George Clooney’s Organization Discovers Sudan Mass Graves

Newly released satellite images present chilling evidence that, a week after South Sudan declared independence from its northern neighbor, Sudan is failing to end the violence against civilians for which it has been internationally condemned. áIn fact, according to an unpublished report from UN peacekeepers in southern Sudan, there were credible allegations of executions, mass graves, aerial bombardments of civilian areas and even attacks on UN forces, as Sudan struggles to maintain control over the rebellious South Kordofan State. áThe report recommends independent investigations of human rights violations, and even suggested a referral to the International Criminal Court.

South Kordofan is the home to the Nuba people, a mostly-Christian minority who fought alongside South Sudan during its long struggle for independence. áThe state remains entirely within the borders of Sudan, even after South Sudan’s secession, and now the Nuba could be the targets of ethnic cleansing. áChristians say that the violence is religious persecution, but according to Frederick Clarkson of Religion Dispatches, “the campaign to exterminate the Nuba has spared no one.”

The satellite photos, captured by actor and activist George Clooney’s Satellite Sentinel Report (SSR), show at least three mass graves in South Kordofan, where bombing and fighting began last month. áThe organization also cited numerous examples of eyewitnesses who say that Sudanese forces are systematically killing civilians allied with the rebel forces. áTens of thousands of people have fled since the violence erupted. áAccording to refugee accounts, the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) “helicopter gunships have hunted them in the mountains, and bombers have unleashed terror on towns.” áThe satellite photos are valuable because the news media has been barred from the area, and they show, all too plainly, that mass killings are being perpetrated – hence the need for mass graves.

“While the United Nations is celebrating the admission of South Sudan as a new member, Khartoum is still ruthlessly bombing civilians in South Kordofan,” Philippe Bolopion, the United Nations director for Human Rights Watch, told The New York Times.

While the report and the photos are both deeply disturbing, they are, as Clarkson points out, also potentially groundbreaking. áThis seems to be just the beginning in the documentation of the horrific violence being perpetrated in south Sudan. áThe release of these photos marks, Clarkson writes, “the first time in history that private groups have combined world-class satellite image analysis with detailed reliable eye witness reports to confirm the location of mass graves to present details of how the bodies came to be there.” áSo perhaps these images can be among the first to bring the people causing such terrible violence to justice.

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Photo from ENOUGH Project via flickr.


Lyssa C.
Lyssa C5 years ago


Audrey Wildlife-Matters


Meta Reid
Meta Reid6 years ago

Maybe with photographs, the perpetrators will be brought to justice sooner? Thanks for the article and also Kudos to George Clooney for having the foresight to get the evidence sooner than we'd have gotten it otherwise, because, there was the possibility that we'd have never gotten it.

Maarja L.
Maarja L6 years ago

The situation in Sudan is even worse, huh. So sad.

Michael MacDonald

@Diane B.

no offense,
it's counter productive to insert religious beliefs into these comment lines.

A better way of putting that as to not offend anyone
would be "try to live your life being the best person you can be"
instead of saying anything about following the ten commandments.

Michael MacDonald

that's terrible news,
but kudos to George Clooney for creating this great organization.

Akin Adelakun
Akin Adelakun6 years ago

Great article, thank you

Rachel A.
Rachel Alberts6 years ago

Mass killings are terrible, this is clear and no one with any sort of moral fibre is going deny that. But another issue is that of the graves. Killing people and then disposing of them in a 'mass grave' shows how little the people of Sudan are respected. In a country where the demographics show that majority are Muslim, a religion which enshrines a proper burial, one would assume that the bodies be given back to the families for the necessary procedures?

Everything about this is horrific, and Katie C is right, international bodies need to take it upon themselves to keep the rest of the world informed on the issues that Countries, like Sudan, who commit serious human rights violations, are trying to keep under wraps.

Judith H.
Judith H6 years ago


Yvonne S.
Yvonne S6 years ago

A very disturbing story. I hope that peace will come to these people soon.