Helpful Tortoise Gets a Friend Back on its Feet (VIDEO)

In this inspirational video, one tortoise helps another get back on its feet. This is a beautiful example of cooperation in the animal kingdom — we could all learn something from these tortoises! (Of course, the human behind the camera probably would’ve intervened if tortoise-power had failed.)

Watch below:

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Photo credit: Peter Pearson (Creative Commons Share Alike)


donna m.
donna m.about a year ago

lucky to have a good friend nearby!

donna m.
donna m.about a year ago

we all need a little help now and again ;)

Jim M.
Jim M.about a year ago

friends, whatever would we do without them?!

Jim M.
Jim M.about a year ago


Dale O.

Friends are always there for you, a fabulous video.

Marianne R.
Marianne R.2 years ago

Wow - loved it

Jeanne Rogers
Jeanne Rogers3 years ago

OMG! The video with the Bill Withers song playing in the background has me in tears! I'm such a chump when it comes to all critters. Really nice video! Thank you!

PrimaAWAY B.
PrimaAWAY B.3 years ago

OMgosh.... Awwww. So incredible. He/she was like come on help me. It was so cute. So cute.


Duane B.
.3 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Sun F.
Judy K.3 years ago