall for many years and the damage grows exponentially. Tick tock.