How Do We Save the Environment Despite Trump? Take Him To Court

The Environmental Protection Agency under Donald Trump and Scott Pruitt has been a disaster for the environment, with the administration actively trying to strip away whatever regulations it can.

Fortunately, environmentalism still has a potential ally in the courts. After some shenanigans on the part of the EPA, the U.S. Court of Appeals declared this week that the agency was breaking the law by attempting to stall on some pivotal methane pollution rules.

Previously, Care2 explained why the methane rule is critical to curbing climate change (for starters, methane traps heat at about 30 times the rate of carbon dioxide) and explained the Trump team’s devious tactics to undermine these efforts.

Per the rules, energy companies must keep their greenhouse emissions under a certain limit and make the appropriate fixes to avoid exceeding this limit. Pruitt wanted to postpone the implementation for two years to “review” the policy, but nine out of eleven judges told the White House they had no grounds to drag their feet any longer.

Thank goodness for the environmental groups that collaborated to take this issue to court in the first place. The lawsuit will ensure methane emissions are limited sooner than later.

So, Lawsuits Then?

Bluntly, it’s shameful that concerned Americans have to literally sue the EPA into doing its job to protect the environment, but the current administration is essentially necessitating it. Since inaction is not a viable option for the health of this planet at this point, we’ll have to take them to court as often as it takes.

Heck, if the man who currently heads the EPA could sue the same agency over a dozen times in an effort to try to strip environmental regulations, surely Americans shouldn’t feel bad about filing lawsuits that seek constructive outcomes. Nothing personal, Pruitt, but we’ve got future generations to protect – if you’re to take on a job to look out for this country’s environmental welfare, then you better damn well do it.

The good news is that the methane lawsuit isn’t a one-off. There are all sorts of lawsuits currently making their way through the courts in an effort, including:

How Can You Get Involved?

If you’re not an attorney, it may not seem practical to try to file a lawsuit yourself against the White House’s legal team, but that’s no excuse not to help other organizations with proven track records to get the job done on your behalf in court.

Consider joining some of these environmental groups to stay informed:

Environmental Protection Agency – if you can even call yourselves that at this point – we’ll see you in court!


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Margie F
Margie FOURIE4 months ago

Why waste taxpayers money?

Carl R
Carl R4 months ago


Mark Donner
Mark Donner4 months ago

"Nothing personal Pruitt"? It's personal. Pruitt is guilty of terrorism, and should be charged and indicted as a terrorist. He deserves to be awarded the death penalty for his crimes.

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Patricia Harris
Patricia Harris4 months ago

Margaret G, I don't think she has any evidence to support it. Even WWF is treated like a terrorist group for wildlife, but do we ever get any proof?

Margaret G
Margaret Goodman4 months ago

As a longtime member of the Sierra Club, I ask M s, what is your evidence that the Sierra Club uses its funds to slaughter wildlife?

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chump lives in his own little world where everything is perfect; he's never seen tornados, hurricanes, floods, pollution, devastation, heatwaves, etc.. - Only blue skies,, from his ivory tower...

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A GIANT class action is needed.