Holy Paycheck Unfairness, Bat Girl! [VIDEO]

Women have been making less than their male counterparts for decades, and unless we fight with our congressional leaders, we will continue to do so.  On November 17th, congress will once again vote on the issue, and businesses are banding together to fight equal pay for equal work.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce shares that sentiment. Mike Eastman, the Chamber’s executive director of labor law policy, told TheDC that the Chamber is concerned about the harm it will cause to American business.

“It’s a bill we really don’t like,” Eastman said, pointing to the onerous restrictions, regulations and potential for frivolous lawsuits he says the bill creates. “As a practical matter it is just one more thing that creates a disincentive to do business here in the United States. If you are looking at where to open a new business, it is going to be a factor.”

If you believe that pay should not be based on gender, it’s time to make your voice heard.  And if you don’t think it’s important now, Bat Girl has a few words to say to you…

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Charuwan Kangkagate

It's not fair.

Why shouldn't female get paid less than male for the same job? I don't understand.

Sheila N.
sheila s6 years ago

I think they pay as little as they think they can get away with whether that means sending jobs overseas or paying a woman less or any other applicant. That 21 cents is a marker of how far they are able to push women in salary negotiations compared with men.

Mary L.
Mary L6 years ago

Of course the Chamber of Commerce is against it. Pay more money? Horrors!

Teresa K.
Teresa K.6 years ago

noted with a chuckle for batgirl

Michael Cunningham

"because here in a petition site he does not sign petitions"

And where is the mandate that any petition be signed.
In fact what you are implying would make said "petition" worthless.

Heather G.
Heather G6 years ago

James S who claims to "wholeheartedly support equal pay for equal work" really thinks gender sterotypes are good justifications for paying women less.

1) Robin has been "employed" for a long time but Batgirl is a temp. She might leave to get married, or if her husband moves for his job she'll probably move too. And if she gets pregnant she'll be out for a couple months on maternity leave even if she wants to keep the job. Or maybe she already has children who she stayed home with to take of care of so she didn't enter the workforce when Robin did.

2) Robin needs to work to support himself (room and board) but since Batgirl has her room and board paid for by her father she doesn't need to earn a wage to live on, in fact she can even work for free!!

Kate Florio
Kate F6 years ago

I BELIEVE INTEGRITY IS THE KEY WORD HERE. yes, i agree w/ one of the comments that we develop a 'poverty mentality' and as a result, demand less from the workplace. though that mentality starts at home, integrity of the company is still the key word, in my opinion.

i believe that most of us want to work with a company w/ integrity - as individuals and as another company that might want to merge, or the like. the good, strong, honest ones are the ones who do the best, whether it be an airline company or a phone company. these companies, having integrity, probably treat their employees right, YOU DO THE JOB - YOU GET THE PAY!!!

in turn, the employees do a better job, seem more happy - to the general public and tend to spread their satisfaction by word of mouth. thus, THE COMPANY EARNS MORE MONEY!!!!!!
it's a win win situation ...sort of liken to the 'what goes around, comes around' idea!!!!

men who are smart and have a sense of confidence in their manhood, etc., will have that integrity and will devise a way to measure the quality of work in each employee, and then pay accordingly. these men are also able to look at the character of their employees, as opposed to their outside interests, such as strip clubs (as in 'the associate' - w/ whoopi goldberg)!

i admire these men and i would work for them or with them any day, & if i were the boss, i would hire them - I WOULD PROBABLY WALK AROUND W/ A SMILE OF CONTENTMENT - MERELY BECAUSE OF THEIR INTEGRITY!

Daniel B.
Past Member 6 years ago

I believe that a person should be paid accordingly for thier qualifications and job performace regardless of gender, creed, religion or social statis. If you are not pulling your weight or you're not that good at your job you should expect to be paid less than those who do, again, regardless of gender, creed, religion or social statis. Equality for ALL means just that !

Rooibos Bird
IE Ries6 years ago


Did it ever occur to you (or Mike Eastman) that institutionalized discrimination isn't good for individuals, society or even business?

No? Really?

Giving everyone the same pay doesn't translate into loss for someone else. Or at least, it wouldn't if employers were paying everyone at the same rate for the same position TO BEGIN WITH.

It's interesting that you claim treating 50.2% of the working American population equally and paying them at the same rate of pay you would receive suddenly somehow equates to "discrimination" against you. How do you arrive at the supposition?

"Business" has been whining the same 'ole, same 'ole for years, but paying people of different RACES equal pay didn't hurt anyone, in fact, it helped socially and economically. But you're claiming that continuing to discriminate against 50.2% of the population means that you are somehow spared in some way from the same discrimination? Huh??

If your daughter/sister/neice/aunt/mother took out a student loan to get an education and then got hired to work at a company but only got 78% of the pay her male colleague got for doing the same work, it's going to take her a lot longer to pay off her loan and it's going to adversely impact her family, too.

Still think it's "fair?"

Rooibos Bird
IE Ries6 years ago

"“As a practical matter it is just one more thing that creates a disincentive to do business here in the United States."

So, what are we, China?? It's acceptable to pay someone less money to do the same job on the basis of the fact that she has a vagina?

I thought this was illegal...oops, wait...it's only illegal if a person gets paid less because of their race. Apparently, it's still acceptable to cheat and exploit people because of their sexual anatomy, though.