Gender Neutral Marriage’s Time Has Come, Says Prop 8 Judge (VIDEO)


Judge Vaughn Walker, the retired Chief U.S. District Judge who ruled against California’s gay marriage ban Proposition 8, has said he feels gender neutral marriage is a cause whose time has come.

Walker, speaking at a recent engagement at the Commonwealth Club of California, said that he felt litigation in the 2010 marriage equality trial had been delivered well by both sides. He also stated that he is unsure as to how the case may proceed, but made it known he personally believes that marriage equality is now inevitable.

You can watch the full video here.

The Proposition 8 case currently waits to be taken up by the United States Supreme Court.

Judge Vaughn Walker’s 2010 ruling to overturn California’s voter-enacted constitutional amendment on marriage equality was hailed as a landmark decision.

During trial, Walker went to lengths to thoroughly assess the claims of pro-Proposition 8 forces who said that gay marriage risked weakening marriage as an institution and damaging children and society. As such, Walker’s findings of fact, that dissected and refuted these claims based on the trial evidence, have been a massive boon to LGBT rights supporters in the US and beyond.


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Ron Grubner
Ron Grubner3 years ago

That's ok are supreme in expressing your own view which has NO authority whatsoever...simply because they are entirely your own views.Your continued crfiticism of God is nothing more than atheism or self interpreted explanation.
And your comments also continue to show that you simply do not understand the points I state because you discount God exists.And I thought you said you pondered all written !! But I say again.....if you take such offense to Christian thinking,then simply do not read the comments.I have not even bothered to read all yours because they do not even make sense..they come from self apraising faulty thinking.
Well,state all you wish as I will also.Abuse ,insult,critisize will alter nothing except to prove your stand on spiritual matters.And this forum is directly related to how God created us which is what you choose to deny instead placing man's own desires ahead of the truth.

Beth K.
.3 years ago

Ron, you're not "commenting" on a thread as you claim, you're preaching aud naseum, like you usually do.

And IF there is a god, one thing is for sure; you're not it. But you are a bigot, you've just torn pages out of a bible and pasted them all over you, to try to disguise it.

Ron Grubner
Ron Grubner3 years ago

It is also our right to comment on a forum which is related directly to Biblical principles even if others do not accept the Bible as God's word.If it worries you that much you still have the either read it or not. But faith is required even for everyday living.To any believer,daily living is much more than just that for it concerns the real us...our spirit.Without faith,we would die for it causes us to rely on anything just to exist.You tell me that you think deeply on what you read.Maybe you do ( or not) but you certainly have not understood much of what is written .In spite of what you say,I am a deep thinker and tend not to take things for granted.It is healthy to question. I do admit though to also not understanding all I read.Everyone is entitled to their own belief and we all believe something.It is common for an atheist to accuse a Christian of bigotry but fail to understand that it is their own bigotry which causes them to say that.A Christian believes he is no better than a non-Christian but is describing what God has said.It is Christ himself Who divides just as He said He would.It is because of trust and faith in Him and not people who are very fallible,myself included .I believe this forum firmly exhibits that.I don't hate homosexuals but don't agree with their lifestyle and neither do milions of others .It is a society problem.

Ron Grubner
Ron Grubner3 years ago

Well Michael,Thank you for confirming the points I made in my last post ! The difference between us is God Himself.I believe in Him and listen to what He has to say.I know that I have a spirit as does all people...even you, who does not accept that.Far from me being biggoted or damning people ( which by the way is NOT what I am doing or I would also be damned ),I am merely telling of what we all need hear from God.I believe that man HAS TO BE ANSWERABLE FOR HIS OWN ACTIONS.But then who would he be answerable to if it were not for Someone superior to himself ? Do you know what damnaton means ? It means to judge someone and sentence him/her to hell...something which I will not do for I am not better or even qualified to do .Morality is something we ALL fall short of at times.But this forum is about a particular subject which we are ALL entitled to comment on.I understand why God has made the standards by which we must live.If we do not believe in God,who then are we accountable to ? Oh,I know many do say they do not need God or a god,so He is replaced by other man made ideals ( which themselves are gods) It is precisely why we have so many problems .You Michael,are not telling of anything new...just exposing your own views with no tolerance of the One who has authority over mankind .Your attitude reflects that in your comments with insults and abuse of those who believe in God.It is our right to believe in Him or is our choice !

