GOP Convention: Water Pistols Are a Threat, Actual Guns are OK


Florida’s lax gun laws, as written by the National Rifle Association, will mean that water pistols are banned during the August Republican National Convention. But the concealment of actual guns is fine.

Tampa’s Mayor has produced a list of items that will be considered security threats during the week-long event.

The list runs from air pistols to water pistols and also includes items such as masks, plastic or metal pipes, hair spray, mace, placards and string more than six inches long.

The city is proposing a ‘clean zone’, which has drawn rallies about the wide restrictions on protesters over a large area, but “if we’d tried to regulate guns, it wouldn’t have worked,” said City Attorney Jim Shimberg.

The city cannot put actual firearms on a ‘security threat’ list because state law bans local governments from placing any restrictions whatsoever on the carrying of guns in public spaces.

Guns will be banned from the security zone the Secret Service will set up around the convention site, but not immediately outside that perimeter. So protesters cannot wield a piece of wood larger than a ruler but they can carry a concealed handgun.


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Mary Beth M.
Mary Beth M.4 years ago

Yep! Fits right into the GOP mindset. Right along with legitimate rape, forcible rape and promotion and justification of dog fighting and blood sports (thank you, Steve King, for that gem). They should be running on the platform of "servants of our own party" not "servants of the people" - I mean, just who is that wacko?
Just file this under: "Just When You Think You've Heard It All". Yep, I'm checking out the front door for those flying pigs...

LMj Sunshine


LMj Sunshine


Christopher Fowler

I trust a person with a watergun before I would trust a right wing extremist with a .45.

Lisa Quattrochi
Louise S.4 years ago

A people living in mortal terror contemplating when and where the next gun massacre of innocents will occur is not freedom

Thomas H.
Thomas H.4 years ago

Jeez, I hate it when Care2 doesn't warn of a truncation ....

As I was saying, this right wingnut talk show hosts advocates for a return of only land owners being granted the right to vote. Everyone else just shut up and eal with whatever the land owners tell you to do or not to do. Period. There is no Democracy in their world view, only some vague idea of a "Republic". Fine. But they have no problem trampling the rights of others vested with the same voting rights as they enjoy, all the while wailing about the loss of THEIR "freedoms". He does not lament the fact that only 30% or so of the electorate actually votes. Rather, he and many of his ditto heads rejoice in those statistics. This talk show host says that only 10-20% of the populace should have the right to vote. And they must be "land owners" as in colonial times. These nut cases HATE Democracy. And you cannot change their minds. They are so entrenched in bigotry and hate, that's all they have left. Surround and contain these intellectual dinosaurs because the courts will not do it. We are on our own.

Thomas H.
Thomas H.4 years ago

After noting and tommenting on this article, I gleaned a little well-hidden info from comments on a pro-gun web site forum. First, they hate "liberals", even though it is not clear just what their definition of "liberal" is. (For example, "liberals", if they profess to be pro-choice are automatically and often wrongly equated to "pro-abortion"; they see no grey area whatsoever.) The snide remarks against "liberals" are quite frequent, and their disdain for politicians anywhere left of the Newtster is a "liberal". They loved Santorum. They hate Romney. Until he cajoles their masses at a woefully under-attended campaign stop. They hate taxes (but they don't mind receiving services from fire fighters and driving on my taxed highways, collecting Socialist Security or taking gubmint money in general. They think that anyone not a Republican is out to get them; yes, they are as paranoid as one can get. They hate abortion and anyone who counsels potential abortion patients, but they could care less for the life of an adult being executed by the Gubmint. Of course, their facts are nothing of the sort; they spew whatever talking points are spoon-fed them by ALEC-aligned pols and pundits. I mean, come on, how much imagination do you think they have?

The real eye-opener came from a comment by one right-wing nut "moderator" of a forum thread. This retired Air Force vet (so he enjoys his own special Universal Healthcare) and current talk show host (yes, a right wing talk show host) advo

Sheri Schongold
Sheri Schongold4 years ago

No one ever said these jokers had any brains or any brains that function.

Karen Friedman
karen Friedmn4 years ago

When I first heard this ,I really had to laugh, "strap your six shooter on" for the convention of a lifetime, but check your water pistols at the door. Now does anyone wonder why they have no sane person running for office. They are the party of the far out right nuttiest people on the planet.

Andrea MacDonald
Andrea MacDonald4 years ago

So, let them carry their guns. And when someone gets shot maybe that will be a lesson for them. Or maybe not.