Injured Israeli Turtle Gets New Wheels

Veterinarians at the Zoological Center near Tel Aviv, Israel came up with a novel idea to help an injured turtle last month.

A turtle they decided to call Zvika had been accidently run over by a lawnmower, sustaining a fractured shell and spine.  Veterinarian Nili Anglister decided to attach a set of wheels to the turtle’s undershell to aid in mobility and healing.  Notice the temporary adhesive used for the wheel’s axel…ingenious!

This creative approach gave Zvika some much-needed independence.  She reportedly had been scooting around so much she required a tire change.  Yes, you could say she got a new set of wheels!


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Flickr: Mike Fleming


Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle5 years ago


Ioana Boca
Ioana B.5 years ago

wonderful story

Muhammad Pazir
Muhammad Pazir5 years ago

its good they care about animals but dont know why they are killing innocent people in palestine............ they should stop that

Klaus P.
Klaus Peters5 years ago

Ingenious and simple to make a little creature feel loved and safe.

Patricia Geller
Patricia Geller5 years ago

A wonderful story!!!

John Doe
james rico5 years ago

once in a while i see turtles crossing a road i stop and take them to the other side so they can live every one should do this

Harriett M.
Harriett M.5 years ago

Amazing. Love it!

Robert O.
Robert O.5 years ago

Nice story! Very heartwarming.

Carrie Anne Brown

Nice cheerful article =]

Alberta Gentleman