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Glitches Aside, Obamacare Is Working, and Opponents Are Scared

Glitches Aside, Obamacare Is Working, and Opponents Are Scared

We are three weeks into the launch of health care exchanges, both on a state level and federally, and with the government shutdown now finished, the reported issues with the insurance websites are now dominating the news media. On Monday, President Barack Obama led a press conference where he provided his personal assurances that the sites would begin working better and added his own disappointment over the glitch-filled launch of the website.

“Nobody is madder than me about the fact that the website isn’t working as well as it should, which means it’s going to get fixed,” the President said Tuesday,flanked by those uninsured likely to benefit from new insurance coverage once it goes into effect on January 1. The President then urged those who wanted to register and were still having issues doing so to call for assistance.

Still, the most important message of the press conference is that whether or not the websites are working well at this exact moment, the real goal of the exchanges getting affordable insurance for the uninsured was working just fine for those who have managed to make their purchases. With just under two months left for people to register and still be covered on January 1, this isn’t a crisis at this point.

In fact, for many the exercise has been a total success. As I profiled over at Rolling Stone, even those who are having issues getting onto the site are learning that once they do manage to enroll, they will see significant savings or be insured for the first time in years.

To see what Obamacare could really look like if it were uninhibited by technical issues and actually championed by lawmakers who supported it, you just need to take a look at what has happened in Oregon. According to Wonkblog, 56,000 people have signed up for health care through the state exchange. That means that the state’s uninsured population will drop by 10 percent once the new insurance goes into effect. And that was after just a few weeks with the state’s own personal (and yes, slightly buggy) health insurance exchange being open.

With state specific sites experiencing issues, even though they have just a fraction of the traffic that, the federal exchange, is receiving, it shouldn’t be surprising that there is a great deal of frustration continuing around the health care exchange. Yet a lot of the moaning, as well as the misinformation, about the system is coming from those who have also been the most adamantly opposed to the exchanges, as well as the Affordable Care Act in general.

Politicians, especially Republicans, who supported the ACA’s exchanges or came out in favor of Medicaid expansion in their states are seeing backlash from interest groups hoping to punish them in the next election. Conservative think tanks are continuing to release studies claiming that premium costs will go up under health care reform, purposefully ignoring information or playing with numbers to leave out the financial subsidies most Americans will receive in order to arrive at their increased numbers. And the most strenuously opposed politicians are even claiming that they would be dead if Obamacare were in effect currently. (News flash: It is in effect, except for the part where everyone has to have insurance. But never let the truth get in the way of a good story.)

The website, in fact all of the websites, will get fixed. A vast majority of those who need to be enrolled prior to the December 15 deadline in order to be insured January 1 will manage to do so. Like every other tech product, the exchanges will be debugged, retooled and eventually become accessible and usable with minimal error. Even better, Americans who were paying more in premiums because of their gender, who were uninsured because of pee-existing conditions, or couldn’t afford full insurance coverage because they were self-employed, made too little money or worked for companies that didn’t offer insurance will be able to see doctors and get preventative care without fear of bankruptcy.

A few years down the road, that is what we all are going to remember. Not the website glitches.


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9:37AM PST on Nov 16, 2013

what we had wasn't working.. can't we try this and see?

3:18PM PST on Nov 8, 2013


....#2) the "what" of it was obviously his policies which differed markedly from those advertised by the [R] presidential candidate and which by any measure would have completed the [R] freefall into an economic depression.

You seedless grapes snipe at Obama from the sidelines even as he is pulling you, kicking and screaming and sniping away, from within an inch of economic depression into prosperity. Here's another question for you: can you name another [D] president who dragged [R]s kicking and screaming into prosperity?

3:17PM PST on Nov 8, 2013


You say: "our REAL unemp rate is ~14%. NOT 7.X%. So IF our economy were better than before, it's not noticeable & what has Obama done to help it so much?" Here's a lesson, let's see if you are able to understand it. You refer to the "REAL" unemployment rate, although apparently you do not have a clue as to what it means. But let's side-step your ignoroance and move to a more central truth. The same type of unemployed categories that are not counted in the official unemployment figure but are in the 'real' figure, existed BEFORE the [R] economic collapse and DURING the collapse and they now exist AFTERWARDS during the recovery. Now here is the KEY, so pay attention. However, in mimicing the rightwing echo chamber, YOU bring up that larger 'real' unemployment rate only for the period of Obama's recovery while you disingenuously try to compare that 'real' figure to the lower "official" unemployment figures that existed before and during the [R] economic collapse. In other words you and the Teatards proudly contrive to compare apples and oranges, and then screech in joy when you find that apples are not oranges. The intellectual approach in infantile.

