“I Like It on the Kitchen Table”

Where do you like it? Some like it on the kitchen table, some on the floor, and some women like it hanging from the doorknob.

Last year, women were asked to update their Facebook status with the color of their bras in order to get attention. This year, the status update campaign encourages women to post phrases like “I like it on the kitchen counter,” or “I like it on the sofa.”

Despite the first thoughts that may pop into your head, the status updates have nothing to do with sex. It’s supposed to indicate where a women prefers to keep her purse.

Few health-related public awareness campaigns have succeeded as well as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Is there anyone who doesn’t know what the pink ribbons are all about?

If you’re goal is to spread awareness for a cause, you wouldn’t want to pass up an opportunity to go viral on Facebook.

How these status updates promote breast cancer awareness is a bit puzzling and I have to wonder if it is contributing to some of the backlash and fatigue over breast cancer awareness month.

Since 1985, October has been spent educating the general public on the facts about breast cancer, and helping women to recognize the warning signs and the importance of early detection and prompt treatment. (Men get breast cancer, too.)

Is this type of awareness campaign helpful in educating people about breast cancer… does it diminish the seriousness of the disease… or is it altogether meaningless?

If you, or someone you love, has had breast cancer, please take a moment to share your feelings on the matter in the comment section below.

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Akesha Wilton
Akesha Wilton5 years ago

I lost one of my aunts to breast cancer..very very sad..

Merelen Knitter
Merelen Knitter5 years ago

I like it on the kitchen table, which is a bit concerning after reading the article about how many germs are on purses.

Manuela C.
Manuela C.5 years ago

I apparently like it on the sideboard. =)

Marta W.
Marta Weiss5 years ago

I throw my purse on the stairs so that's where I like it ;)

Koo J.
greenplanet e.5 years ago

I had no idea what it meant.

Why usually the sexual overtones to these campaigns-- that gets a little tired.

Koo J.
greenplanet e.5 years ago

I had no idea what it meant.

Why usually the sexual overtones to these campaigns-- that gets a little tired.

Past Member
Inari T.5 years ago

As others have said, the Facebook update would probably be more effective if it included a link to a site with information about how to donate to breast cancer research. Otherwise, it just looks like another banal statement.

Cheryl Ulrich
Cheryl Ulrich5 years ago

I saw this purse thing on my daughters' Facebook page. Had absolutely NO IDEA it was all about breast cancer. Personally , I think Facebook is a little silly ... I've got much better things to do than wonder ( and look up ) what other peoples STATUS is or what remarkable things they are thinking of that day !

Julie F.
Julie F.5 years ago

It totally got my attention, but I am unsure as to what that has to do w/ breast cancer awareness?

Patricia Y.
Patricia Y.5 years ago

Got my attention!