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OK Care2 members, let’s talk about the debt deal and the future — or the past that led up to it.  Has the president been steamrolled?  Are the Tea Partiers nuts?  Was the president trapped and unable to act otherwise?  Are the Tea Partiers committed patriots with a different point of view and incomparable determination?  Do you just wish they’d get back to work on the issues that haunt us?   Maybe we can make some sense of this — or at least of where we all stand.  And… go!

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Ajeet Singh M.
Ajeet Singh M.5 years ago

I feel strongly & share with you that it is high time for the US Leadership to adopt THE KHALSA soldiers from PUNJAB , INDIA . They form the TINNY MINORITY of the world & had appeared on the planet as TOP LEVEL PLEASURE OF GOD/LORD JESUS CHRIST . This decision will reduce the budget drain on defense of USA . Additionally it will guarantee safety against terrorist attacks as well since it has affected the psychic of ordinary citizens of USA .The khalsa members of the ARMY were of tremendous support to BRITISH ARMY during 1st &2nd world war .US Leadership is the fairest in the world & the people at global admire of it , since it has earned it in a period of 239 years. I feel proud of the US PEACE CORPS Volunteers who came to my town INDORE, INDIA in 1967-68 , while I was in engineering college. US Leadership has partially agreed & accepted the SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP of GURU GRANTH SAHIB JEE (THE SIKH SCRIPTURE ) . I feel if WHITE HOUSE allows a few more khalsa community ( say 5 million only ) , to work in USA , it is guaranteed that debit crisis will vanish from USA . After all , we all understand as intellectual minds that debit crisis is only a man made crisis of super brains of THE RICHEST CLASS.. This is the light of TRUTH as I perceive ....with GOD'S LOVE.......Formerly Major , CORPS OF EME, INDIAN ARMY. .

Scott K.
Scott Keller5 years ago

Scott Keller says the debt crisis is both easy and hard to solve at the same time. The concept is easy. The hard part may be that we'd need to cooperation of a majority of the people (not Congress, but the people) to make it happen.

The truth is that we could enhance social security, lower the retirement age, make retirement cost free, eliminate the national debt completely, and much more, and do it quickly if we just understand the roots of the problems and are willing to deal with them. Much of it has to do with the fact that we don't have monetary sovereignty in the US. Many countries don't at this point in time but it's very obvious and disastrous here in the US. Make the politicians talk about it. Force the debate by forcing them to debate with someone who understands these issues and is willing to state the truth for the record and for the people.

Grace Adams
Grace Adams5 years ago

During an economic downturn, when there is already a lot of unused capacity is NOT the time to be trying to pay down the national debt. The time to pay down the national debt is when the economy is booming making it desirable to cool it down a bit. Most people would rather be given a job to do to keep them busy and out of mischief earning a modest living doing something constructive. A good way to inject money into the economy is with an employer of last resort program. Most firms that use a lot of minimum wage labor measure the productivity of those workers. Maybe half of those who are willing and able to work can be placed in subsidized jobs in the free enterprise sector. Give the employer two weeks free trial followed by the federal government making up the difference between the worker's measured productivity and the minimum wage. Most of the rest of those willing to work can be placed in community service type jobs with either non-profit organizations or some level of government. A few will be such clods that they can't be placed in any work environment, often because they can't get along with other people. Those few need SSI disability pensions.

Mary B.
Mary B.5 years ago

Thanks for the comment Britin. I've never heard of Heinlein. Is it good to drink?The way I get info is to see what is needed and then ask myself, what works. Then stay alert to what comes to me by way of 'ah ha' moments, articles, ect.Then it just evolves from there as I ask more questions. Right now, it is so obvious that what is needed is for money to be given to the lower and middle classes.And it doesn't need anything to back it, it just needs to be kept in circulation. The present value could remain the same.So far the biggist objections I've heard are the usual "but just printing money causes inflation". Well if it wouldn't cause inflation in the form of a paycheck, why would it in the form of a government stipend?It's a means of exchange , that's all.And the other biggy is, "You mean, just GIVE people money they haven't WORKED for!" I guess they're afraid they'l turn into lazy slugs if somebody isn't snapping a whip . The recipient of the money could care less if you worked for the money or found it in the street just as long as you pay your bills, and they can pay their bills with it turn.We all have more than enough stuff. It's the necessities that keep going up and that's a wasteing resources problem, not a printing more money problem.And this wasteing stuff problem is a rich person thing, that's why I say, let them pay down the debt with their excess money. The rest of us are tapped out.

Britin J.
Past Member 5 years ago

Mary B; Do I detect a hint of Heinlein? Your ideas have merit, though I imagine many will poke holes into them. If it's any consolation, I am totally on board with it!

Mary B.
Mary B.5 years ago

Stop expecting things that worked before to work again. Too many new variables.Economic theories based on ever increasing growth were designed for the industrial era.
Stop expecting jobs to be 'created' so that you can get money to people so they can take care of themselves. Send out stipends to everybody every month in an amount that allows them to live reasonably. Do this in stead of giving money to the banks, hoping they'll lend it. We need to take responsibility for managing our own money supply. I am not taking about a hand out here, I'm talking about a new way to distribute money. Let the wealthy keep what they have, after they have paid down the debt, then collect taxes only on goods and services, not income.
We own the printing presses and this country belongs to us, not private corporations.The rich have failed to manage the money supply in a responsible manner that takes their fellow creatures and the health of the Earth into consideration, and the far right can't tell the difference between the duties of a government budget and a household plan.Neither of these groups can be allowed to rule.
Seriously consider that everything you think you know about how finances have to work could be propaganda put out by the global banks, and not some Divine cosmic principal.

Laura Piechutzki
Laura piechutxki5 years ago

If you want to solve the debt crisis, Buy long as the people spend their money on products from other countries there can be less and less jobs in America. Sam Walton started Walmart with the credo Made in America. He must be rolling over in his grave.
America produces better quality for lower prices than the foreign markets , it's just harder and harder to find American made.
The government can't solve this problem, just us, insist on American made whenever possible, even if you have to wait a few weeks .
Good luck to us all.
Laura Farley

Conrad Borovski
Conrad Borovski5 years ago

Bravo, Harry van Veen. You're not the only one who's sane in Amsterdam. Our bad luck here in the U.S. is that Bush destroyed what was left of democracy, and Murdoch eliminated truthful information, so the poor Americans are uninformed, undereducated, fearful ignoramuses, very religious but opposed to science, even to logic, and our good President wants to be re-elected and thinks he must play along with the enemies of the people now… No HOPE, no CHANGE, just $700 billion a year for the wars that cannot end because terrorism is everywhere (and within the USA as well, for this is the most violent country on this sad planet). Can any God help us?

myra d.
myra d.5 years ago

I'm praying.

myra d.
myra d.5 years ago

All of the above. It's time that some of the pain gets shared by the corporations and the billion, yes billionaires. There is a solution but everyone has to "get with the program". Just like a war. We need to save our country, our planet. We need to be on the right side of the problem. As I typed before, we are dancing on the edge of a sword. It's possible but only if the priority isn't getting re-elected or "being the star" or whatever the latest flavor ego is dressed in.