Hope for the Pigs (Cute Video!)

A discovery last week of nearly 1,000 dead pigs abandoned in August, left to die of starvation at a Fulton County, Pa., farm has come as a shock to many.

In light of horrors such as this, we must keep in mind the work of dedicated animal activists who strive to put an end to the misery so many animals endure on a daily basis.

Farm Sanctuary is a dedicated animal protection organization that has been involved in the rescue of thousands of animals throughout their 24-year history. With two farm locations — Watkins Glen, N.Y., and Chico, Calif., — they give a permanent home to these animals to live out their lives free of abuse and very full of love.

Below is a video of Sprinkles and Tim. Sprinkles, a piglet rescued from a factory farm, arrived at the sanctuary malnourished and traumatized. Tim, the runt of his litter, was abandoned and facing premature death until he found refuge here. The two bonded within moments of meeting, grew into happy, healthy pigs and remain best friends.

You can also give hope to the pigs and put an end to the suffering of other innocent animals by maintaining a plant-based diet and choosing a lifestyle free of animal exploitation. Go vegan.

photo credit: http://mrg.bz/SVhgbi


LMj Sunshine

Silly little pigs, thank you Farm Sanctuary, and for this wonderful article.

LMj Sunshine

Silly little pigs, thank you Farm Sanctuary, and for this wonderful article.

Raynor A.
Raynor A5 years ago

I love Pigs and all animals-I do not eat Pork or Red Meat! Thanks for sharing this wonderful story!

DENISE B5 years ago

What a delightful video - this is how pigs should be allowed to live.

Diane S.
Diane S5 years ago

They are just beautiful ! How could people want to eat pork :(

Past Member
Past Member 5 years ago

The piggies are so precious and beautiful!!! How can anyone harm them?? Please watch http://www.chooseveg.com/animal-cruelty.asp?gclid=CKPG4ouq8qUCFRxqgwodC2jhoQ and http://www.peta.org/issues/Animals-Used-For-Food/default.aspx and go vegan.

Elizabeth P.
.5 years ago

Many cheers to Farm Sanctuary -- as usual!

Julie D.
Julie D5 years ago

Cheering to read of the work of Farm Sanctuary.

Past Member
VANNA R5 years ago

I wish to have a farm with rescued animals too.
They are adorable ! All animals are beautiful :)

anne r.
Tom R5 years ago

Horray for Farm Sanctuary! Lucky Pigs will live a great life. Pigs are very intelligent animals. I have given up meat and am vegetarin now and healthy. More people should consider giving up meat or eating meat only one day a week. They should not have to raise pigs in factory farming. Responsible local farms with grass/sunlight access on limited scale would be great for them and everyone.