Heartwarming School Supplies Donation Reveals Dwindling Support for Education

In an act of supreme kindness, an anonymous woman from California recently donated enough school supplies for every student at an elementary school in Texas.

With more than 200 students, Rosebud Primary School serves families who can’t always provide their children with basic educational items. First grade teacher Kendra Lorenz told local KWTX that “our families struggle, that’s the nature of the beast around here, and that’s OK, we work together, we get what we need done.”

Lorenz says that the California donor had previously helped provide supplies for her class, but over the summer the individual requested the coming year’s supply list for the entire school.

It is hard not to find this act of kindness utterly heartwarming. Sadly, though, the story reveals an unfortunate truth: Families and schools in Texas — and elsewhere — are in such a difficult financial position that charity has become essential.

Given that the U.S. is one of the world’s wealthiest nations, why can’t American schools and families provide basic education materials for students?

In March, Texas legislators approved a new budget that would reorganize funding of the state’s public schools. Though supporters of the budget say it will increase overall money allocated for schools, it won’t necessarily impact the schools that need it the most — like those in the Rosebud-Lott Independent School District.

That’s because the state’s new budget puts greater burden on generating revenue through local taxes, rather than state taxes. Therefore, districts that serve wealthy families who own high-value properties –- the primarily source of local education funds –- will see their budgets expand, while poorer districts will be left behind.

Simultaneously, however, Texas legislators are working to pass bills intended to slash property taxes and business franchise taxes — both key to local education funding.

Public schools like Rosebud Primary aren’t getting a break when it comes to the federal budget, either.

President Trump’s administration has proposed to pull $9.2 billion in federal funds from public schools. In the formal proposal, officials justify the — drastic cut — 13.5 percent — to the federal education budget by claiming that little can be shown for previous budgetary funding increases since the 1980s. Essentially, they maintain, continuing down this path would simply be throwing good money after bad.

But this nobly stated rationale is disingenuous. While Trump insists that it is a fiscally responsible move to take money away from education, he has continued to push for the utterly unrealistic Mexico-U.S. border wall and, more recently, called for a major increase in troops in Afghanistan – both of which will cost far more than $9.2 billion.

Trump often boasts that the primary goal of his presidency is to promote American prosperity. But how will prioritizing warfare over well-funded education achieve this?

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The government should help.

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Freya H15 days ago

It is both sad and sickening that schools must rely on charity like this. We spend more and more and more on defense while our infrastructure crumbles and our schools churn out kids who don't know Jacques M*rde. We have the world's mightiest military, but can't provide our children with school supplies or even lunch.

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I cry! Our future, our beautiful children. SHAME ON you feds.

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If we are not willing to fund education (i.e., the future), then not much else matters. Most states use property taxes that are very stable for funding, but they are very unequal and provoke a lot of resistance and downward pressure. The federal government should return to revenue sharing as a means for more equitable funding of state and local government.

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