Health Care Prevails: A Big “Thank You” to a New “Big Five”

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George Grandinetti

crud, it chopped a bunch of my comment.... ok... let me see if I can sum up:

Brother moved in with parents and bought their house so that they wouldn't have to worry about the bills. They could take the pay off and clear up outstanding debts, take care of some medical issues etc. The money was gone pretty fast. WELL... dad was diagnosed after this happened and mom passed about two months later. Oh good. Well, when dad got to where he needed 24/7 attention we found out that if his house had sold within 5 years that to get 100% coverage you still had to come up with the amount of the home sale. This started because of people "selling" a home to a family member, then gifting them the money so that they would have nothing that could be touched financially and get 100% coverage. SO, we have 3 years before they will consider his case. I get not wanting to get scammed, but we can show where the money went. They don't care.

George Grandinetti

Popped back in for a glance and saw a couple posts that I thought worth replying to :)

@ Tim R; Thanks for your comments, I think that looking for Pro Bono legal help might be a good idea, to be honest I hadn't considered that. No, I'm not a Right-wing troll... nor am I a left-wing anything for that matter. I don't subscribe to any particular political ideology because I have yet to find one that I can support in it's entirety! I don't look at party, left or right, etc., but each issue on it's own basis. I am VERY MUCH in favor of healthcare reform, but to a MUCH greater extent than this cluster f***... something simpler... something that makes sense. I would look to Canada, the UK, Sweden, etc. I would be 100% behind that. Actually, I think Sweden is a good model for most social programs... I love their healthcare, their housing and the fact that they require minimum 2yrs service in the military, police, fire dept. or their equivalent of the Peace Corps.

@ Sharon Beth; Dad isn't eligible for the coverage you mention for the stupidest of reasons (imo); He sold his home less than five years ago. I kid you not... if you have sold your home within 5 years, they want the money and will trace back every nickel of it. Doesn't matter if it is gone and where it is gone too (healthcare, etc.) They want the money or they want the house. What happened, in a nutshell; My parents were at a point where taking care of the house was too much. My brother moved in wi

Frances C.
Frances C.4 years ago

Wrong again Billie C.

Frances C.
Frances C.4 years ago

If the tea party Republican Governors of some states refuse to take the money, don't you think their citizens will rise up and bring their pitch forks to the state capitol to quickly cause those idiot Governors to change their minds? Believe me you will see those senors walking, running, and wheeling their chairs en Mass to convince them.

Sharon Beth Long
Sharon Beth Long4 years ago

In my opinion Roberts is acting this way because he was a strict constructionist. Congress voted on the law and there was not anything directly in the constitution to forbid its passage except the passage forcing states to expand their medicaid coverage and that was struck down. However, this worries me greatly. What about the folks who under the law were supposed to be covered by the expanded medicaid coverage and now will not be. These are the people who are deemed too poor to pay for even the subsidized premiums. Is this why websites are now saying that 25 million people will still not be covered (almost about a tenth of our country!) as opposed to the 15 million figure that was bounced around before?
Also, what will the story be with the undocumented?
As far as George G is concerned he might have been covered under the expanded medicaid coverage which has unfortunately been struck down. However, under medicaid rules now if his fathers' Alzheimer's is so severe that he needs full time care he would probably be eligible for nursing home placement under medicaid. Ironically this is much more expensive than for the state to pay George G adequately to care for his father. However, this is an option and would enable George G to return to work

Beth K.
.4 years ago

Lesa, define communism.

Frances C.
Frances C.4 years ago

Thanks for the health care reform to all who worked so hard. A special thanks to President Obama.

Frances C.
Frances C.4 years ago

Those who keep spouting Communist at every debate have nothing else, no other arguments or facts. There is no communism here nor does any one advocate for it.

Lesa P.
Lesa P.4 years ago

We just need people who are against communism that will fight for us that do not want it here in the USA.

Tim Raynor
Tim Ra4 years ago

@George - Have you considered finding "pro-bono" legal counsel to fight your situation? One thing is for sure in this country, if you feel you're getting the shaft, you can always seek legal help to remedy your dilemma. Nevertheless, if you really are being some right-wing troll promoting "anti-health care" reform, than why would you be against something that actually makes people responsible - thus being more self-sufficient as all Republicans aspire to?

Hard to tell where you stand, George, but if you really are going through the hell you're telling us, then it would be well advised to seek legal counsel just to see what difference you could make. If that is the case, than I'm all for helping you figure something out, but if you're on some "right-wing" agenda to fool us all, than don't expect any sympathy from anyone here. (I'm hoping you're the better guy on the honest side, because I see you're avatar is a guitar, and I have a Fender Start myself). ;-)