How Your Teen Could Get Drunk Without Ever Taking A Sip

As Halloween approaches, many teenagers will binge on “fun-sized” candy bars and packages of gummy bears filched from their parents’ trick-or-treat stash. This year, however, a new trend among teens of soaking gummy candy in alcohol and eating it to get drunk may prompt adults to watch the level in the candy bowl more closely.

Today it is easier than ever for underage drinkers to consume alcohol, both because of availability and because a lot of products that contain booze don’t actually taste like they could get you drunk. Many teens who would be turned off by the taste of beer or hard liquor now brew Skittles-flavored vodka, eat liquor-soaked candy or swallow Jell-O shots in order to get a buzz from the alcohol without enduring the harsh flavor. These sugary drinks and snacks can lead to alcohol poisoning because it is easier to consume more of them than traditional alcoholic beverages due to their innocuous flavor.

Studies have shown that people who begin drinking in their teens have a higher risk of alcohol dependency. Parents should talk to their teenage children about the dangers of underage drinking, and about the variety of alcoholic beverages and products that they may be exposed to through friends or classmates. Just because it doesn’t look or taste like alcohol doesn’t mean that it is safe (or legal) to consume.

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Aimee Polekoff
Aimee Polekoff5 years ago

This actually made me laugh a bit. I'm sure there are teens who would do this, but it just seems like too much effort. And they still have to get the alcohol from somewhere. Seems to me like this is a scare tactic on parents because I doubt it's as widespread as the article makes it appear.

I'm 20, by the way, and imagining myself doing something like this is ridiculous. If I wanted to get drunk - which I don't - there's easier ways of doing it than soaking gummy bears in alcohol. Fruity and sweet drinks exist, you know.

colleen p.
colleen p5 years ago

teens by me. they love getting drunk. they start when in 8th grade.

D. T.
D. T.5 years ago

There's just too much advertisement and focus on things that will only "promote" bad behavior in our young minds. Children of all ages need to be taught right from wrong and over time this has been replaced with falsifications of all kinds. Society as a whole has taken over our children through media and very poor advertising. What happened to old fashioned values and the parents being the ones to instill good values in our kids??? We need to fight for our children and NOT let anyone else dictate their futures anymore!!!!

Monica D.
M D5 years ago

Noted - concerning.

Past Member 5 years ago

Yes Tiffany, I'm aware of that all too well. Thank you.

Charlie Parkinson

As to lifestyle *sigh* really? Again the lack of simple logic and understanding of how a quick teenage kid's brain works. You tell them statistics, "THE TRUTH" as you call it, they won't cower, they'll ask the same questions I did. Whole point's to find a way around mum and pop's logic right? SO you have to expect all and have an answer for everyone..or you can forget convincing, but then again I'm starting to think that you aren't trying..back to supper, with tofu, tomato, jalapeno and rye, mmmmm :)

Charlie Parkinson


"Go save the wolves, Charlie. I'll keep working on saving our children."

Really? "our" children? What no proposal first? Answer's no by the way :) Oh and, I don't know why "wolves" (are you a pro-wolf killing rancher by chance? shame on you if so) but I actually meant animals living and dying so they can wind up on the dinner table, i.e., cows, pigs, lambs, calves, fish, chickens, goats, ducks, etc....did you know that they eat dogs and cats in China? And sparrows too apparently...anyway, I assumed that you had read my whole profile, you know the several different parts where I indicate I'm vegan and don't like the meat/dairy industry.....I got an idea, how about we tell "our children" the truth about where their burgers are coming from? You know, give them a tour, I sure they'd be thrilled :)

Oh and my mistake, so you were you spouting figures of domestic violence, drunk driving, alcoholism, etc, just so that we can tell the kids that its a bad thing...not so that we could stop making the stuff cause why would we do that? I see your point...

And yes dear MJ, I DO need to know, like I said basic questions, a kid thinking on their feet and knowing percentages would immediately ask "out of how many people? Ten? One hundred?" Count me a fool if it makes you feel better, but the question stands....unanswered.

tiffany t.
tiffany t5 years ago

I hope to keep my child educated about peer pressure and keep her busy enough that the temptation of drinking seems unimpressive.

MJM..... men are victims as well

Past Member 5 years ago

'.....more pressing issues on my mind, aka animal rights.'

More pressing than stopping teenage drinking? I'll ask everyone..why do we have a teenage drinking problem in this country that is killing thousands of our kids every year? Could it be that too many people are more concerned with animal rights?

Go save the wolves, Charlie. I'll keep working on saving our children.

Past Member 5 years ago

You just don’t get it at all, do you Charlie? Who in the hell is trying to get people to ‘
take up a banner and stop all production of something that's been in the culture for centuries’?

When did I say anything about stopping production of booze? I said to start telling our children the TRUTH! I said to STOP advertising alcohol to our children as safe. I said to stop bombarding them with beer ads from the moment they can understand the spoken word. Ads that promote drinking as the cool thing to do.

Do you really need to know how many people were in a study that showed the connection between drinking and domestic violence? Any fool can make that connection. It's made thousands of times, every day, all over this country. Any cop can tell you. And what would 'lifestyle' have to do with anything? Are some lifestyes more permissive of wife beating or child beating when drinking?