How Would You Stop the Puppy-hackers?

While most of us recognize the sick nature of animal abuse, it continues to amaze me that we do so little to protect animals from terrible abuses.

Many Care2 members agree, hence the brilliant success of a current petition on ThePetitionSite demanding the maximum penalty for men convicted of brutally killing a puppy.

Demanding maximum penalty appeals to me. Just thinking that someone capable of a crime like this could still live free, right next to my children, gets me riled up. But yet, I do wonder if stronger punishments actually matter to people like this, or if throwing the criminals in jail only provides temporary protection until the prison term expires.

The United States now has the highest rate of incarceration of any technologically advanced country in the world except for the Soviet Union and South Africa.  And, except for some extremely poor Caribbean, Latin American and African countries, we also have the highest violent-crime rate.

Should we not focus on creating a society that more completely values life? I know we’re notoriously bad at it; we don’t like to spend money on education or healthcare or any system that might help people grow into strong, moral, capable citizens from the beginning. We just like to punish people who turn out wrong, when it’s awfully late to change anything.

I’m curious to hear what Care2 members think. How do we stop abuse of other living creatures? Must it be through legal means, or are there better, perhaps nonpunitive measures our society can take to stop animal abuse before it starts?


Deborah A.
Deborah Alicea4 years ago

I cannot sleep at night after reading some of the horrific stories of animal abuse. It's almost unbelievable that human beings can do these terrible things to little creatures who cannot protect themselves against such brutality.

di Inscoe
di inscoe4 years ago

I agree with the guy who posted that these puppy mill people should be treated like serial killers, if you have no to hurt an adoreable puppy, you are one step from killing a child or other human

Jeannette Gravett

I, too, like Emma Storey, can't sleep at night with these heinous crimes committed. The severest punishment and rehabilitation must be given so that these dastardly deeds stop.

Emma Storey
Emma Storey7 years ago

I cannot sleep at night after reading some of the horrific stories of animal abuse. It's almost unbelievable that human beings can do these terrible things to little creatures who cannot protact themselves against such brutality. I believe in aneye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. That might stop some of these terrible actions. Emma Storey, Portland, ME.

Leanne H.
Leanne H.7 years ago

Hi Jan M...You are right on all accounts...abuse of any kind towards a creature or person who can't defend themselves is disgusting and should not be tolerated...We must all band together and try to stop this injustice...your friend Leanne

Marg Obourn
Marg Obourn7 years ago

thankyou to young man who was unafaid to rescue petty. the thur july 4-08 i was so putout with the "animal" A freind had carefully lived traped a simmes kitten someone had dumped right next to a heavly used one way st. he called me know i went over and the sneezing soaking thwerly scared out of hisher fur. i drove out to the shellter the staff person say she'd not indanger he staff with a kitten who didn't emeditly cuddle. I ask to use the phone called my vet dove back into town and surendered the little one to her.i just pary and hope dr treey found the little one a home. my income did not permit me to bring Snaeezles home. i' barely holing onto
T.C.[TEA AND CREAM]and PANA both rescuses. as for the abuses.rasing for fighting or bait tieing
fire crackersk to talis--though it not possible the most equtable punshment for adults is same thing they were doing. childern,younge teens paltable non condeming education -handson .have an SPCA OFFICER mentor them. or A. H.M.S IF THEY'RE then just collect for the pound but rather are fully trained in giving on site care when needed. this would icluded those who end up with to many animals or ecomic condetion change and they do'nt or are scared to seek help.
no sport por. or anyone eles for that matter should be rewaded for breding and fighting animles. to ones seen as exspendable when they no longer line their pockets. there comes a point when treatmet is abuses in other way.
a% of pi

Leanne H.
Leanne H.7 years ago

Hi Gen S...what your son did was wonderful and a total tribute to his upbringing...he showed total respect for a little kitten...unfortunately the little dog called PEANUT was taken from his yard at night to a field away from houses and tortured and killed where no one could hear his yelps for help...he was totally alone as he suffered this horrendous crime..I only hope that when the bastards get tried that the judge doesn't wimp out and give in to their pleas of insanity...the only insanity about this is what they did and they shouldn't get away with it...Pls stay in touch and hopefully justice will be done...:):):)

Leanne H.
Leanne H.7 years ago

Yes Lauriita, you are right about education...children and young adults should be taught to respect all living creatures and if they don't the law should come down hard on them. Some who hurt animals when young become people who hurt humans, this should be stopped and the only way is handing down very tough penalties for these horrendous acts against animals. Please continue to follow these causes as the animals need people like us. :):):)

Lauriita Hernandez
lorii He7 years ago

first education at home by parents with love for life, education at school, penalties hard ones,wathing, and pepole like you and more other loving animals all together in all the world respct fot life itself

Leanne H.
Leanne H.7 years ago

Hi Mary. I apologise about my last comment. I agree that animals are very smart and what that dog did was amazing. It's great that you are following the story about the gorgeous little dog that was treated so badly in QLD Australia. I have sent in many signatures to try to get the max penalty for those monsters. Hope we can keep in contact and fight for the rights of animals all over the world. Pls reply