How Many Homeless Pets Can We Save in Just One Day?

Last year on June 11, an estimated 9,000 homeless pets were saved from death thanks to the combined efforts of 800 organizations who joined forces and pledged not to kill any healthy, adoptable animals for Just One Day – the first national day of No Kill in the U.S. – and they’re gearing up to do it again this year.

For just one day, euthanasia techs were asked to drop their syringes and pick up cameras. Shelters were asked to share photos and network with rescues, to stay open later, offer discounts and engage the public. They were asked to keep animals from going out of the back door in body bags and get them out the front door with new families.

According to Nathan Winograd of the No Kill Advocacy Center, some shelters were so successful last year that they actually ran out of animals.

“In short, it was the single, safest day for homeless animals in shelters this century, with the support, endorsement and embrace of traditional shelters all over the country. And the shelters participating did not shy away from embracing No Kill or the term. It was a watershed moment. Not just because they did so or the animals normally killed in years past were saved, but because of the valuable lessons hundreds of traditional shelters across the country learned,” said Winograd.

Together, they also proved that killing is a choice. They proved that millions of animals are dying needlessly every year, leaving the U.S. with a 60 percent kill-rate because some communities are choosing not to try something new.

On June 11, 2001 Tompkins County, New York became the first real No Kill community in the country and the movement has since come a long way with more and more communities accepting that killing isn’t the only solution to dealing with homeless animals.

This year, The No Kill Advocacy Center, Animal Ark and Animal Wise Radio are offering shelters the tools they need to save lives and are hoping to reach a goal of 1,500 pledges, which they believe will save an estimated 15,000 lives in one single day.

According to the campaign site, on average, if every shelter in the U.S. adopts out or transfers to a rescue an extra three animals on June 11, the U.S. could be a No Kill nation, even if only for a day. But if it can be done on June 11, it can be done on June 12 for Just Another Day…

To learn more about how to get involved, support organizations that have taken the pledge or to pledge your shelter or rescue, visit Just One Day.


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