Georgia Passes Anti-Immigrant Measure

Despite judicial losses in both Arizona and Utah, Gov. Nathan Deal (R) of Georgia signed into law one of the nation’s toughest immigration measures, setting the stage for yet another legal challenge.

The law is similar to Arizona’s SB 1070 and allows local law enforcement to question suspects about their immigration status, including demanding proof of citizenship during a stop.  Should that documentation not sufficiently satisfy law enforcement concerns, the law empowers them to take suspects to jail where federal officials could begin the deportation process.

The law also requires most private employers to check the immigration status of newly hired workers on the federal E-Verify database.   According to the Pew Hispanic Center there are approximately 425,000 undocumented workers in Georgia, the seventh most of any state.

The law takes effect July 1.

Business groups, including the state Chamber of Commerce, have raised fears the law will diminish tourism and create additional financial burdens on companies.  Early reports suggest the Arizona bill has cost the state as much as $250 million in convention business since its passage last year.

Comprehensive immigration reform is the solution to these issues, not an expansion of local police power or a diminishing of constitutional fidelity.  And despite their insistence that they are acting because of a lack of federal will, it is the Republican party standing in the way of immigration reform becoming a reality.

Take action and call on Georgia to repeal this bill and for Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform.


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LMj Sunshine

Thank you for article.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you for article.

Tom Sullivan
Tom C Sullivan5 years ago

apply for a green card do it legal. That is what law's are for. The feds should do there job and inforce it.

Diane L.
Diane L.5 years ago

Vince, well said about the "sins" of the past to Michaela. I'm so tired of hearing how the Europeans invaded North America and "conquered" the indenous people here and therefore we, today, owe them everything. It was 300 years ago, folks! Germans and Romans invaded Briton and Alexander invaded Egypt and Ghengis Khan invaded let's see, how many countries? So, should the Greeks be giving money to Egypt NOW? Maybe China should be paying back half of the civilized world for what happened what, 2500 years ago?

Nobody is suggesting that what happened to Native Americans 200 years ago was right, but that was then. We're talking about the fact that now, this is a country with borders. There are laws in place for LEGAL immigration. NO country allows just anyone to "move in" willy, nilly and have the same rights and benefits as those born there. THAT is the topic and what we're addressing, or should be, anyway.

Vince D.
Vince D.5 years ago


Here is that segment you referenced on NPR:

Now ask yourself, why could shade be provided for the workers? If it's that hot, mist cooling would work, very cheap and effective.

There are things that could be done to make the job less stressful, and safer. I'll pay a few cents more for a "cruelty free, legally harvested' onion!

Have a good one!

Vince D.
Vince D.5 years ago

Hey folks,

Heath Shuler just re-introduced his SAVE Act to this session of congress. This bill phases in the mandatory use of E-Verify by ALL employers on ALL employees over a 4 year period. It also has provisions to identify no-match cases and multiple uses of a SS#, to put adent in the fake ID business. It is by far the best enforcement bill out there.

PLEASE contact your representative to ask for support for this bill.

For more info:

Harriet D.
Harriet D.5 years ago

Immigration, wow, it's nice to have yes, but if it's done legally like our ancestors. Most of the people here are not american citizens, yet they want rights, but when you come here illegally your breaking our laws, if you get in jail we as tax payers pay to keep you isn't that enough? If you have been in this country for years I believe in all honesty you speak english and understand it, but you use that me no speakie english, don't buy it, this law should stand in any state, we have a right to decide who should get to work in our country, as far as I can see we give illegals, money, food, they get jobs, they even get health care, they even get help paying their rent, but what about the American? Sorry if you are here illegally suggest you become a true american, stop your whinning. As far as the remarks on O'Bama been around enough years to know he's been the worst. His aunt lived here illegally for years, got welfare, and low and behold he became president, instant court ruling she got to stay, they were lucky I wasn't on that decision she would have been sent back and if you can't come here legally don't come at all. I am not a slave for you, your in my country, speak my language in public and quit whinning about how we are against you, you did it all yourself by being here illegally.

Vince D.
Vince D.5 years ago


The sins of the past do not justify the current invasion. Yes, people from Europe conquered North America in an ugly manner.

We have an estimated 12-20 million illegal aliens in the US. This is an invasion by any standard. We need to do something about it as our citizens are suffering because of this invasion.

Any nation has the right and responsibility to defend it's borders.

Michaela S.
Past Member 5 years ago

Once there was a huge country, wild and free. Indigenous people lived there for a very long time but then, actually not that long ago if you think about it, one day white people arrived ILLEGALLY and slaughtered the indigenous people and took over their country. They slaughtered their animals, destroyed their environment, caged the remaining indigenous people in so called reserves and then populated the country with their own. Soon more and more people 'immigrated' to this wild and once free country and eventually called it their own, making artificial borders and laws and defined what legal and what illegal 'immigration' was.

This obviously does not only apply to the US but I suspect most people here are from the US looking at the comments made. Your country is based on illegal immigration, can't you see that? What gives you the right now to turn people away from your borders?

Erica B.
Erica B.5 years ago

I have NO problem with people coming to this country LEGALLY. My own grandparents (my dad's mum and father) moved here around 1912 from England. My grandfather fought for the United States both in World War I AND World War II...he died soon after the 2nd World War due to all the mustard gas he breathed in, as a medic, while retrieving injured soldiers in the field during World War I. It was a painful death I have been told, and he died with a British accent, but FOR the United States of America.

I highly doubt that any people coming to this country ILLEGALLY would sacrifice so much for this country, as my grandfather has done. Hell, they earn their money, then send most of it to their "home country" for their families! That does NOTHING to help our economy get out of the sink hole it's in!