Ron Grubner
Ron Grubner3 years ago

I suggest Michael you vocally read and record what you write and sit back and listen to it. Maybe then you will realise the tone of bigotry and hatred you expel towards those who don't comply with your own personal religion found in the book of Michael.I have seen you write post after post after post after.......all in one diatribe taking up page after page expousing your own personal views.You are not contributing to the topics of discussion but attackng all and any Christian who contributes.That is your whole purpose on these forums where you endeavour to control what is said by others particularly Christians but even your own ilk. You will achieve nothing of your purpose but expose yourself to any who read so much of what you write.I find it sad that anyone can use the net for the purpose of attacking the beliefs of others who are concerned for the way society is heading.You don't believe in God ?...ok that's your choice but be sure you as all people will,have to give account for their actions.

Ron Grubner
Ron Grubner3 years ago

And God sure did use many people to pen His instructions as He was the Author.Ok,so you don't believe that but that does not make it untrue....just a personal choice.
Pam...what a silly comment to make on a public forum.The bible always has been and still is the most popular book ever is available to everyone and millions place their faith in it and God.So if you view it as "my book",I am truely honoured as can the millions of others. You should even know that I am not American so am stating my comments from the fact that issues such as this are a world wide problem..not just the states. Much of what i have stated are just normal fundaments of human life even if you don't believe in God so if you don't like that,simply don't read what I's still about choice....that is true ! If what the Bible says is against what you want for whatever reason ,it is God you are denying ...not me for I am just repeating what He says.I believe that there are many issues which are indicative of society setting a path of irreversable destruction.Few would deny that because we face so many man made problems.

Ron Grubner
Ron Grubner3 years ago

Muriel...The reason I quoted the verse from Joshua was because the same choice applies to all all choose Who and what to believe and follow.A god can be anything we make it which was the point Joshua made and he quoted his reasoning.He was saying there is only ONE God but the others are of man's inventions...same as today.Sure,there were many laws given to the Jews as they were the "chosen" to learn and then spread the good news to come.But there were many also which apply to all mankind such as the 10 Commandments.If w look at those laws ,we can see they are all to do with morality...the first 4 are concerning our relationship with God and the last 6 concerning our relationship with each other.they als form the basis of all laws concerning civilisation.We don't have the choice to obey or not but choose we do anyway.Our sexualty is part of who we are...we don't choose that either but many now are trying to change many issues concerning it.Homosexuality is a moral issue and applies to ALL mankind.Morals are standards which are NOT changeable as they are bred into us.Paul in the new testament made that clear too.Because this forum is about that issue of being "gay",it is directly related to what God says.To those who do not believe in God,that is just the choice you make,so is the choice Joshua was declaring.The Bible will not be clear to those who do not believe.Being abusive and insulting to believers will not achieve anything other than your own standing.And G

Wanda D. H.
Wanda D Hendrix3 years ago

Have we all forgotten? The Bible was written by "MAN".
God gave us the 10 commandments.

Muriel C.
Muriel C.3 years ago

Ron, There are different injunctions in the Good Book
The 7 Noahid laws are supposed to be for all mankind
The 10 commandments are mandatory for Jews. Others can choose to follow them and, usually most devout Christians do choose to follow them
The laws of ritual purity, which includes refraining from male homosexuality, are for Jews alone and, as a reminder, refraining from eating pork and shellfish or from wearing garments made of mixed animal and vegetal fibers are placed exactly on the same level: no more nor less important than the one on male homosexuality.
If you aren't an observant Jew, those rules aren't any concern of yours, as they weren't meant to be applied to all mankind in the 1st place.
If you are an observant Jew, you'll remember that
-all rules can be broken when a life is at stake
-what is hurtful to you, you shouldn't do to others (Hillel)

Angela Burrow
Angela Burrow3 years ago

Equality should not need to be debated or have laws passed to ensure its existence, it should be the automatic right of every single person on this planet. Imagine the outcry if it were decided that people would only be allowed to follow their choice of religion if a law were passed permitting this. There would be cries of inequality and religious persecution. However the people who would complain the loudest in such a situation are the ones preventing a minority from having the same rights as the rest of society.

What religious people need to remember is homosexuality, lesbianism and transgenderism are not lifestyle choices but religion is. (For those of you who think LGBTQs chose to be the way they are, would anyone chose something that led to their ridicule, ostracism, threats, assaults and even murder?) Keep your choices to yourself and allow others the common decency of being who they are!