Grateful Skunk “Thanks” Woman Who Saves Him

We at The Great Animal Rescue Chase hear from all kinds of everyday animal lovers who intervene on behalf of companion animals and wildlife facing danger. †We were so taken by today’s simple story about one woman’s quick thinking and courage that saved the life a skunk. † For too long this species of animal has been feared and often hated. ¬†Bravo to Patricia for understanding that black and white can be a good thing!

By Patricia Akers of Colorado

In 1998 when I lived in San Diego and worked very early in the morning, I was just driving away from my apartment, still pitch-black early, †and I noticed something in the middle of the road before my headlights, but couldn’t quite make it out. † As I drove closer, I noticed a skunk attempting over and over to get a yogurt cup off of his mouth/nose by scratching his face. † After watching him for about 5 minutes, I pulled my car to the curb, got out and immediately reached for the cup with a quick yank which I thought would get it off, but I had to yank harder the next time to get the cup released. † Now the cup is off in my hand, and we’re both standing there staring at each other for what I thought was a long time! †I’m thinking “please don’t spray me,” but didn’t move an inch. †He was just telling me “thank you” and he sauntered off into the darkness.

From that day on, I always cut up my yogurt cups with scissors so this atrocity won’t happen to another animal, and there may not be a human there to help him. †Also cut up anything with scissors that looks like it may endanger animals in the wild where so much of our garbage ends up all the time. †Cut up those 6-pack plastic holders too.

Do You Rescue Too?

In the space of time it takes a raindrop to roll down your cheek, a life-changing decision is made. You either turn sorrowfully away from an animal in distress or summon the courage to run forward and help. For all you runners out there, †come on over and visit The Great Animal Rescue Chase and join us in a planet-wide race to save 1 million suffering animals who are about to learn the spectacular meaning of second chances.

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Nancy Hatcher
Nancy Hatcher2 years ago

What a wonderfully selfless act that was!

This story should also encourage people to rinse out and recycle plastics as well as cutting them up to be less dangerous to our smaller companions on this earth.

Jelca Bruigom
Jelca Bruigom4 years ago

You'r appreciated and thank you for sending the tip around.

Cheryl B.
Cheryl B.4 years ago

thanks for being a hero

richa blue akasha
Raiin Blue4 years ago

thank you for saving precious lives

richa blue akasha
Raiin Blue4 years ago

thank you for saving precious lives

Julie van Niekerk

The rescue stories give me hope!

Kim P.
Kimberly P.4 years ago

thank you

Christine A.
Christine A.5 years ago

This is a wonderful story as is the other story of the skunk with the jar stuck on his head. Another very dangerous 'habit' people have is leaving a can lid partially attached to the can. this is an accident looking for a place to happen. Once an animal puts its head into the car it cannot pull its head back out. A terrible trap. I saw my daughter-in-law leave the lid on the can she was opening and as diplomatically as I could I mentioned what could happen to wildlife if they found the intriguing smelling can. It had never even entered her head that it could cause such a problem. She was grateful for the warning though as she loves animals too.

Carole R.
Carole R.5 years ago

Thanks for helping this poor little skunk. He was probably so scared. I know he appreciated it and so do I.

Beth Davis
Beth D.5 years ago

I am so glad she stopped to get that cup off his head! Not many people would do that with a skunk. I always cut up my 6 pack plastic and rubber bands too! I've seen what can happen with rubber bands to wildlife. But I never thought about those yogurt cups so thanks for the advice. I will cut everything up from now on.