Ha! NSA Is Concerned About Violating Snowden’s Privacy

Hey, did you hear the one about the secret governmental spy agency that is pretending to care about your privacy?

Sadly, it’s not a goofy joke your father might tell you at the dinner table. It’s real. The NSA, the same covert surveillance agency that was exposed for spying on the American public at large, is declining to share documents that could very well incriminate itself. The agency’s excuse is that they are unwilling to compromise the privacy rights of a particular former employee.

Specifically, the information request is in reference to documents pertaining to renowned whistleblower Edward Snowden. Since the initial leaks, Snowden has faced criticism for publicly airing the United States’s dirty laundry rather than reporting the wrongdoing to the appropriate authorities. However, Snowden has maintained that he did complain about the NSA’s shady activities on multiple occasions to no avail.

Journalist Matthew Keys filed a Freedom of Information Act request to see if copies of Snowden’s work emails would confirm Snowden’s account. Alas, the NSA claimed that they were unable to release these relevant emails because doing so would infringe on Snowden’s right to privacy. “In balancing the public interest for the information you request against the privacy interest involved, we have determined that the privacy interests sufficiently satisfy the requirements for the application of the exemption.”

Okay, maybe it IS a joke. Suddenly the same agency that is now infamous for massive privacy invasions is drawing the line at sharing some documents that could very well implicate them for knowingly engaging in illegal activities. At the very least, it’s funny to discover in which instances privacy matters to the NSA.

Besides, the NSA didn’t have any trouble releasing an incomplete, potentially intentionally misleading portrayal of Snowden just weeks ago. In May, the NSA did release a single work email written by Snowden. This particular email did not show Snowden chastising the agency for unconstitutional behavior.

Snowden called the email the NSA previously released a “clearly tailored and incomplete leak.” He stands by the fact that he addressed his concerns, both written and verbally, with higher-ups many times, a claim the NSA continues to deny.

Although Snowden is no longer inspiring the headlines he once did, he’s still definitely generating news. Russian officials have stated their intention to extend this man-without-a-country’s asylum before it expires at the end of the month. Additionally, Snowden recently publicly disapproved of the United Kingdom’s draconian new pro-surveillance legislation.

Given how transparent Snowden has been throughout his exile, it seems likely that the NSA’s concerns for his privacy are motivated by self-interest rather than concern for Snowden’s rights.


Jim Ven
Jim Ven8 months ago

thanks for the article.

Brian Foster
Brian F2 years ago

Of course the NSA would never release the E-mails and incriminate themselves. They want to scapegoat Snowden, and criminalize him, even though the NSA illegally spied on Americans and the leaders of Germany and Brazil. Just like the real criminals Bush and Chaney will get away with murdering 140,000 Iraqis and 4,500 Americans in the Iraq war that was based on lies, the NSA will get away with their illegal spying. Criminalizing the whistle blower; like they did Manning, to cover their own illegal actions, is the normal American policy.

Michael T.
Michael T2 years ago

Some people Tamara, are as dense as can be.

They aren't protecting us from anything, except knowledge about what they are really doing and why they are doing it.

Michael T.
Michael T2 years ago

So true Simon. One always has to look for the motive and agenda behind the acts a person or an entity make.

What would be the agenda for NSA to not release the emails? The only reason would be to hide more truths they don't want the public to know.

Simon Tucker
Simon Tucker2 years ago

Surely if Edward Snowden waives his right to privacy (as if he hasn't been stripped bare by a hostile embarrassed government and a hostile media) there is no reason for the e-mails not to be released? They can always redact the name of his boss - and Snowden can fill us in on the details later.

Maria Teresa Schollhorn

Thank you.

Nikolas K.
Nikolas K2 years ago

this probably is why they will not release any emails Snowdens or others. makes sense its usually the computer crashed and files corrupted, or as in the 9/11 fiasco it was to bring down the CIA headquarters where 9/11 was planned, you know building 113 the third building that collapsed after it was reported as having been destroyed.

Nikolas K.
Nikolas K2 years ago

Hmmm just had a thought maybe whats happening in the ukraine at the moment was being discussed by the NSA as part of its pitch for global war to futher their interests and those who own them i.e. international banksters.

Nikolas K.
Nikolas K2 years ago

How can anyone trust those who think they are above the law and will kill fellow Americans to protect that belief. Snowden is a hero in my book as he put his life on the line to expose the corruption lurking under the shadow of protecting America. It organisations like this that are behind the problems in the Ukraine as the military industrial alliance will do anything to start a third world war, its no coincidence that this is the second malaysian airliner to meet with tragedy. This is just the continuing saga of lies till all hell breaks loose and the people in the streets will suffer while those who set the scene will be safley hidden in their secret bunkers in safe havens while the majority of humanity is destroyed. pearl harbour was a set up Vietnam was a set up, Korea was a set up when will people wake up to the NSA role in the hidden real agenda of war for profit.

heather g.
heather g2 years ago

A sad state of affairs....