Gay Sex is Genocide Says Former Ghana Official


Sam P. Yalley, former deputy minister under Ghana’s Rawlings administration, has argued that homosexuality is criminalized under Ghana’s laws as a form of passive genocide.

Yalley made this statement as a response to comments made by Ghana Attorney General Martin Amidu who told journalists at a meet-the-press event on Tuesday, August 30, that consensual same-sex relations done in private are not in fact illegal under Ghana’s criminal code. Amidu has since been the target of a great deal of anger from fellow administrators and clergy.

As such, On Top Magazine reports that in an interview broadcast Wednesday on Citi FM’s Eyewitness News, Sam P. Yalley, now a public interest lawyer, said that the AG had overlooked certain aspects of the criminal code and that he would draw attention to clauses on genocide, arguing:

“Genocide results in the extermination of the human race and if you expand the meaning of homosexuality to mean that a man cannot have a child with another man, then it means that [the] practice would lead to the extermination of mankind and therefore for me if I am to charge anybody apart from having unnatural carnal knowledge, I would also charge him with genocide and see how he can get out of that situation.”

“If you are a man and you are having carnal knowledge with a man, how are you going to have a child?”

Given that the world is about to welcome its 7 billionth person the risk of extinction through homosexual couples not being able to directly procreate remains negligible at best.

What is concerning though is the thought process that has led Yalley to this conclusion and the rhetoric that seems to be going unchallenged in the country. To term homosexuality as a form of genocide is beyond ridiculous, but to indicate that the country should treat it as if it is such a heinous crime sends a truly horrifying message.

This follows international outrage after a Ghanaian official recently called for the immediate arrest of all gays and lesbians in the nation’s Western Region.

The Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG) also recently announced that it would be stepping up promotion of reparative therapy due to so-called concerns over the spread of homosexuality in the country.

Last weekend saw Ghana’s President John Evans Atta Mills use a speech at a festival in Saltpond to urge the public to fight moral vices. He put “homosexuality and lesbianism” alongside child prostitution and drug abuse on the list of vices to be resisted.

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Kristal Z.
Kristal Zeigler2 years ago

Homosexuality is wrong. Sex is not just for pleasure but it is for procreation. Homosexuals could care less if they or anyone have children. Gay people are selfish and live in a dream world. I too know that homosexuality is a form of genocide. Everyone who knows the meaning of genocide and being a homosexual knows it as well. It is scary to know that so many people are deciding to be gay. Yes I did mean to say deciding to be gay. I am afraid that in the next 25- 50 years heterosexuality will be in the shadows of the gay lifestyle. It has already started to affect the population. There are so many people not getting married or having children because of the gay lifestyle. Everything about anal sex is unnatural because a posterior can not ejaculate. You can ejaculate in the anus but it will not naturally get wet and have an orgasm. A woman can perform oral sex but our bodies are not equipped to penetrate from our vaginas. The most amazing or challenging thing for homosexuals is their nature not to be able to procreate. Procreation is the natural process of human kind. That is how we all began. Homosexuality is just not natural. It is a TRUE CRIME. It need to be STOPPED and SUPPORTED! Thank you Ghana for recognizing this Global Genocide. The move of the Devil Himself!!!!

Vernon C.
.4 years ago


Right or wrong. That's all there is to it. Just because you may not agree with God do not means that he is wrong. He made the judgement call. You can agree or not agree. That is what free-will is all about. But he laid down the rules & he gave you the choice to obey or not obey. Personally there may be a few things that I do not agree with God with either. I think that he is a little too harsh when it comes to certain things. I dont agree with us being on this earth & growing to love my family & other people for many years only to see them grow old & die...or worse yet, they die in tragic circumstances.

But there is nothing wrong with disagreeing. What is wrong is not obeying. And that is where the critical line is drawn. Disagreeing & disobeying. So when I disagree I have a choice to either get angry & turn away from God, or just agree to disagree but still conform to what he says. I choose the latter.

Vernon C.
.4 years ago


You are thinking with your emotions, not with your conscience of what is right & what is wrong. It all comes down to if your actions are right or if they are wrong. Just because someone is a nice person or because you have a strong PHYSICAL attraction for someone, or love someone, or there is reason to perform a certain act, do not make any of those things right if they are wrong.

You may say that a person is born a particular way & must live or act according to the conditions under which he was born. But there are always some that are born in more dire straits than others. So for example. If a man is born in an area of Africa where there is no food. And he is starving and have 6 starving children about to die with malnutrition. He goes down the road & meet another guy with a basket of food & he asks the guy for some & was refused. Should he attack the guy for the food. Suppose the guy wants to fight to the death to keep his food. Should the hungry man kill the guy & take his food?

