How to Help Californians Affected by the North Bay Wildfires

Fast-moving wildfiresare devastating parts of Northern California, including Sonoma and Napa Counties, just north of the Bay Area. Victims — and their animals — displaced by evacuation orders and property loss need your help.

What to Know:

California Governor Jerry Brown has declaredstates of emergencies in Napa, Sonoma and Yuba counties, making them eligible for emergency funding assistance. October is the end of the dry season in California, which can make wildfires particularly dangerous — especially when paired with high winds.

While many of the areas affected are rural, the city of Santa Rosa in Sonoma Countyhas 175,000 residents and serves as a regional medical center for neighboring counties.Though Sonoma and Napa Counties have relatively healthy economies, 22 percent of Yuba County residents live below the poverty line, as do 20 percent of Mendocino County residents, who are also affected by the fires.

Whilethe situation is still evolving, estimates as of Mondayeveningsuggest thatover 1,500 structures, including homes, have been destroyed and at leasttenpeople have been killed.

If you’re able to donate money, that’s the most effective routefor assistingvictims, though some organizations are collecting in-kind donations. Consider joining with friends to ship a large bulk donation, if you opt to send supplies.



Many of the above animal rescue organizations are also accepting deliveries of in-kind donations — crates, food and other supplies — but their needs are evolving.Contactthese groupsto see what would provide the most help.

This is also a good time for a reminder: Do you have an evacuation plan for your family and animals?

  • Make sure you have a supply kit with medications, copies of important documents and food for at least three days.
  • Create an evacuation plan: If you need to leave in a hurry, where will you go? Do you have a place to stay outside the area so you can relieve strain on local shelters? If you have pets, do you know which shelters will accept animals in a crisis?
  • Confirm that you have an emergency contact outside the area in case phone and internet disruptions make itdifficult to reach people locally.

Photo Credit: Daria Devyatkina/Flickr


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A good friend of mine lives in California. Thankfully he was not affected. My thoughts and prayers to all who were. It also horrifies me how much wildlife was lost too. To all who have volunteered I want to say a very sincere thank you for time and your help. Also Gob Bless the brave firefighters.