Hyatt Hotel Thinks Its Workers Are Dogs

Imagine your boss using an app to track your every move while on the job, and then imagine if the avatar chosen to represent you in that app was a dog. Sounds a little creepy and degrading, doesn’t it?

That’s exactly what the Hyatt Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood is accused of in a new compliant filed against the hotel giant. According to the complaint, Hyatt Andaz has illegally implemented a new electronic tracking system that monitors the productivity of its housekeepers. The system consists of a tracking software managed on iPods each of the housekeepers use. It tells the housekeepers exactly which rooms to clean and when. It requires the housekeepers clock when they enter and exit each guest room and is designed to monitor productivity of the workers.

Instead the device can send a housekeeper and her heavy cart all over the hotel. Hotel housekeeping is hard work and federal agencies have identified pushing heavy carts as one of the main sources of strain on the bodies of men and women who clean hotel rooms. This new system only exacerbates this problem.

And to make matters worse, the system, known as “Rex” is animated by a dog wagging its tail. Is this how management at the Hyatt Andaz hotel views its housekeeping staff? Its true we run around to get the rooms cleaned in time for guests, but why a dog? Were not animals. Couldnt they have used the symbol of a person walking like at traffic corners? That would have been a bit more humane, said Cathy Youngblood, a Hyatt Andaz housekeeper who testified to the National Labor Relations Board about the tracking technology.

Not all the housekeeping staff at the Hyatt Andaz is female. For the male staff the avatar used is a chili pepper. Seriously.

Despite the fact that the law requires Hyatt negotiate with the housekeeping union before making changes to their jobs, the hotel unilaterally implemented the system on its workers. It’s the latest of a list of insults and injuries to hotel staff and a reflection of the hotel’s de-humanizing view of its workforce. And since a majority of its housekeeping staff is female and Latina, Hyatt clearly believes it can simply flout the law without much, if any consequence. Hopefully the National Labor Relations Board disagrees.


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Photo from KB35 via flickr.


Roro l.
Roro labout a year ago


Roro l.
Roro labout a year ago


Susan Allen
SusanAWAY Allen3 years ago

Agree Kevin and done ~

Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown3 years ago

Folks, please flag these spammers. They are beginning to pop up all over Care2!

Susan T.
Susan T4 years ago

How disturbing. Next is implanting a microchip under workers' skin.

Aileen C.
Aileen C4 years ago


Michael Frederick

Is the rest of the world bosses any better? The world need to wake up to the dehumanizing treatment most workers have to go through with on a daily basis and yet these conglomerates are getting richer and richer. TIME TO BOYCOTT!
One of the reasons they can fire and hire is because the majority is poor and all because of a money base society whose concern is to accumulate wealth.

Beth M.
Beth M4 years ago

Why not implant a device so Big Brother can watch everything that we do? Seems like we're almost to that point.

marcy V.
marcy V4 years ago


Susan Allen
SusanAWAY Allen4 years ago

I agree with boycotting them, no problem. Unfortunately, I doubt there are many hotel chains treating their workers much better. I hope I'm wrong, but I find that more and more, low paid workers are treated like sh*t without any respect and receive very low wages. In fact, most workers everywhere are pretty much beginning to be treated this way by employers. The way the employers look at it is, "no don't like your treatment here...fine, leave....there are plenty of people looking for can be replaced." They have no reason to help improve the economy as it gives them an unlimited workforce that are always in fear of losing their jobs. It's all about money with these freaks. If anyone has information on hotels that do treat their workers with some modicum of respect, pay a living wage and provide at least a somewhat decent working conditions, please share the name(s). Fortunately, I don't stay in a lot of hotels anymore. We mainly camp when we get the chance to vacation.