House GOP Budget Bill Has Abortion Funding Ban

On Tuesday House Republicans passed a spending bill that once again targets poor women in the District Columbia by maintaining a ban on government-funded abortions.

The budget bill prevents the city from using its own taxpayer money to pay fund abortion services for low-income women. The ban on this kind of funding has been in place every year that Republicans have controlled the House since 1994. It’s a controversial measure and reflective of the generalized paternalistic approach House Republicans take towards the residents of DC.

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) said in a statement Tuesday that she was pleased that the bill funded “most of her top priorities” and vowed that she and a coalition of outside groups would fight to have the abortion provision removed before the final legislation becomes law.

“We are deeply disappointed that the introduced version of the fiscal year 2013 D.C. appropriations bill again includes the D.C. abortion rider, but with help from the coalition and the District’s friends in the Senate, we will fight back against that rider,” Norton said.

With all these direct and targeted abortion restrictions for women in DC I can’t think of a better argument for granting the District its own representatives with voting power. It’s also a microcosm of the paternalistic approach House Republicans take with all matters relating to women’s health–control, criminalize and coerce women and providers until women can no longer control their own reproductive destinies.

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Evelyn M.
Evelyn M.4 years ago

green stars to everybody except Steve R, John M & Sarah R. These three just don't get it.

Duane B.
.4 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Lynn Squance
Lynn Squance4 years ago

As I understand the law, it is illegal to use federal tax money to fund any abortion, which is why Planned Parenthood can receive federal health funding because their abortion services, 3% of their total services performed, are funded by private funds. So, if the District wants to use their own tax dollars, not federal tax dollars, why shouldn't they be able to?

And further, how is it that the District of Columbia does not have its own representatives with voting power? It would seem that the people who live in the District are being taxed without representation! Wasn't that part of the issue that instigated the original Boston Tea Party?

These bloody idiots, the Republican/Teabaggers and their compatriots, the Klu Kux Kristians, need to become thinking, feeling human beings that actually care about the welfare of ALL Americans.

Vote Democrat 2012!!!!! Vote Obama/Bidden 2012!!!!!

Barbara S.

The Republicans want the women out of the jobs, out of the Congress and the Senate, stopped from voting their consciences, and back in the kitchens... pregnant, dependent upon men, raising the kids and cleaning their houses. The less women can say and do, the happier they are. They hide behind the babblings of the religious Right Wingers because without their input and contributions, the GOP wouldn't be nearly as powerful.

Women, it's up to us, and the few literate, sane men who know that behind every powerful man is a strong, well-informed woman... and most of us work, too, so that our lives are better for the families.

Beth Davis
Beth D.4 years ago

This constant propaganda is making me very angry. It's unnecessary as well. There is and has been a law on the books forbidding tax payer money to fund abortions. This is seriously an attack on womens freedom. All the while they scream about pro life and in my opinion, what you decide with your life and your body is YOUR business and no one elses! They cry smaller govt and then push these bills that would require a major increase in govt. to 'watch' each pregnancy to get the desired outcome. Congress should have to adopt all these unwanted children, that wouldn't be there with access to contraceptives and information.

Pat B.
Pat B.4 years ago

Why is a medical issue a moral problem? You don't want your tax dollars to go to provide abortions, right? Well where's your moral objection to funding war, which kills a whole hell of a lot more people than were ever aborted. The GOP wants to give the military MORE money, several billion more in fact. Are you happy with that?

And if you look at many of these bills closely, it's not just abortion they oppose, it's contraceptives and family planning they object to as well. Remember, they're going to defund family planning, which is more about helping poor women get access to decent medical care and their families. I don't know why people believe that hogwash the GOP sells. Planned Parenthood is not about destroying lives, it's about giving women choice - and personally I'd rather see contraceptives than have to seek out an abortion. Yet they don't see it that way. Why? Because they don't want women being out of the house, in school, learning how to be successful without men having to support them.

Have you ever noticed, people with money don't have as many kids as poor people do? Why do you think that might be?

Vivianne Mosca-Clark

The dishonesty of this congress is way out there.
They will not pass the debit bill unless the rider is connected? It sounds to me like they are holding hostage the American economy for a chance to put women in another tuck away.
It is hared for me to believe out far out ,and out of touch these people are, that is running our government.

Pat B.
Pat B.4 years ago

Why would they kill off the poor? They need bodies to work in their factories and mines. Somebody has to work at the fast food places and on the factory farms. You honestly don't think the wealthy are going to do any of that themselves, not when they have a compliant, desperate population that will do anything to keep a job or get one. Remove minimum wage, and Americans can learn what it's like to earn a dollar a day, like people in the rest of the world.

If anything, the rich would want more people. The more people, and the fewer jobs then you have them by the short hairs. And we can't forget the military. There are going to be a lot more wars in coming years as every one fights for diminishing resources. You need cannon fodder for that, and all those angry young men will be sent to fight and die so there aren't enough left at home to cause trouble. Why do you think they had work camps during the depression. The politicians and powerful men knew that if you leave thousands of young, unemployed men demanding work and food, they would rise up and try to take what they need, so they round them up and put them away.

Kasia Y.
Kasia Y.4 years ago

Congress has defrauded the American people and no longer represents them. Its time to occupy the house, imprison the Republicans, try them for crimes against the state and humanity and send them to death row. No more waiting.

Vivianne Mosca-Clark

The dishonesty of this congress is way out there.
They will not pass the debit bill unless the rider is connected? It sounds to me like they are holding hostage the American economy for a chance to put women in another tuck away.
It is hared for me to believe out far out ,and out of touch these people are, that is running our government.