GOP Endorses Arizona-Style Immigration Policies

The GOP announced late on Tuesday that it wants to push for Arizona-style immigration policies as an official party plank. The new plank as reported by Arizona Central reads, “state efforts to reduce illegal immigration must be encouraged, not attacked.” The new plank will be presented at the Republican National Convention.

That simple, short sentence holds a whole lot of dynamite. The man behind the newest addition to the GOP platform is Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who urged the addition of the immigration policy to be reinstated. It had been part of the 2008 Republican platform but had not been officially added until last week at Kobach’s incessant urging.

This newest version of the plank includes a mandate that says government funds should be withheld from universities that allow undocumented immigrants to pay in-state tuition. Furthermore, “sanctuary cities” that do not enforce new immigration laws will be denied federal funds.

The new plank even demands that current lawsuits against immigration laws throughout the United States be withdrawn. This policy means that SB 1070, the Arizona bill that allows law enforcement to ask for papers from anyone they stop in Arizona, often based on racial stereotypes and discrimination, would be given free reign. Arizona Central points out that this past June, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the portion of SB 1070 that allows law enforcement to ask for papers from people they suspect are undocumented.

Some surprising personalities have joined on the band wagon regarding the strict immigration policies of the GOP. Right Wing Watch notes that Samuel Rodriguez of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference has joined the ranks of the GOP. Although this political leader has been trying to garner votes from Latino voters and has also tried to tone down the GOP stance on immigration, it appears he will side with Republicans at the end of the day. He will even share the stage with Sheriff Joe Arpaio at the RNC. Arpaio is most commonly known for his draconian detention policies in Arizona.

As Right Wing Watch sums up:

It appears that for Rodriguez, helping the GOP is more important than opposing anti-immigrant policies and activists. Rodriguez is scheduled to share the spotlight at the Republican National Convention with none other than Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Arpaio has been in national headlines for many months and faces a number of serious charges regarding his civil rights records. Sheriff Arpaio’s most recent fiasco involved arresting a 6-year-old that he demanded should be deported from Arizona. Jan Brewer and Joe Arpaio, the main political organizers of anti-immigration policy in Arizona, have become icons of merciless attacks on undocumented people in the state.

Just this year, a local Arizona woman was arrested and kept in jail for over four months because officials refused to believe she was a citizen, even though she was. The GOP apparently finds this model of immigration policy appealing and highly effective, which isn’t very surprising considering the rest of the planks they stand upon, especially the constitutional ban on abortion.

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Michael G.
Michael G.4 years ago

The GOP is set to become irrelevant and extinct like the whig party. They are so backwards its not even funny. I know their "base" is mostly made up of older white folks whose grandparents probably still have fresh memories of the time of slavery.

Jean P.
Jean Potts4 years ago

Arizona's immigration law is --- our NATIONAL LAW concerning illegal immigration. The 'NATIONAL" law is not being enforced! The States SHOULD be able to back up and support a law that is legal and protects our country from illegal entries.. What is there about this that you people do not understand?

Michael G.
Michael T.4 years ago

Well Paula it looks like we may be at a draw with twitter accounts on both sides, and grant you that one. But even more importantly I found that again you are using the very biased and untrustworthy dailycaller again. Then you supported your statement about the Welfare issue with a second site called Slate which if you spent the time to read the article you would have found that they began to lose some of their negativity by the end of the piece. ON TOP OF THAT PAULA, I found a host of other sites that really turn over your assertions as the flawed bylines they are.
A Mitt Romney TV ad claims the Obama administration has adopted “a plan to gut welfare reform by dropping work requirements.” The plan does neither of those things.
• Work requirements are not simply being “dropped.” States may now change the requirements — revising, adding or eliminating them — as part of a federally approved state-specific plan to increase job placement.
• And it won’t “gut” the 1996 law to ease the requirement. Benefits still won’t be paid beyond an allotted time, whether the recipient is working or not.

Paula M.
Paula M.4 years ago

Michael G., what does your comment have to do with this news article?

As far as the despicable crime of twitter-follower-purchasing is concerned, it appears that the President also has something to answer for:

As for the controversy surrounding the Obama Administration’s announcement that it can waive work requirements I think that the article by Mickey Klaus that Glen Kessler cites and the article by David Weigel that links from that do a good job of explaining why the President’s power grab is outrageous:

Washington Posts’s fact check is not an unbiased source, as this case shows. I fault Kessler for failing to understand how this analysis provides factual support for Mitt Romney’s characterization of the ultimate consequences of the Obama Administration’s policy.

Michael G.
Michael T.4 years ago

HEY Steve R!!! Paula!!!

Exciting News about Romney!!!!

A must read!!!

Mitt Romney Campaign Busted Buying Hundreds of Thousands of Facebook LIKES and Twitter Followers

Also, a couple of great links you are sure to find entertaining

Michael G.
Michael T.4 years ago

As it also happens, your claim remains dubious and debatable. Your past record really doesn't support your claim either.

Paula M.
Paula M.4 years ago

As it happens, Michael G., I do know when a statement requires no refutation.

Michael G.
Michael T.4 years ago

Wrong again as usual Paula. It is a trash biased rag that needs no refutation.
You of all people should know better.

Paula M.
Paula M.4 years ago

Michael G., I notice that while you attempt to discredit Daily Caller on the basis of an opinion article written by an outside contributor you do not actually comment on the merits of the report, which is sourced to the House Judiciary Committee.

I suspect that this is because you cannot deny the truth of their claim: that the Obama Administration has been cooking the books to inflate its deportation numbers and that viewed objectively deportations have decreased under the Obama Administration's management.

JT Smith4 years ago

Steve R, the Latino woman who was arrested and held in jail in AZ for being an illegal immigrant, never mind that she is in fact a US citizen, [] would completely differ with you as to just who they're clamping down on.