Glenn Beck: This Year’s Sarah Palin

One year ago, our news cycle was dominated by a conservative who kept saying wacky things. Sarah Palin was all anyone could talk about, and what she said and did made headlines above and beyond what would normally be expected of a vice presidential candidate.

This year, our news cycle is still dominated by a conservative who keeps saying wacky things. But this time it’s Glenn Beck, Fox News and radio host, whose TV show has become the go-to place for mustering up Republican opposition to action on climate change, green jobs, health care, protecting sea otters and turtles, frogs… you name it. (Tortured metaphor or not, it’s never good to see a popular TV personality fake animal cruelty on the air).

There’s a difference between expressing your opinion and engaging in outrageous lies that promote hate. It’s a line that just shouldn’t be crossed.

Sarah Palin’s “palling around with terrorists” crossed it last year. Glenn Beck crossed it this year with his argument that President Obama is a “racist…with deep-seated hatred for white people.” has been calling on advertisers to drop Glenn Beck from their buys — and more than 60 have. Media Matters runs a daily update on who is still advertising — and it’s obviously having an effect.

But Glenn Beck keeps lying. This week, the White House had to release a Glenn Beck fact check after his extremist rhetoric against the Olympics went from outrageous to just plain wrong.

Even Republican Senator Lindsay Graham dismissed Beck’s claims today.

Nevertheless, Glenn Beck continues to stir up the crazies (as he did in getting the vile 9/12 teabagger demonstration in Washington — and could his anti-census rants have played into the census worker killed in Kentucky?).

It’s time for all of us to stand up and say no more. Glenn Beck’s extremist rhetoric is fanning the flames of right-wing fringe intolerance — and unless we act, we are letting it happen.

Make your voice heard. Denounce Glenn Beck today!


Bob C.
Past Member 7 years ago

Becks numbers are growing and growing, guess what he says DOES matter to a lot of folks.

Robert R.
Robert R.7 years ago

( * yawn * ) ....

Oh, well .... Guess I'll put some "secret stuff" in my Kool-Aid, and see what Bill Moyers has to say, lately.

Or ( better, yet! ) ... see if I can get through to Jimmuh Cahtuh. Seems as though he might need some help looking for a few "lost" cases of Billy-Beer in his basement.

Who's Glenn Beck?

Are the administrators of this website doing their fair-share in Australia ( hugging a few endangered marsupials, for example) ???

Oh, well .... Ain't life sweet?

Cindy M.
Cindy M.7 years ago

This just in!!!! Our president wins 2009 Nobel Peace Prize!

Now Beck has more to whine about ... maybe the Norwegian Noble Committee also has a deep-seeded hatred for White People and thus awarded our bi-racial president with an honor for "his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples." (Bigots are always being awarded for advancing cooperation between peoples ... in the minds of the FOX-viewing faithful, no doubt.)


Cindy M.
Cindy M.7 years ago

"Arabs as in oil countries my friend cindy, "

Oh; thanks. BTW, OPEC is less ambiguous if you're speaking of that group.


Cindy M.
Cindy M.7 years ago

"if you dont think the dollar is on the down slide i dont know where you get your info. If you believe all these bailouts ect just happened for no reason, you are swimming in a different stream than i am."

If "stream" is a metaphor for political beliefs, indeed. Also, I wouldn't characterize the Dollar (US) as being on a downhill slide. It's just not keeping pace with countries whose economic policies are better than ours. The Bush years had and are still having a profound effect (neg.). Wages declined, in inflation-adjusted Dollars. So the Fed let borrowing fill the consuming gap, in a big way (the metaphor for that is "print money" ... actual printing is a mere convenience ... the money-supply is electronic). The Dollar began falling behind the Euro pretty-much at the 2-year mark for Bushand has languished since.

But, interestgingly, it rebounded during the "Bailout" (~$1.30 = 1E). But the Dollar is now back to the Bush-like level (~$1.50 = 1E). The EU probably won't let it get worse than that ... it makes their products too expensive for us and affects tourism.

But it helps in one respect: our products are cheaper for EU countries.

Maybe some sinister force is at work. But I doubt it. I suspect it's more likely that FOX / conspiracy theorists are being a smidge alarmist, and playing on ignorance/fear ... which is actually pretty easy to do. So we can expect to hear a lot of it. But I'm not losing sleep.


Craig Chmiel
Craig C.7 years ago

Arabs as in oil countries my friend cindy, which oil is purchased by the dollar standard, but with America having more oil than any of them countries, but cannot access becuase of the enviro clowns, which have been holding everything back for years now what can we expect!

Craig Chmiel
Craig C.7 years ago

It may not happen over night but it will come down to the IMF, yes i do read and listen to to other countries have international news feeds, if you dont think the dollar is on the down slide i dont know where you get your info. If you believe all these bailouts ect just happened for no reason, you are swimming in a different stream than i am.

Rex J.
Rex J.7 years ago

Craig, I guess you want the rock all for yourself so as to invite your buddy Beck under it with you. That way the both of you can hide from the truth. He is an actor Craig and if you want to believe his act then you are the fool not me.

Cindy M.
Cindy M.7 years ago


"Take the dollar for example read outside sources China, Brazil,Russia and the Arabs."

The Yuan (China) is matched to the US Dollar; the Real (Brasil) is gaining on the US Dollar ... indeed, Brasil is the fastest growing economy in the Americas ... and the music and food is incredible; the Ruble (Russia) is also gaining on the US Dollar. Arabs is a bit ambiguous, since I know of no country nor currency called "Arabs."

None of the currencies you eluded to are going anywhere in the foreseeable future. They're either on par with or outperforming the US Dollar, despite also suffering economically from the Bush 43 Debacle.

BTW, we're flat against the Yen (Japan), but weak compared to the Euro (Used by a group of highly socialized free market countries in Europe under the monetary and social policies of the EU, which is HQ'd in Brussels, Belgium ... a great city but the Mannequin Pis is surprisingly underwhelming for a quasi Belgian national symbol.)

If you're doing your global studies while watching FOX, that's OK. But repeating what they "teach" only embarrasses you among folks who actually know stuff.

Just a thought...


Craig Chmiel
Craig C.7 years ago

Rex do me a favor crawl out from under the rock please, you find Glenn a joke thats ok, he does go over-board sometimes, but that is a way to get your attention on what is being said. Take the dollar for example read outside sources China, Brazil,Russia and the Arabs have for a time now been trying to set up a new money system. If true wht has the Sect of Tres, the Feds, or commander in chief made a statement on this matter? Tell me what gives, you willing to wipe your a@@@s with it when down the road we have to exchange it for something else, i for one am not. Oh ben an paulsen, might have mis-informed the public really, research the latter find out who are (were) his friends please then get back to me with your findings, do take the time. As for Journalists the only one who is true is Anderson Cooper the rest just give their opinions nothing more they should be the ones digging for the truth not a Glenn Beck per say, How can they even come home after the week an feel good about putting their checks in the bank.