A Fireside Chat with George Takei


The awesomeness that is George Takei has decided he needs to have a word with Tennessee’s Legislature who, over the past few months, have passed or advanced a number of aggressively anti-LGBT pieces of Legislation. Takei says these legislators all remind him of friends of Dorothy… .

Tennessee Lawmakers: We Need To Chat from Allegiance – A New Musical on Vimeo.

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Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin4 years ago

George Takei is great! I'm a Trekkie since childhood so I'm a bit bias, but wow, what a great man he is!

Stephen Phillips
Stephen Phillips4 years ago

Fabulous - as always - George!

Lilithe Magdalene

Yeah Takei!

Nuria Rodriguez
Nuria Rodriguez4 years ago

It's unbelievable to me that people actually think like those 3-Stooges. What's next, separate water fountains? Maybe sitting at the back of the bus?

Norma V.
Norma Villarreal4 years ago

It's OK to be Takei....love that sense of humor, class, and tenacity. In Tennessee or other states, we human beings have a multitude of opportunities to grow past our homophobic behavior and celebrate our diversity.

Fred Krohn
Fred Krohn4 years ago

He's been pushing back the frontier since 1966. Really special. Hopefully he can get these Tennessee sheep-brained theocrats to back off and respect the citizens, go where no humans have gone before and rectify the state's totalitarian tendencies and kick out the Romulans -er, feudalists in office.

Sylvia Wulf
Sylvia Wulf4 years ago

George is great - it is amazing how well he is keeping a sense of humor. I am not any part of LGBT, but I am a staunch supporter of LGBT rights, and the current political scene is making me lose MY cool - I don't know how he does it!

John Kramer
John Kramer4 years ago

George Takei should go to Massachusetts and lobby to get prostitution legalized in that state. Massachusetts needs to stop prosecuting gays and lesbians and putting gays and lesbians behind bars for selling thier bodies and making money. It is cruel for Massachusetts to prosecute gays and lesbians and putting them behind bars for selling thier own bodies to make money. Prostitution is a victimless crime.There are a lot of gay couples in Massachusetts that need to sell thier bodies to make money to feed thier families. Prostitution should be legalized in Massachusetts the same way gay marrige is legalized in that state.

s. ryan
p. q4 years ago


s. ryan
p. q4 years ago