How Do We Value Birds, Bees and Trees: World Environment Day Calls for Action

Happy World Environment Day! Sponsored by the United Nations, World Environment Day has been observed every June 5 since 1972. Each year’s theme highlights one of the ways humans and other living creatures are interdependent; in 2010, biodiversity is the focus. UNEP states that 17,291 species are threatened with extinction…and those are just the ones we know about. Human activity is largely at fault, and every lost species weakens the web of life on which we all depend.

How will people celebrate World Environment Day? UNEP has created a map of activities across the globe. For example, in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, a youth group will be cleaning two public parks; there’s an urban marsh clean up day in Rio Grande, Brazil and a Sustainability Run in Vancouver.  Pittsburgh will see the Third Global Vegan Waffle Party, and people from around the world will vote on their favorite name for two baby gorillas in Rwanda.

But beyond special events on a single day, the WED website provides a list of easy-to-take actions for everyone in their Daily Do Something page.
From saving water to switching off lights, refusing plastic bags and avoiding driving, there are things we can all do every day to make a difference.  The Care2 community is probably way ahead in many of these actions; there’s a place to suggest actions to others here.

As if saving the beauty of earth’s plants and creatures weren’t enough of a reason, a new U.N. report quantifies the economic case for restoring the world’s damaged ecosystems. Wetlands treat wastewater; crops depend on the pollination of bees; tropical forests remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere–each ecosystem service contributes a vital and uncounted contribution to our wellbeing and that of future generations, yet every year the press of human activity is destroying the very systems upon which life on earth depends.  UN Environmental Program (UNEP)’s Dead Planet, Living Planet showcases 30 initiatives that are transforming the lives of communities while restoring ecosystems around the world.

The report focuses on bringing two messages to governments and citizens, stated UNEP Executive Director Achim Steyer: “Namely that mismanagement of natural and nature-based assets is undercutting development on a scale that dwarfs the recent economic crisis, and that well-planned investments and re-investments in the restoration of these vast, natural and nature-based utilities not only has a high rate of return but will be central, if not fundamental, to sustainability in a world of rising aspirations, populations, incomes and demands on the Earth’s natural resources.”

From simple observances to mindful actions at the individual, local and international levels, we will preserve our planet only if every day becomes World Environment Day. How will you celebrate?

Photo: World Environment Day 2010 focuses on Rwanda, home to the endangered mountain gorilla
© Erwin Friesenbichler via iStockphoto


Julie Botsch
Julie Botsch2 years ago


Daisy Estrella
Daisy Estrella6 years ago

I do my best on behalf of nature. I recycle newspapers, aluminum and stopped using plastic bags. There are a lot of things that I can do besides this, I am taking it one step at a time. Everyone should take at least one small step.

lorraine callahan
lorraine c.6 years ago

I don't celebrate World Environment day but I do conserve resources and respect Mother Nature.

Anubandh Srivastava

stop adulterated cold drink.
stop being guided my multinational monsters

paul r.
paul r.6 years ago

Everyday has to be WED - we have to take resposibility now before its too late...

Inez Deborah Altar


Philippa P.
Philippa P.6 years ago

Great picture. That could be any mother and child.

Linda Mills
Linda Mills6 years ago

great picture

Cindy Collier
Cindy C.6 years ago

Aw they are so adorable bless them. Well, lets hope that we will be able to celebrate more of these and that our wild life will not die out.

Eileen P.
Eileen P.6 years ago

such a sweet picture......and great article....