Hercules (The Dog) Saves The Day

You have to love this story.

A southwest Ohio couple, who adopted a Saint Bernard to save him, said the dog returned the favor just a few hours later, saving their home from burglary.

Rubert and Elizabeth Littler adopted the 135-pound dog from the Highland County Dog Pound to help him get back to full health, so they could find him a permanent home.

The dog had been found, bloody and dehydrated, by hikers on Oct. 31, likely the victim of a coyote attack, according to a local veterinarian.

Ready For The Burglars’ Attack

Six hours after his adoption, the heroic canine repaid his new owners’ kindness when a dark-clothed thug broke into the couple’s house.

The man had cut the phone and cable lines running to the home of Rubert and Elizabeth Littler and had sneaked into their basement.

Mr Littler was taking Hercules outside for a walk when the dog began to growl, sensing the intruder that his master did not know was there. Hercules pulled away from Mr Littler and broke through the closed screen door.

“The guy must have just come up out of the basement when he heard me open the door. Hercules jumped off the back porch, over the stairwell, and I see this guy running toward the fence,’ he told the Times-Gazette in Hillsboro.

Hercules Chomped On The Burglar’s Ankles

As the intruder ran, Hercules was close on his heels. The burglar climbed over the fence and Hercules chomped down on one of the man’s ankles. The thug managed to break himself free and fled.

Police suspect the man could be a serial burglar. A person matching his description broke into an occupied home the night before.

Kudos to Hercules!

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Photo Credit: Lynette Johnson




Valentina R.
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See? Adpotion is good... for the dog AND for you!
Saint Berard rules, hope I'll have one someday.
Bravo Hercules!

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all animals are worth their weight in GOLD..great story

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Thanks ...great beautiful dog!

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