The world is not perfect & there are always those who are born in under-privileged conditions. Being gay is just one of those conditions. There are some people who are BORN with a strong physical attraction for very young children. They cannot help themselves. When they see a child they get seriously aroused. They cannot do anything about it. So should it be acceptable for them to live & act under the conditions that they were born?

Right or wron

Zoe B.
Zoe B.4 years ago

Imani, i sent you one green star, but I actually wanted to send you 50. it is great that the sense is being spoken by younger people. it is also sad that older, and supposedly "wiser" folk turn out to be so bigoted, and small minded, but, hey, when you live your life out of a fictional book, what can you expect!!
more power to you, Imani

Matt L.4 years ago

Right on Imani D.!

Imani Dial
Imani Dial4 years ago

In the words of the wise (though controversial) Lady Gaga: "IM ON THE RIGHT TRACK BABY I WAS BORN THIS WAY!" and I will continue to believe this forever.
But then again, I'm just a 17-year-old lesbian right? What the hell to I know? ;)

Imani Dial
Imani Dial4 years ago

It's true: we shouldnt just support something because it doesnt bother us, but we should also know better than to think that people just being themselves is some sort of evil. That sort of notion is born of bigoted thinking, and should be thouroughly examined by someone of capable mind before being sent out into the world to damage so many people, adult and young, psychologically and causing so many people to commit suicide. in fact, anything that causes people to off themselves in such large numbers should be considered the true genocide, because it's these hurtful comments that attempt to effectively destroy the "other" that a true genocide tries to eliminate. And for anyone who's saying that we need to worry about our own country instead of others, you're damned straight that America is screwed up. We have a whole slew of our own problems, and the debate about homosexuality is one of them because we still have bigoted people and politicians that wrongly attempt to use religion as a valid reason to have a closed mind. God spoke of love, not hatred. Of acceptance, not contempt. And of creating everyone the way they are for a reason not "mistakes of nature." And I will continue to preach these words for as long as I live, as He has called me to.

Imani Dial
Imani Dial4 years ago

Hey lovely people of the internet. just wanted say a few things, some of which have already been stated:
Homosexuals dont breed homosexuals. MY LESBIAN ADOPTED MOM has three straight children.
Homosexuals can indeed have biological children due to the wonderful technology of the twenty-first century. MY GIRLFRIEND AND I plan to do so after we get married.
The bible, though absolutely a wonderful guide, is not fool-proof. It was written by man, not God. As a DEVOUTED CHRISTIAN i would know.
Most children arent ashamed of their own or their parents' homosexuality. It's the bigoted parents that have a problem with it. At my high school, though there is some bullying (not due to sexual orientation), all of the kids generally get along. it was THE PARENTS THAT BANNED A GAY-STRAIGHT ALLIANCE at our school.
If being gay is genocide and will lead to extinction of the human race, then so is BEING SINGLE, BEING STERILE, USING CONTRACEPTION, BEING POST-MENOPAUSAL, and anything else that's basically to say that you cant have or dont want children.
Even if homosexuals couldn't reproduce, they are still a minority on earth. Even though you may see homosexuals eveywhere, but they still make up ONLY 10 PERCENT of our population.
Homosexuality isn't any kind of "new evil". In fact, it's been traced back all the way to ANCIENT GREECE and possibly even further.

It's true: we shouldnt just support something because it doesnt bother us, but we should also know better than to think t

Vernon C.
.5 years ago


What we were taught in school & as children is the main reason behind a lot of ignorance about the Bible & of God. Many of those people did no research at all. What I usually suggest to people who are interested is to forget everything that we were told about the Bible when we were young, & just re-read the Bible with an open mind. You would be surprise at how many things that we were told as children that the Bible did not say, or that had an other interpretation.

Vernon C.
.5 years ago


We date nice women when we want a serious relationship or marriage. When we want sex we look for women of "loose" morals.

If YOU choose to opt out of the dating option, u can. That is YOUR choice. I choose to do what I want. You are married, I am single. U are a woman, I am a man. U are Zoe, I am Vernon. But if u choose to stretch the little that I wrote & judge me, then do not accuse Ron & I of judging anyone. U need to practise what u preach.

Finally I do not care about the Church's belief. I told you also that I am not a fundamentalist christian. I am a very spiritual person with very strong Christian beliefs. I follow what the Bible says...& then I go further by deciphering & researching the Bible. I believe that if one says that they love God, then one should try to learn everything about God. Many churches have varying views & we have to separate the beliefs of the various christian churches from what God actually say & want us to do re. the Bible.

Now what God want on most things are pretty clear in the Bible. It do not take rocket science to understand the words, "Do not lie with man as u would lie with woman. It is an abomination" or "Thou Shalt Not Steal". To me those are very clear.
Now saying "Do not fornicate", may just be a little different as one has to decipher what the word "fornication' meant 2000 years ago.

What we were taught in school & as children is the main reason behind a lot of ignorance about the