"what has Obama done to help it so much?" #1) Whatever he did, it worked! From a sustained loss of approx ~500,000 jobs per month, to a sustained gain every month since soon after his inauguration. #2) the "what" of it was obviously his policies which differed markedly from those advertised by the [R] pr

3:16PM PST on Nov 8, 2013

Robby K. -- Well, that was an impressive display of back-peddling. Your commentary changes with the wind, which was the very subject of one of my earlier posts. You come out aggressively anti-liberal, anti-Obama, full of fear-mongering -- then when challenged enough, you change your stance, claiming you never realy had your original stance.

I do not especially care about the EXACT percentage of the American people who don't pay taxes, because that raw metric is misleading to the point of being FALSE for the many reasons that were discussed at the time Romney's disingenuous statement was made public (and then actually defended by the echo chamber!). My question to you, once again unanswered, was: do you know why that metric is misleading? I do not think that you do, for much the same reason that you bring up your disingenuous factoid about the unemployment rate......cont....

4:28PM PST on Nov 7, 2013

...You said before that Obama negotiated & the Republicans did not. I was referring to the most recent debt ceiling BS. Obama was adamant about not negotiating.

Again, I ask- why is all of this SO important to you in Djibouti?

4:27PM PST on Nov 7, 2013

Cletus- when you say to send my address so you can come "say it to my face," wielding the insults you do, it makes you sound childish. However, by "fight," I meant, it seems you're always looking for a keyboard fight. You will posting sources makes no difference- you'd just say they got it from the wrong source. How are you so sure your source isn't wrong? Just what IS the percentage that pays taxes? Some people continually say we're headed towards socialism. I do not. I make a comment & call it "vapid fearmongering." Keep going for that vocabulary award. I've complimented Canada's (socialistic) health care system many times in this thread. I'm well aware the US has many socialistic policies. Were it not for these, we WOULD be worse off now than in the 30's- starvation, bread lines, violence, etc, to make the 30's look fun. And I'm sure you know, our REAL unemp rate is ~14%. NOT 7.X%. So IF our economy were better than before, it's not noticeable & what has Obama done to help it so much?

And my non-responsiveness has nothing to do w/not being able to confront you. I just don't want to waste my time replying to your insults that get in the way of an exchange of information &/or ideas. I'm tired of posting in this thread, but several people, like Suba, who conducts herself professionally & politely, have continued, so I've continued b/c she makes more valid points & attempts to understand both sides as I am trying to do. You said before that Obama negotia

1:39PM PST on Nov 7, 2013

Sorry. Spelling. "chirlish" should be "churlish".

1:37PM PST on Nov 7, 2013

I have requested no fight, Robby K. I merely want you to take responsibility for what you say in your posts. When your catechisms are confronted and challenged with cogency, you panic to the point of becoming either NON-RESPONSIVE like a scared rabbit, DEFLECTIVE like a 3rd grader caught in the act, or so DEFENSIVE that you think people want to fight you. What a chirlish little pup.

The issue of the percentage (47% anyone?) who supposedly "don't pay taxes" was an inaccurate, intellectually disingenuous factoid when Romney and his handlers and FoxNews brought it up, and it continues to be so today for the same reasons. Do you even know what those reasons are? Pesky things, facts. Yet it seems some Teatards still haven't received the message...they are stuck in the rightwing echo-chamber and merely wish to parrot their masters no matter how wrong the masters have proven to be.

So yes indeed, that IS vapid fearmongering about socialism.

1:00PM PST on Nov 7, 2013

Anything else you'd like to say Cletus? Do you just have nothing else to do but come here & try & start fights? How much time do you spend on C2 per day? Is it like frequent flier miles to you? Will you win some kind of award at the end of this year for 'most frustrated, insulting, immature putz'? Your posts come across as childish tantrums, just begging for a fight. Again, why does someone from Djibouti care SO MUCH about US healthcare?

So basically, you're saying that since I mentioned socialism in regards to the ever rising rate of people not paying taxes (&/or benefitting from them) & the ever decreasing rate of people who DO pay taxes, that it's somehow "vapid fearmongering about socialism" & "sounds just like the mindless catechisms of the Teatards that you so strenuously claim to not be a part of. The level of stupidty and hypocrisy is absolutely amazing."

Your level of maturity (I mean, lack thereof) is absolutely amazing.

2:16PM PST on Nov 6, 2013

Then who wrote...."Obamacare is a TAX that no state HAS to pay!....we quickly near the point of 50% paying taxes & the other 50% not. Eventually, socialism runs out of $"?

**Someone** clearly has indiscerning fingers, operated by an un-careful brain, infused with an in-curious ideology. Once expelled, Tourrettes-like, the meaningless catechisms apparently are forgotten and then dis-avowed. A stark window back into 3rd grade intellectual aerodynamics.

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