How God May Replace the U.S. Constitution in Just 3 Easy Steps

We may have “one nation under God” in our pledge of allegiance (thanks a lot, President Eisenhower), but for most Americans the Unites States is first and foremost a secular nation, ruled by the constitution rather than the precepts of the Bible.

Not everyone is comfortable with that, however, and more and more we are seeing those people fight for the right to convert the country to the Biblical theocracy that they envision our founding fathers wanted. From creationist insertions into debates on state animals to endorsing the King James Bible as official state book, what used to be a subtle quest to convert God’s law to the law of the land is becoming more blatant daily.

So how do we get from constitutional law to biblical law? All it takes is three easy steps, all completely dismissing the constitutional separation of church and state.

1) First the candidate campaigns at church: There’s been an ongoing issue with churches allowing candidates to in essence campaign to their members, or church leaders advocating on behalf of certain candidates. As tax exempt entities, churches aren’t allowed to get involved in political campaigns, and could lose their tax exempt status for violating that rule. But what happens when pastors themselves run for office? Well, in this case in North Carolina, it’s hard to figure out where the sermon ends and the stump speech begins — especially when it comes to filling the donation plates.

“We’re going to take an offering for Dr. Harris, for his coming and preaching, also for whatever you want to do otherwise for supporting him in this campaign,” said Rev. Bill Saylor in a video after senate candidate Mark Harris spoke in his church. “I hope you will think about it. He has some materials in his car. If you would like to get more materials and pass them out and thereby get better known in this area, and then when the primaries come, you and all of your friends can vote for him. Amen?”

2) Next the candidates vow to support judges who believe in God, not the constitution. So what happens once someone who believes we should follow the Bible instead of the constitution is elected to office? He or she begins nominating people who believe the same thing. That’s the goal in Iowa, where social conservative group The Family Leader held a candidate forum and made senatorial candidates one up each other on supporting biblical law. One candidate said he would only support judicial nominees who showed they had faith, because a “secular” worldview was likely to make them a bad judge, and another vowed to use “biblical standards as a ‘litmus test’ for nominees,” according to Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

3) And then those judges uphold the Bible, instead. Now that your theocratic candidate has won, and he or she is only confirming “faith based” judges, you can bet those judges are going to uphold new, religious-based laws. Case in point: Alabama’s Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Roy Moore, is already known for his battle to keep the 10 Commandments monument in the state house. Now he makes his intentions to rule based only on biblical law even more blatant with a decision that once more defines a person as having legal rights at the moment of conception. Why? Because God gives life, and God’s law trumps all others. “From local to international, all law flows from the divine source: it is the law of God,” writes Moore. ”The law of nature and of nature’s God binds all nations, states, and all government officials—from Great Britain to Germany to Alabama—regardless of positive laws or orders to the contrary.”

There you go: use churches to support and endorse candidates, have those candidates only appoint and support religious judges, and then when biblically-based but unconstitutional bills are passed, you have the judges lined up to rule in favor of the laws staying in place.

Three easy steps to theocracy, coming soon to a state house near you.

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Jim Ven
Jim Venabout a year ago

thanks for the article.

Pat B.
Pat B2 years ago

Whose religion, Janice T? Which one of the 40,000 Christian sects will rule us? That's not even counting the Jewish, Muslim or other gods each of their adherents claim is the 'one true one'. if 'your' religion is chosen then what happens to all the other sects? They 're suddenly heretics?

I don't care what god you chose to run your life, you have no business forcing me to live under the same rules when I believe something else. That is not what America is about.

David B.
David B2 years ago

sorry but when you are ruled by something that is only in black and white then to me that's more a dictatorship. that book is could be worth something if it was used properly not as a club , to beat people into one line of thought , if you don't believe as they do , your off to hell. so what has their hell got to do with the law ?? and also if they want to live under the bible , then just save the time and effort of change just move to a muslim country . I mean bible, Koran what's the difference they both use the book to control and abuse people .

Michael T.
Michael T2 years ago

Oh look its the dan-dan Can-Can dance again!

Duck-Dodge-Dive-Deflect-Deny-Dance-Declaim-Debunked DanbDanbDanb

Actually we should refer to it as the Can't-Can't Dance.

I have doled out green stars to all of you whose excellent comments have shown him the exit door.

Michael T.
Michael T2 years ago

@Janice sez: Religion is the law of man. It rules above all else.

Well, doesn't. Let me refer you to @Kevin B's post where he says:

But we are a secular society with separation of church and state and quite frankly I couldn't care less what a Bronze/Iron Age book of mythology has to say on the subject of laws.

Janice Thompson
Janice Thompson2 years ago

Religion is the law of man. It rules above all else.

Pat B.
Pat B3 years ago

I object to the use of laws where ever they come from that serve to restrict the rights of others. That is where Biblical law differs from secular law. Secular law, at its best, secures or protects the rights of all, while Biblical law based on, say the 10 commandments, seek laws that control social behavior. Sometimes for all people, sometimes select groups of people. Murder is against the law in every society because it causes harm, civil rights laws, including gay marriage harm no one (despite the ridiculous claims by some that it somehow harms marriage--though I've never heard anyone explain how) Yet it's civil rights laws that Biblical laws are meant to control. They take away rights, not protect them.

BTW Elizabeth, I love the way you put liberals and marxists together. Another ploy in the long line of propaganda to demonize people whose biggest sin is often caring about the bottom of society. Liberal is not a dirty word. And a world without us would be an ugly place indeed.

Frank Hanline
Frank Hanline3 years ago

Yes Elizabeth K, "Hitler would approve" of your posts

Hitler used religion and deep anti-Semitic feelings in Germany, acerbated by the loss, humiliation and patently outrageous "war reparations" to fuel his destructive madness

Read Rev Martin Luther (of the reformation) treatise "On Jews and their Lies", or in modern German, "Von den Juden und ihren Lugen" where the last "u" in Lugen has an "umlaut". Hitler tapped into that based on centuries of christian hatred to jews

Ever read "Mein Kampf"? Note how many times he uses god (Hitler was a christian OBTW, Catholic to be more specific) and how he was going to "restore god"

Sorry Elizabeth K, you are truly clueless

Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown3 years ago

But we are a secular society with separation of church and state and quite frankly I couldn't care less what a Bronze/Iron Age book of mythology has to say on the subject of laws.

Elizabeth K.
Elizabeth K3 years ago

...continued from my above post:

beause Hitler would approve.