Budget Cuts Take Aim at the World’s Poor

Over the weekend, the House approved more than $60 billion in budget cuts from hundreds of federal programs. Unfortunately, some of these cuts threaten the health and survival of the world’s most vulnerable.

Setting a budget — and living within one’s means — is always difficult. But cutting back in areas of human health and basic survival borders on irresponsible. Rather than facing up to the hard choices (I mean, hello, Congress, you still think we should spend millions in taxpayer dollars on NASCAR?), they’re trying to put band-aids on the gaping wound of the U.S. deficit.

Poverty-fighting, cost-effective programs — which make up less than one percent of the US budget — were gutted. Programs that save lives by fighting AIDS, malaria and hunger were cut by 40%. Programs that promote long-term economic growth were cut up to 30%.

These cuts are more than just numbers. If approved by the Senate, these cuts will have a real impact on the men, women and children who need these programs to survive. The budget cuts to the Global Fund alone would keep 10 million malaria bed nets from being delivered to malaria prone communities, prevent 3.7 million people from getting tested for HIV and deny 400,000 new patients from getting life-saving anti-retroviral treatments.

As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wrote earlier this week, cuts of this size will be “devastating to our national security, will render us unable to respond to unanticipated disasters and will damage our leadership around the world.”

While it may be easy to think the errors of the House will be fixed in the Senate, there is a building pressure inside the Senate to let the cuts pass. With 23 Senators facing reelection in 2012, voting to restore these cuts can feel pretty risky.

So as the budget debate rolls off into the Senate, raise your voice and support the Senators who see the value of life-saving programs as key to American leadership and long-term national security.

Take action: tell your senators to not budget cut the poor.


Terry Wheeler
Terry Wheeler1 years ago

Like Mike H. said take the money wasted on guns et al and our social problems would be solved.

mike hall
toto che handala1 years ago

Give me the $ the usa spends on its militarism in one year and i fill every belly, i will house every homeless soul, i could clothe every person in this country and still have enough to offer free healthcare,education and solace every need....

mike hall
toto che handala1 years ago

every minute of everyday the usa spends over 1 million on militarism but to feed its poor it has not enough $? BS

mike hall
toto che handala1 years ago

every aircraft carrier could have fed millions

mike hall
toto che handala1 years ago

every tank could have housed a hundred homeless

mike hall
toto che handala1 years ago

every gun could have been a bag of groceries

mike hall
toto che handala1 years ago

every bullet is a loaf of bread

Angela J.
Angela J.2 years ago

Thank you.

Nancy Crouse
Nancy Crouse2 years ago

There is a concerted effort by a consortium of billionaires to "starve" out the poor in this world. The reasoning is that the world is overpopulated and the planet would be better "managed" with fewer (NOT less) people on this globe!
The people who run these countries on this planet always serve those whom have the larger bank accounts. Why would you support people whom are unable to donate the millions of dollars needed to run a campaign? Give the 1% the much wanted laws which serve them well and screw the poor, disenfranchised and those whom are in real and dire need of our help!

Peggy A.
Peggy A.2 years ago

So sad!