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Health Care Discrimination Costs Women One Billion Dollars A Year [Video]

Health Care Discrimination Costs Women One Billion Dollars A Year [Video]

The Supreme Court is set to hear arguments next week over the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. On the eve of those arguments, the National Women’s Law Center issued a report and video highlighting the gains for women under health care reform and the fact that discrimination in health care costs women over $1 billion a year.

Thanks to health care reform over 20 million women with private insurance have received at least one preventative health care service without a co-pay or deductible; over 39 million women no longer face lifetime limits on coverage and approximately 2.5 million young adults gained health coverage because they can now stay on their parents’ plans longer.

Opponents of health care reform are trying to undo these gains and take away common-sense protections to literally millions of Americans. But we let them know that protecting women’s health care is critical to ensuring economic success for families all across this country.

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10:54PM PDT on Mar 26, 2012

Very Important Article and Dynamic Video.

1:53AM PDT on Mar 21, 2012

Continued....previous comment was cut short...
The Tax Court and the Appellate Court both affirmed that in their view there is NO connection between the benefits and the taxes; that we have to pay taxes because we are required to by law. This apparently is the necessary lead-in to our Government becoming the Enforcer I mentioned.

John Webster

1:45AM PDT on Mar 21, 2012

Susanne R., I whole-heartedly agree with you concerning your assessment of other things that doom democracy (money buying Government, etc.). I also completely agree with you on the damage that frivolous wars, and corporate and Wall Street bailouts do to the economy (paid through taxes and inflation). But it should also be noted that while Government’s primary job is in the protection of the Individual's Rights, things such as Healthcare are NOT Rights, but are only goodies that a Government might wish to offer to its citizens (if it could afford those, which it can't these days).

I might also add that because our Government was seduced by the major banks into thinking that its debt was of no consequence and therefore kept spending way beyond its means, those banks/lenders will shortly have a death grip control on our Government, where eventually ALL tax receipts will be utilized to pay the interest on that debt, with no money left to pay for ANY services at all to the public. And the Government will become the ENFORCER of that indebted servitude of its citizens.

In my personal experience, after a federal agency totally violated my Civil Rights, starting in 1998 I have refused to pay Federal Income Taxes. In Tax Court I claimed that the Benefits that we get from Government, and the taxes we pay Government are two sides of the same coin, and since my Rights were violated by a Federal Agency they gave up their right to tax me. The Tax Court and the Appellate Cou

9:39PM PDT on Mar 20, 2012

Continued....previous comment was cut short...
The Republicans have, without a doubt, declared a bizarre and irrational war on women. John, I don't know what your definition of "free goodies" is, but we all know what a "freeloader" is, and your condescension is noted. Basic health care, including reproductive health, is not a "goody." It's a necessity, and that's why most industrialized nations provide it to all their citizens. No one has the right to dictate any woman's reproductive choices, and interference with those choices is not acceptable because they're no one else's business. The hornet's nest has been kicked, and I think this issue will be a major factor in the upcoming elections.

9:17PM PDT on Mar 20, 2012

Excuse my posting, somehow it ended up on the wrong topic!!!!

9:15PM PDT on Mar 20, 2012

Re: "It has been said that Democracy is doomed when the People discover that they can vote themselves free goodies and make someone else pay the bill. The whole concept of "Tell our leaders that I will not be denied" is exactly that. Its telling our "Leaders" that they have our permission to FORCE others to pay for my Free Goodies (i.e. enslave them so I can be a Freeloader)."

I think Democracy is doomed when the the wealthiest among us are able to "buy" control of our government, and five members of the Supreme Court made that possible when they voted in favor of Citizens United. Corrupt politicians make that possible when they vote in favor of legislation that will benefit those who finance their campaigns.

I am a taxpayer. I've worked most of my life and will be paying taxes until the day I die. Did
I want my tax dollars spent on a war that was based on a lie, or on a second war that couldn't be won? Absolutely not! But I didn't have a choice. Do I want my tax dollars spent on filling the coffers of war profiteers --when I don't support those wars? Did I want to bail out the Wall Street bankers after they destroyed the lives of millions of families and ruined our economy? Do I want to help subsidize Big Oil? Do I want to continue to support these and other examples of corporate welfare when so many Americans are homeless, hungry, jobless and without healthcare --circumstances which, in many cases, were caused by corporations that receive corporate welfare?

The R

9:08PM PDT on Mar 20, 2012

Michael, in response re why many women get upset, it's all about the double standard. Publishing doctors names is putting a target on their backs as you said. The same could be true of the women if some looney gets hold of the names.Secondly, medical records are supposedly confidential.Would men want published that they have herpes or clap? I think not. It is misogynistic that the onus is always on the woman.SHE is at fault for being pregnant, SHE is at fault for seeking birth control, SHE is at fault for seeking to terminate a pregnancy but the fact is often ignored SHE alone has to go through 9 months of pregnancy with its inherent risks & sometimes SHE ends up being the sole provider & caretaker.SHE is told she should be ashamed for having sex but she didn't have it alone did she?Why are the names of the sperm donors not published? Why are they not made responsible for an unwanted pregnancy?Why are they not labelled as "loose" for impregnating a woman?Some women aren't "allowed" birth control usually for religious reasons & then are made to feel guilty if they seek an abortion.As with rape, the woman is made to appear a slut who asked for it & SHE is put on trial & made feel dirty although a victim.That is where the shame comes from! Everything is HER fault.The deck is always stacked against women & they are sick of it.

9:00PM PDT on Mar 20, 2012

Boo Hoo Hoo, you have to buy your own back flatting pills. Here, let me get my violin out.....See the two fingers rubbing together!

5:07PM PDT on Mar 20, 2012

It has been said that Democracy is doomed when the People discover that they can vote themselves free goodies and make someone else pay the bill. The whole concept of "Tell our leaders that I will not be denied" is exactly that. Its telling our "Leaders" that they have our permission to FORCE others to pay for my Free Goodies (i.e. enslave them so I can be a Freeloader).

First of all, Insurance is NOT the Liberal panacea of Spreading the Cost (of Healthcare or whatever), its function is to Replace the possible cost of something that might happen, with the Risk cost. So if an accident has a 30% chance of happening, you pay 30% (plus their profit) of what the cost would be. Everyone STILL pays their own way, and no one pays for anyone else's cost.

For this to work, the Insurance companies must be free to choose what they cover and what premiums they charge. The market forces will pressure them into serving their customers, but they will pass along the true costs of the Risks or they will go broke.

However Healthcare problem is NOT really something that lends itself to solving with Insurance anyway because the Risk of each of us dying is 100%. Health Savings accounts would work better. Where when the account is depleted we then have to depend on the Voluntary Charity of others.

John Webster

3:33PM PDT on Mar 20, 2012

Great video, signed the petition and passing
the link on to others...

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